Great Deal: 20% Off Tumi Products

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Tumi is a popular brand with road warriors. I realize a lot of people think their products are overpriced, and I don’t necessarily disagree. However, I think their quality is generally quite good, and ultimately there’s not a brand of luggage I see frequent flyers using more.

That’s one of the reasons I think any Tumi sale is worth pointing out, since it’s not often they discount their products. Well, at the moment Tumi is having a 20% off sale, which applies to a vast majority of their products, rather than just outdated models or stuff that’s on clearance.

You can see the discounted prices reflected directly on Tumi’s website, or you can purchase through Amazon (which would be my preference, since you can earn more points that way).

Just to give a few examples, the Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox BackpackTumi Alpha 2 International, and Tumi Alpha 2 Computer Bag are all on sale.


Their products still aren’t cheap even with the sale, but if you’ve been in the market for a Tumi bag, this is a pretty good opportunity to make a purchase.

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  1. Tumi is the BMW of airport luggage. You often see obnoxious d-bag owners. This is not to say the majority of Tumi owners are obnoxious d-bags — just that, conditional on seeing an obnoxious d-bag, the probability of seeing Tumi luggage is rather high. A shame because the quality is quite good, although I’m still partial to the Travelpro Crew line.

  2. Better yet, eBags matched the sale and TopCashback is offering 20% cashback when buying Tumi from them.

  3. Can anyone offer any comments on Rimowa luggage? Is it worth the price? I always use hard luggage anyway so the space constriction is not a problem, but durability is key for me, I need a bag that can whitshand lots of bad airport handling.

  4. Lucky – how can you earn more points through Amazon vs Tumi (through a shopping portal)?

  5. @Gabriel I love Rimowa as a carry-on. I have the salsa deluxe and my wife has a limbo. Good shell, the dividers inside keep everything in place even when you are packing for a night and can be packed pretty densely if needed. Haven’t had any wheel issues either, but those are covered warranty should one break. The telescopic handles rock as well.

    If thinking of buying Tumi, consider using Chase UR Shopping Portal. It is offering 2x points for through Tumi’s and you can earn an additional 1.5x points when using the freedom unlimited.

  6. @charles not sure what portals are paying for Tumi directly but you could potentially get 3x from jetblue and 5x if you have an office supply card or get amazon gcs at a gas station with a freedom.

  7. @Charles, I was wondering that myself. AFAIK, shopping portals seem to restrict (or at least rotate) eligible categories at Amazon, so I’d like to know how to earn extra points too.

  8. @ Charles — You can get Amazon gift cards at an office supply store and earn 5x points at a minimum, plus extra points through the JetBlue TrueBlue portal when you make your purchase.

  9. I use the Rick Steves carryon for over 5 years now. It is strong as a bull. Fits into any size carryon slot. Holds all the clothes that I can possibly conceive of. And is cheap to buy. What more can anyone ask?

  10. I have a couple of Tumi pieces that I picked up this last Black Friday on Amazon. At the discount received I feel like I received a solid value, at 20% off not so sure. I have only used them for a couple of trips, and will likely be more positive for deals like this after I appreciate their true value.

  11. I purchased the Tumi 19 Degree Aluminium this past Sunday through the Avios shopping portal with double avios for 16:1 through Neiman Marcus. NM then price matched the price drop today.

  12. Once Tumi killed their lifetime unconditional warranty, they were dead to me. If you must have a clunky cordura roller bag built like a tank, go for Briggs and Riley, which still has such a warranty. Personally, since I’m always in and out of European airports that are obsessive about weighing carry ons, it’s either a shoulder bag or they check it (since there is only a 5-8 pound margin between the roller bag weight and the carry on limit in many cases)

  13. Bought a Travelpro about 15 years ago when I needed something inexpensive for 1 trip. Found it at Dirty Dick’s Discount Dungeon in Melbourne and since then it has done at least a couple of million miles. The thing is perfect: seemingly indestructible, certainly unattractive ( to would be thieves) and as cheap as chips. When it dies ( assuming that’s before I do), I’ll get another. Tumi is very stylish but can’t see the point paying such grossly inflated prices.

  14. Briggs & Riley is the way to go. Quality luggage, and lifetime warranty. Worth every penny. Anyone who buys Tumi luggage is an idiot. Talk about throwing away money.

  15. You say “TravelPro,” and I say “Tumi”; you say “d-bag,” and I say that’s a rather ridiculous label to paint all Tumi owners with . . .

    I have owned several TravelPro bags in the past — Crew 7? Crew 8? I don’t recall at the moment — and they lasted a good length of time. But when the zipper broke and/or fabric frayed, I was S.O.L.

    I first acquired a Tumi Alpha briefcase/computer bag, and loved it. So I replaced my TravelPro with the original Tumi Alpha, and loved the carry-on and the checked suitcase BUT for two very important things: they were heavy, and they only had two wheels (rather than 4). Eventually I gave them to my daughters, and acquired some ballistic nylon-covered “T-Tech.” Over the years, TSA managed to lose several locks (despite being TSA-approved), they mis-aligned one zipper and when they flat out broke the other one, I sent it back to Tumi to be fixed. They called and said that they wanted to replace it instead — despite being 5+ years old, but they don’t make that line anymore. So they shipped me a brand new Tumi “V3.”

    I can’t complain. Over the last — I don’t know, 12-15 years — Tumi has served me very well.

  16. I’m now with the travelpro 9 carry on which I got after I decided to retire my 12 year old Costco carry on which did more air miles than most people. I tried to get a new Costco one but for some reason they didn’t have them anymore. Now they have restocked them and I’m wondering if I should get one for the future. At $99 you can’t beat it. Very sturdy and highly functional.
    Nothing wrong with the travelrpro except sometimes it tips over. And the way it is shaped inside is bit too compartmentalized.

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