Garuda Indonesia Now A Partner of Air France/Flying Blue

Garuda Indonesia isn’t an airline I’d traditionally get excited about. At least it wasn’t till they unveiled their new 777-300ERs, which look super sexy.


Here’s a pretty cool video about the product (and does the guy narrating it have the coolest accent ever, or the coolest accent ever?):

Garuda Indonesia’s new 777-300ER first class

Garuda Indonesia’s new 777-300ER executive class

And then check out this trip report someone on FlyerTalk wrote about their new first class product — looks amazing!

Anyway, Garuda Indonesia is set to join SkyTeam in March of 2014, though Air France/KLM Flying Blue has already announced a reciprocal agreement in advance of the official SkyTeam entry.

You can both earn and redeem Air France Flying Blue miles for travel on Garuda Indonesia as of November 1, 2013.

Flying Blue’s accrual chart for travel on Garuda Indonesia looks as follows:


Not especially generous if you ask me, especially for discounted economy fares.

While I’m not so excited about Flying Blue redemptions on Garuda Indonesia as such (due to the fuel surcharges and fairly high redemption rates), it’s great to now have a place to search Garuda Indonesia award space online, which I’m not sure was possible prior to this.

Garuda Indonesia presently flies their 777-300ER between Jakarta and Tokyo Narita. Unfortunately as far as I can tell there’s no way to book their first class using miles (I’m not sure if they just don’t release space to Air France, or if they don’t in general, as it doesn’t show up on the Air France website).

Business class is readily available on the route, however:



It’s also worth noting that Korean Air’s SkyPass program already partners with Garuda Indonesia and actually has fairly lucrative redemption rates. Here’s their redemption chart for travel on Garuda Indonesia:


Based on my calls to Korean Air’s SkyPass center, the catch is that the column listed as “first” is actually for their executive class, so unfortunately they don’t publish redemption rates for Garuda Indonesia’s actual first class product.

Travel on Garuda Indonesia in business class will be a great use of Delta SkyMiles. It could very well be that Delta and Garuda Indonesia launch a reciprocal agreement prior to their official join date in SkyTeam, or maybe they’ll make us wait till then.

I’m also hoping that once they join SkyTeam they’ll at least release first class award space, which should be bookable with Korean Air SkyPass miles (and they’re an Ultimate Rewards transfer partner).

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  1. Do they still have a smoking section? I know it existed a few years ago because I had a colleague who specifically chose Garuda for that reason when he took flights from Europe to Asia. I just can’t imagine being on a plane where smoking is allowed.

  2. I’m not sure how useful these awards would be to Americans. Jakarta isn’t exactly a exotic destination although one could connect thru Jakarta to Denpasar, Bali. Garuda flies non-stop to many big cities in Asia and Amsterdam, but not the US. Garuda flies to the US with a code share with China Airlines. Which the place that Americans really travel to Indonesia…Bali, could be 4 flights or more from the US. So how really useful will this be?

  3. Last time I was in Bali, I didn’t see too many Americans there. But for Australians it’s like the Caribbean is to Americans-the closest exotic tropical island. I can’t wait to see Garuda in Skyteam!

  4. Oh wow, Airline X is joining Alliance Y where our points are already worth Zip.

    As dumb as I’ve been with chasing points I never bothered with Sky Pesos. Although Korean is supposedly some sort of transfer partner with UR they’re still stuck in the 1980’s when it comes to technology. They also seem to have some serious problems when it comes to basic honesty. Imagine redeeming for “First Class” only to end up in Business. Is that some sort of unresolved mistake or do they just think we’re a bunch of idiots who wouldn’t know the difference?

  5. Lucky, can you redeem etihad guest miles for garuda ? I heard that garuda is a partner of etihad as well

  6. @ asar — Briefly had a look and didn’t see anything that stood out to me as especially good. What did you see?

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