How To Get A Pilot’s Attention… Not

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Check out this epic video of two passengers trying to get the attention of the pilots after missing a flight:

I’m not sure whether my favorite part is the onlooker casually observing that she thinks they missed their flight, or that the guy yells “I have a card.”

Though it still has nothing on the lady that missed her flight at Hong Kong International Airport:

  1. Adam – there is really no need for your racist comment. I’m sure we all do foolish things at least once or twice in our lives.

  2. Witnessed the same thing earlier this year out of Chicago. Woman and her family show up a couple min after the door closed and kept trying to get the pilots attention. She mentioned that she didn’t understand, as they didn’t page her she didn’t think they would leave without her. I laughed. Expecting the airline to page you when you haven’t boarded on time and using THAT as a timer for when to head to the gate is the dumbest thing I’d ever heard.

  3. I don’t think one should laugh at the lady’s situation. We don’t know what the reason for her flight was. It could have been some sort of emergency or a very important trip to take, and missing that flight may have caused her a lot of pain.

  4. Not sure why everyone finds this video “so funny” or “hilarious”. These people clearly don’t fly very often and probably don’t know the procedure if they miss a flight or even know that they can re-book onto another flight. Most of us probably wouldn’t be laughing so hard if that was our parents in that video…

  5. @Parag – The fact that they may not fly very often doesn’t excuse their immature behavior. And speaking for myself, I actually would be laughing if that were my parents in the video. šŸ˜€

  6. @Rohit – if the flight was that important then they should have showed up way earlier. Same deal if you don’t fly often. Expect things to go wrong, show up early.

  7. I witnessed a near identical, though not as over-the-top, situation at EWR. I was flying from LIT to DCA, transferring in EWR. I was at the gate waiting to board my flight to Washington. I was happily watching a Q800 (beautiful plane) bound for Hartford being pushed back from the adjacent gate. Then I heard that distinctive click-click click-click noise of a woman trying to run in high heels. She was lugging an oversized purse, a briefcase and a carry-on bag, all the while gasping “Hold the plane! Hold the plane!” Apparently she was suppose to be on that flight to Hartford. She runs up to the windows, daintily taps on the glass and motions to the pilot to come back.

    It was all absurdly comical and, yes, I did indeed laugh as did many others. I did not have any sympathy for her; on the contrary, I felt a good deal of contempt. She lost me when I saw the huge purse AND the briefcase AND the carry-on bag. She really expected a plane to return to the gate just for her, and thus potentially inconveniencing all the passengers who made it on time? What selfish audacity!

    We have all been in the situation where we’ve missed a connecting flight. You just suck it up, make other arrangements and not make a ridiculous spectacle out of yourself.

    I miss the days of people demonstrating civility and dignity while traveling.

  8. I know a woman who actually got the Southwest captain to get out of the cockpit and come into the boarding area to find out what was happening. The gate agent was pissed and she said she would report the incident. Don’t know if she did, but the woman and her family were allowed to board. True story.

  9. Empathy anyone? Does that even exist. We have NO idea the circumstances that caused their delay, or their eventual destination (they could be desperate because they’ve now missed a crucial flight in a lengthy journey), who really knows. I don’t find this “entertaining” at all. Agree w/Parag above. If it were my parents, I wouldn’t be laughing. Again, empathy anyone?

  10. Even if you’re sympathetic to their real or imagined plight, don’t you think they should have talked to a gate agent, not pounded on the windows and yelled at the pilots who can’t hear them?

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