Great Business Class Fares To Beijing On American, Delta, And United

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Nowadays we frequently see cheap business class fares to China on mainland Chinese carriers, though seeing cheap fares on US carriers isn’t quite as common (at least for travel originating in the US — they often have cheap fares out of Canada).

Great business class fares from Las Vegas to Beijing

At the moment, American, Delta, and United all have ~$1,900 business class fares between Las Vegas and Beijing. The fares are valid for travel through November 30, 2018, and for the most part there are no minimum stay requirements. Travel is only permitted on Mondays through Thursdays.

For example, on the most basic level you could fly United through San Francisco…

Or Delta through Seattle…

Or American through Los Angeles or Dallas…

There are potentially more creative routing options as well.

With Delta you could route through Detroit for a bit more, to fly their A350 business class.

Or in the case of American, I have systemwide upgrades to burn, though Hong Kong is the only destination in Asia that American serves with the 777-300ER. So I could route through Los Angeles and Hong Kong, so I could fly American’s 777-300ER first class and enjoy Flagship First Dining.

Or if you really want to stretch the miles you can earn, you can route through Dallas, which increases the fare by a bit, though it could be worth it.

You can easily search these fares using ITA Matrix or Google Flights, and then book directly with the airline.

Maximize the points you earn

If you do book one of these tickets and have access to US credit cards, make sure you maximize the points you earnThe Platinum Card® from American Express offers 5x points on airfare purchased directly with airlines, which is a great option if you’re booking directly with the airline. Meanwhile the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card offers triple points on airfare purchases, and also offers fantastic travel coverage in the event of irregular operations.

Also note that you may be able to save even more if you book through Amex’s International Airline Program.

Why I am sort of considering one of these fares

I don’t really have time to take one of these trips right now, though I am in a way considering it. Why? Because I’m just over 30,000 elite qualifying miles from earning Alaska MVP Gold 75K status. Nowadays you can only credit international American flights to Alaska. So if I routed through Dallas and Hong Kong (with the intra-Asia flights on Cathay Pacific), I’d earn around 28,000 elite qualifying miles with Alaska for the international segments.

If you consider that would just about earn me Alaska MVP Gold 75K status, I’d be earning nearly 100,000 Alaska miles for the trip (including the 50,000 bonus miles you receive for earning MVP Gold 75K status). That alone would nearly justify the trip based on my valuation of points.

So while I would have jumped on it in a heartbeat in the past, nowadays I try to use my time a bit more efficiently, and a “breakeven” trip isn’t enough to get me flying somewhere just for fun.

Anyone considering one of these great fares to Beijing?

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)

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  1. @ chub — Good point, updated the post to add that. Looks like you can do it for a couple hundred dollars more.

  2. I really want to jump on this because I’ve always wanted to see the Great Wall but my wife and I already have so much travel scheduled that I can’t justify it. As a Las Vegas local it is hard to pass up the deals like this given that we often have to position to some other city to get good prices and that’s less fun than just having everything on a single itinerary.

  3. Wow, I can only envy. Although this amount of money seems a bit high for European to pay for Atlantic crossing in J, I understand transpacific is a bit different market. Only shame we dont have too many opportunities to use Alaska cause those earned miles are incredible deal. Thank you for posting these articles, I find it very useful (well, when it is ex-Europe or in some cases ex-asia).

  4. I think that the cheap fares offered my mainland Chinese carriers may be forcing the US Big Three to remain competitive by dropping their J fares, which is a very good thing.

  5. Hainan has some similar fares out of LAX connecting in Changsha. Would be an alternative to get Alaska miles no?

  6. Identical pricing on 3 airlines down to the last penny….if this ain’t price collusion….not sure what is???????

    Any 3 alphabet agencies???? looking into this????

  7. You commonly discuss how busy you are.

    I’d be interested in a post detailing your typical day. (Or week)

    It doesn’t seem like writing 7 or 8 articles per day would take that long.
    However, obviously there is more to your day such as researching and planning future trips, reading other blogs to get content, managing your other writers, traveling around the world, etc

    I mean no offense, my question is honest. For instance many people wouldn’t know that I work 3-4 hours on paperwork and 1 hour on phone for every 8 hours I see patients! (Turning an 8-5 clinic day into an 11-12 hour workday)

    Thus, I’d love it if you wrote out an estimate of Your work life

  8. I just booked through Amex international airline program for DL which routes though DTW on the new suites instead of the crappy 767 (if you go through SEA) for only 1771. 61 instead of the listed 2055.61. Awesome deal!

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