Guess the airline call center…

Anyone want to guess the airline with which I had the below conversation just a couple of hours ago?

Me: “Could I speak to a supervisor, please?”
Agent: “Do you speak Spanish?”
Me: “Un poco. Not really.”
Agent: “Then you’re not speaking to a supervisor.”

When people ask me about the stopover or open jaw policies of this airline and I say “I don’t know or care what they are,” I mean it. Because if it involves calling them it’s… Just. Not. Worth. It. Not for any amount of savings, be it in miles or money.

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  1. Really weighing whether to buy their miles through this promotion… I intend to use them for cheap economy flights to the US anyway from Singapore (Planning a status run on Aegean first to take care of the baggage + shower).

  2. Avianca for sure! I speak Spanish and still was a pain trying to redeem a ticket a couple of days ago. I had to call 4 times until I got a rep that was relatively helpful.

  3. Hhaaha Mexicana doesn’t exist.
    I’m pretty sure is not Aeromexico and not LAN, they might be latin american countries but not poor. Definitely Avianca or Taca, or even Copa Airlines.

  4. You think the US Air folks know something other than English? Forget it.

    It’s Aviana or Flying Blue.

  5. Could be the Lifemiles call center based in El Salvador?

    I have dealt with Avianca’s customer service (1-800-AVIANCA) many,many times and they are very professional and extremely helpful.

  6. AA by calling their number in Mexico/Other Latin America numbers, or choosing AA’s Spanish Desk because of the long hold times by otherwise contacting them. 😉

  7. Ben, you keep making fun of cc agents that you call part of your work. Kinda unfair? If these loyalty programs were not as effective as they are, you would have no work?

  8. @ oliver2002 — Not sure how that’s unfair? Part of what I do with the blog is share some of the funnier aspects of my travel experiences, be it over the phone or while traveling. Seems fair game to me.

  9. @oliver2002 – that’s just an ignorant comment. It’s akin to saying a food critic shouldn’t be allowed to criticize a restaurant with bad food, because without restaurants, the food critic would be out of business.

    Just ridiculous.

  10. oliver2002 said,

    “Ben, you keep making fun of cc agents that you call part of your work. Kinda unfair? If these loyalty programs were not as effective as they are, you would have no work?”

    If the loyalty programs weren’t so tedious and convoluted people wouldn’t need Ben’s help in the first place. Did you really think this through before complaining?

  11. Hard to believe I’m only the second to vote for LAN. Maybe you could send the supervisor a fax during your next flight?

  12. Anyone want to guess the blog with which I watched the following conversation over the last couple days?

    Guest: “Can you tell us the airline please?”

    Author: …

    Guest: “You really aren’t going to tell us?”

    Author: …

    Guest: “No really, which airline is it?”

    Author: …


  13. @ Dax – ditto. I’ve been hitting refresh on this page for the past 12 hours.

    @ lucky – c’mon, man! For the sake of my F5 key!

  14. Thanks. Glad I haven’t applied for their credit card, and I now intend to ignore their program.

  15. My guest would have been TACA too based on my experience with them, they talk like a robot. If there is no issue stright 1-2-3 call they are fine and polite. However, If you expect them to fix any issue even though a small issue or it’s their error just forget about it. I have contacted nearly 10 different Airline companies, TACA definitely ranks the top worst center

  16. It’s Avianca. Just had same experience last week, but she was helpful letting me do a conference call with her to translate that. But in my opinion, LAN is much more worse.

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