Good Cathay Pacific Business Class Fares From The Maldives

Cathay Pacific is running a heck of a business class fare sale for travel from the Maldives. The sale is good for one-way or roundtrip travel, though your travels must originate in the Maldives. So if you’re in the US and looking to vacation in the Maldives you’d be best off booking a one-way revenue ticket on Cathay Pacific from the Maldives, and then booking an award ticket for the outbound to the Maldives.

These fares don’t show up on ITA Matrix, but instead you’ll have to search for them on

Through this sale, one-way fares from the Maldives to the US are just ~$1,250 to ~$1,450 in business class. Admittedly this isn’t a mistake fare or such a good deal that you should hop on it just for the mileage, but it’s about the cheapest business class fare I’ve seen from the Maldives to the US, and Cathay Pacific does have a phenomenal fully flat reverse herringbone business class product.


For example, the one-way fare from the Maldives to Los Angeles is just $1,279.50:


Meanwhile the one-way fare from the Maldives to New York is $1,434.50:



Roundtrip fares are also available at less than double the roundtrip cost, though again the travel must originate in the Maldives, so you’d be flying roundtrip from the Maldives to the US. The roundtrip fare from the Maldives to Los Angeles is $2,207.50, for example:


The good thing about this fare is that the cancellation fee is just $35USD, so if you choose to lock it in now there’s not a huge downside.


Male to Hong Kong to New York is over 11,000 miles one-way.

So if you were crediting to American AAdvantage you’d earn 11,000 elite qualifying miles and 16,500 elite qualifying points. On top of that you get a 25% redeemable miles bonus, and if you’re a Platinum or Executive Platinum member you get an additional 100% mileage bonus.


Let me stress again this isn’t a mileage run fare, but if you’re looking at going to the Maldives this is a great alternative to redeeming miles.

(Tip of the hat to AJ)

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  1. @Lucky How do you suggest I get to the Maldives on miles from the US? Have tons of skypesos and membership rewards.

  2. @ Andy — Cathay Pacific’s website is the best place to search, just be sure you select flexible dates. Keep in mind the Male to Hong Kong flight isn’t daily.

  3. @ John — Undecided as of now. I’ve been to the Maldives and am not dying to necessarily return given how expensive it is. Trying to see if I can make it work.

  4. Is the ticket fully refundable? I only find “cancellation policy” in CX website. It seems that Lucky implies it is (minus the cancellation fee). TIA!

  5. Lucky,

    Anyway to add an additional flight on a one-world carrier from the north American gateway say from NYC to Miami or Dallas?

    Also, is the cancellation fee of $35 allow you to obtain a refund or just credit on cathay pacific.


  6. If I’m reading the fare rule screenshot correctly – it looks like a free stopover in HKG would be included. Could make the RT fare more interesting.

  7. Great find!

    I’m going to MLE on CX in F in February. Hesitant to change it as I love CX F (via AA miles), and I think the cost in miles will go up dramatically. But I could use those EQMs!

    Do you know anything about the “upgrade with miles” feature on this? How many miles, anyone transfer to CX?

    Thanks again!

  8. Any idea as to when CX will start loading MLE flights for after October? I’m trying to book a honeymoon trip for Dec/Jan, but can’t, considering there are no flights!

  9. @ Dan — Tough to say. They just loaded flights past March a few weeks ago, so it may be a while, as they might still be evaluating the feasibility of the route long term given how empty flights are.

  10. Ben, though this is an excellent fare, I am scared on how expensive the Maldives is.

    I am going mostly on miles and points and still it’s going to be an extremelly expensive week because of meals, activities and room upgrades.

  11. @ Copano Joe — As far as I can tell a stopover is only allowed in Hong Kong, so I don’t think you could do a stopover at the gateway and then book a further flight.

  12. @ SAN Greg — Depending on which US gateway you fly to, there are ways to do it with a much shorter connection. And keep in mind even the flight from the Maldives to Hong Kong has a fully flat bed, so it’s not that bad. :p

  13. @ beachfan — For a Hong Kong to US flight a one-way upgrade will run you 60,000 AsiaMiles, which is pretty steep. They do partner with AmEx Membership Rewards, though.

  14. Ben,

    Your post this month and in November have allowed us book a trip of the life time. We are going DEN/YYZ/MUC/FRA/JNB for an African safari, with YYZ/MUC in LH F, and FRA/JNB in LH C (for now).

    I happened to notice a National Geographic flyer on a host’s coffee table, detailing a multi country jaunt in Asia and Africa. My wife noticed a picture of a resort the Maldives. She said, “why can’t we go there?” That evening I read this post of yours, and I asked myself the same question.

    Due to your post on Maldives, I was stimulated to find, via ITA, a very nice fare on TK in business class from JNB to MLE that was at $1800 USD per person not only the lowest fare, but fully refundable. Meaning I have time between now and July to find inventory to redeem business class between JNB and MLE. And we get an entire day to explore Istanbul due to the 20 hour layover in IST.

    I expect to have more RDMs on AA in the next few months, and might luck out and redeem MLE/LAX for miles.

    So round the world, a day in FRA to visit friends and enjoy the FCT, 5 days in JNB to go on Safari, a day in IST, and six days in the Maldives, plus experiencing TK and CX business class for the first time, for $3000 and 83K RDMs per person AI.

    So many items on our bucket list will be crossed off. Thanks so much.

  15. Hi Lucky,

    Just curious, what would happen if I booked a round trip ex-MLE to LAX and couldn’t make the last flight from HKG-MLE on the way back because I got “sick.” It would be nice to get a return flight back in business to HKG and plan another trip from there elsewhere. Thanks!

  16. Lucky, i just wanted you to know your post saved me a ton of money.

    I need to go to washinton dc in July for a microsoft event. The cheapest business class fare I could find kul-nyc under one world was about RM18k. CX wanted RM20k.

    The MLE- NYC fare under Cx was about RM8.6k. Malaysia Airlines economy class KUL to MLE is slighly under RM2k. So that works out to be half the price of a CX kul-nyc ticket.

    This allows me to have a nice holiday in Maldives (sheraton full moon is quite affordable a night and i can try a suite upgrade with spg suite nights) with a bit of change to spare.


  17. Lucky, following DP81 post, lets say on my return from JFK to HKG (to MLE), i utilize my HKG stopover (which is allowed?), and i do not fly the final segment to MLE, and just take a flight back to KUL…

    The atopover would allow me to take out my luggage.

    Would i be blacklisted or something?

  18. @ Vincent — So happy to hear you were able to take advantage of this! In moderation I can’t imagine it would be an issue to just skip a segment.

  19. which class will need to be available in order to be able to buy mileage ticket on Cathay Pacific flights from JFK/EWR – HKG???

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