I’m at the Red Carpet Club here at LAX and have to send out a letter. I asked at the front desk whether they might have an envelope I could have, and the friendly guy gave me one. He placed it on the counter, and the other agent snatched it and said “hold on, I need to scratch out the return address.” She did that and then said “yeah, we had a lawsuit over not scratching out the return address once.” The other agent responded with “oh, really?”

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  1. @Mike- From my experience any time you are at LAX it is a time warp, but I’d say it’s back to about 1962 – not 1950 🙂

  2. Hah, I apologize, it wasn’t so much a letter as something I had to send to someone. And Pat, thanks SO much for the notepad. Totally my new favorite thing ever.

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