Guy Strips Down On Flight… And I Don’t Actually Care That His Reasons Are BS

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Instagram user @rykergamble posted a picture of him in his seat not wearing any clothes (other than underwear) on a Hong Kong Airlines flight, and I have a lot of logistical questions:

So I’m flying First Class with @hkairlines, I spill a giant beverage all over myself… flight attendant says “take your damn clothes off”, I do as I’m told, she throws em in the on-board washing machine, hands me another drink, I watch Jumanji, my clothes come back, bada-bing bada-boom, I’m fresh and decent once again. 🤷‍♂️💦

Not that I’m complaining (and I can certainly appreciate the crew telling him to “take his damn clothes off”), but since when does Hong Kong Airlines have first class? And since when do they have onboard washing machines?

I am genuinely curious about the logistics of this, though. Was the crew in on the picture? Or did he just really quickly take off his clothes and have his picture taken, hoping the crew wouldn’t see (which seems unlikely, given that the cabin lights are turned on)?

(Featured image courtesy of Steven Byles)

  1. Why do we even have laws about wearing clothes. If it’s all about personal choice I should be allowed to choose and republicans should be cool with that. And if liberals think gay marriage is about human rights then nudism should be too. What business does the state have in telling us how we should dress.

  2. this is obviously a staged picture for instagram “reach.” the plane is clearly on the ground- overhead bin is open, pavement visible out the window. the story is fiction, meant to get clicks/shares. probably slipped them 5 bucks to let him stay on after everyone got off the plane

  3. Would have been more believable if he said the cabin was way too hot and he didn’t have his own air vent 😀

    He’s as covered as wearing a swim suit, I don’t think this would actually be illegal.

  4. Clearly he’s not flying anywhere. The aircraft is clearly on the ground and by the looks of the seats hasn’t flown anywhere, more getting ready to fly.

    Totally staged….and you are better than this Ben!

  5. At least he took pains to cover his toes, so nobody will be discussed…

    One sees more flesh just tuning in to a variety of music videos or clothing/shampoo commercials. Yawn…
    Now, had this happened on Qatar while on the Doha tarmac, that would be a story!

  6. why is this post here? ben, you think he’s hot? he’s really not he’s no better than Logan Paul attention whore. look at that hair, that’s the trendiest haircut I’ve ever seen. if I like guys with long hair I’d just turn straight and become as pathetic and sexually depressed as most straight guys.

  7. I wish OMAAT would have 1 quality post per each garbage post.
    but it seems the ratio is like 15-20 clickbaits till we get one review/useful post.


  8. I believe this was taken in the ground, no one else is in the seats near him and they look prepped for departure. In addition, water is on the window so the plane isnt in motion. I assume this was staged

  9. @ menalwaysright

    I think you’re right, Ben finds him hot, hence giving him the attention this guys is craving. I’ve been following this blog for about 2 years now and this is second time I feel let down by it (first time was the Jonas Brother post)

  10. “this is obviously a staged picture for instagram “reach.””

    And Lucky, thinking with the head that doesn’t see the sunlight, fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

  11. @Anna Movies actually release to flights before they release to home video. I was on Air India on Friday and they had Jumanji too.

  12. So gullible. Can’t wait for the next post about how awesome BA or SQ ads are.

    Even though they don’t post hot guys. How’s your husband btw?

  13. his story is true! last time I flew WOW first class and had to transit in CPT, but the A380 had trouble taking off at such heights that the FA asked us to push, got so tired they gave us some credits to use for DL, or other Star Alliance of our choice, met that guy on the onboard bar. He was already stripped down to underwear then. Guess he never dressed?

  14. Geez, people, isn’t Ben allowed to have any fun at all with the occasional silly post?

    I sincerely doubt anyone reading this is so strapped for time that 30 seconds of goofiness makes a difference in their lives.

    And as I feel obliged to point out to the complainers from time to time, this is a FREE blog.

  15. I love this post. These types of stories resonate with me. There are rountrip airfares on Hong Kong Airlines from LAX to HKG nonstop as low as $492 on an A350. I only wish it had been a woman in the photo. Goddamit.

  16. @John
    oh yeah no doubt about it. I mean we all have certain type of people we find attractive, but I’d never mix it with my profession. But, again I don’t own this blog, Ben does and he can post whatever he wants and tells anyone that makes criticisms to F off if they don’t like it. On my job I’d get fired on the spot if I did the same.

    Ben, you’re entitled to whoever you like, but seriously you have the most generic, mainstream, high maintenance guy taste that gives this LGBT community a bad name for being super focused on appearance, looks, makeups, and sex and the city. Yuck.

  17. I approve of the post.
    Lucky had the last laugh here.
    He probably said to Tiffany, Ford, etc. “watch this, I’ll post this, say that and the comments will be blah blah blah. The clicks will be x, which is worth $Y.” I hope nobody bet against him.

    As for me, I enjoyed the spectacle, including the comically dumb posts criticizing a successful blogger for publishing very popular content.

    Don’t get your knickers in a twist, fellow readers. Pics of hot guys’ abs are always welcome.

  18. I too approve of this post. It’s the best thing we’ve seen (better actually), than Daniel’s naked thighs. Go Lucky. Keep bringing it on.

  19. He is obesely a narcissist in love with himself and his body, a guy that I’m sure that 90% of his pictures are himself with no shirt. Add to that the fact that he is flying premium class, which is probably not a common thing for him and his twisted mind that everybody around him, including FA’sll want to see as much more of his body as possible – and you get a guy flying almost naked on an airplane. A thing for the law authorities to take care on

  20. @Aaron

    Very True. Lucky only tries to date white twinks…they must fall to their knees in adoration as he regales them with tales of how he saved 100 points off a redemption to Rapid City.

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