Have You Earned Starpoints From The New Starwood/Uber Partnership Yet?

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Last week I wrote about the awesome new partnership between Starwood and Uber, whereby SPG members can earn Starpoints for Uber rides.


Starwood Preferred Guest members earn one Starpoint per dollar spent with Uber, on up to $10,000 of spend per year. On top of that, if you use an Uber the same day as a stay at a Starwood property, you earn Starpoints as if it’s hotel spend, of up to four Starpoints per dollar spent (if you’re a 75 night SPG Platinum member).


Anyway, I just noticed that the first Starpoints for the new Uber partnership have posted to my SPG account. I used Uber last Friday, and the Starpoints for those Uber rides posted to my account today.


Interestingly the Starpoints in conjunction with a Starwood stay don’t yet seem to be posting. In other words, the base points are posting, but not the bonus points for riding Uber in conjunction with a stay at a Starwood property. I assume those will post soon, as presumably there’s a bit more reporting required for that.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the new SPG/Uber partnership, you can link your Starwood and Uber accounts here.

Have you earned any Starpoints through the new Uber partnership yet?

  1. Points have posted but not the during-stay bonuses, same as your experience. Interestingly, I have been credited with Uber rides from the date of account linkage and not just the date of first qualifying stay. So that’s nice. Still a little miffed about the poor execution of the promo on Saturday. It seems some people’s Uber apps got the SPG update while others’ didn’t. Oh well.

    Side note: On March 1st it appears SPG status updated for 2015. So if you’re SPG Gold via Amex Plat like I am, make sure you call Card Services and re-register for Gold. Otherwise you get reverted to Preferred.

  2. Same here, I got the base points but not the during-stay bonus, even though the stay has already posted. Interestingly, it looks like they gave me points based on the total fare, even though I had a couple of dollars of Uber credit left on my account that was applied to the ride.

  3. Just so I’m clear, we need a qualifying (PAID) stay with Starwood before we can start earning SPG points with Uber, correct? I just linked my accounts, but I’m not a heavy enough Uber user to get a whole lot of benefit from this. I average maybe $15-20/month with Uber, so I won’t be rolling in the SPG points. It’s a nice way to keep my STarwood account alive I guess, but recently I just transferred a small amount of points from a family member’s account to mine.

  4. Points from my Uber rides have been posted along with the 4x Plat75 bonus. The bonus lists which hotel stay it’s in conjunction with.

  5. Yes, got it for a trip to an airport in NYC and a trip to an airport in Toronto, both Thursday 26th Feb, posting 6 days later (today, 4th April). I need to remember this. I just took a NYC cab, I should have ubered!

  6. My stay bonus just posted this morning. It appears that, the bonus is based on your SPG status when it posts, rather than your status when you take the ride (even though the date of the ride appears in the description), as I only received the standard bonus rather than the gold bonus (sadly, I lost my gold status on 2/28).

  7. Hah. I’ve spent $488 with Uber in 5 days, not counting another $20 or so today. For those of you thinking “it’d be cheaper to rent a car,” you’re wrong. Car rental + gas + parking would easily be $100/day, if not more depending on how many places I needed to park. None of my promos have posted yet.

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