Funny US Border Crossing audio

OK, this is sad and funny at the same time. A Canadian citizen was crossing the US/Canada border to go on a shopping trip in the US with his wife and decided to record the interaction.

Now it’s clear he had an agenda when he showed up at the border with a recording device, and at first, I thought the US immigration offer was being very rude, but the second guy had the patience of a saint. It’s rare I’ll agree with the approach taken by US immigration officers, but in this case, I will. The guy recording this is a douchebag and I’m betting his body language was even worse than his (verbal) attitude.

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  1. Clearly this was always intended as performance art or he wouldn’t have recorded it. This guy sounds like an asshole. I’m no best friend of the Homeland Security but he seems to be provoking them.

  2. *Spoiler Alert*

    I do believe that the sound of the cell closing at the end was added for effect . . .

    What a jerk!

  3. That got escalated way too fast and way too far. I don’t think either the individual nor the officers showed appropriate restraint and the officers are trained to have better judgment than almost all of them demonstrated. Only the 2nd officer was reasonable. The charges should be dropped immediately.

  4. Thanks for the up, Lucky. That was fascinating. If that wasn’t performance art, that guy needs a Nexus card. It wil quickly whisk him through customs in a dedicated lane. Although now that he has an arrest record, a trusted-traveller Nexus card is no longer an option.

  5. For the record, they often pull over Canadians and interview them without any provocation, as my Canuck girlfriend will attest. So this guy and his attitude were prime candidates to spend a couple of extra hours speaking with feds.

  6. Nobody was 100% in the right with what happened at the border crossing.
    The question “What store are you going to” was to bait the Canadian citizen and he sadly rose to it and later gave them reason for detention.
    Should this happen to you:
    Answer all questions no matter how silly.They have the right to ask you ANYTHING.They will use that right to anger you if they feel like it.
    If you feel you have been treated improperly…

    Then as a service to your fellow citizens and travelers take the time to report the offending officer to his superior(s) for being unprofessional,rude,curt,whatever.Nobody should be treated poorly or like a criminal just because they want to enter or exit the USA.
    Be reasonable and matter of fact.
    Make sure a written report is taken,or better yet write a report yourself in the form of a letter.Include the badge number,name and description of the officer. You want this report to get into his personal file and not be tossed aside,so it’s best to confirm it gets into the hands of his superior and not some guy who says he is his boss who can cover for him.
    Do this only AFTER you have been granted entrance to where you are going.

  7. @Brent – I agree. The Canuck took the bait. I was going through customs once and was asked what sites I intended to see. I just smiled and said, “Can your recommend some?” She didn’t reply and stamped and sent me through. I think if the Canadian has said something similar, he would have gotten the same response as me.

  8. In my experience, most U.S. Customs and Immigration agents are coolly efficient and professional. Some are courteous and even friendly. A few have been rude. Regardless, there are a few simple rules I follow. I have all necessary documentation ready. I keep my answers brief and to the point. I do not ask questions. I do not attempt to stand on my rights because I don’t have any. My attitude is properly defferential.
    I realize that their job is a serious and difficult one and that it involves trying to catch bad guys. So, yes, they will sometimes ask questions designed to bait. I look on the tactic as part of their investigative arsenal and try not to let it raise my emotional temperature.
    Ironically, behavioural experts point out that such confrontational tactics create exactly the kind of anxiety in travelers that agents are taught to regard as suspicious.

  9. My questions here is actually to the authenticity of the whole recording. I very much doubt that this is audio that this guy recorded himself. I have had the “privilege” to spend some time stuck in secondary at San Ysidro. And theres no way you end up in an interview room with a cop and they don’t check you for weapons. At some point during that process he would have been searched guaranteed. Then surely, the recording equipment would have been found. Which leaves two other options:

    1/ Its a fake
    Entirely plausible, no supporting evidence other than the audio itself. Not technically to complex to make.

    2/ Its the leaked tapes from the border patrol recordings
    Someone at the border patrol could have been bothered by what went down and leaked the official recordings.

  10. Agree, it is probably fake, and the reason is that the quality is just so good. The handoff from guy to guy to guy and all of it was so seamless. No delays, no mysterious periods of silence, and just super high quality. Plus, 1 Elm Street, Mississauga doesn’t appear to be a real residential address. And the Canadian’s accent was hilariously Maryland in my view. And I don’t know any belligerent Canadians. Or Canadians smart enough to use a tape recorder. (Just kidding, Canada!)

  11. I’m in the “fake” category now… compare this to the Ron Paul supporter from earlier this year and it’s pretty obvious.

  12. The sound at the end was a heavy metal door closing. This guy could have been recording all of this on his cellphone; I have that capability. I am a Canadian, and he does not have a Maryland accent whatsoever. He sounds just like I sound. I don’t believe it’s fake, and I believe that my fellow Canadian was in the wrong 100%.

  13. actually 1 Elm St. is a real address. I happen to live in Mississauga about ten minutes away from it, an apartment building.
    It was obvious this guy brought the recorder because he had heard or previously experienced a bad crossing before.
    I know this happens. My friend was interrogated simply for being African and White.
    Americans in this position (power) generally are stupid and abuse thei power at every opportunity. Why I will never travel to the US myself or promote travel to the US for anyone

  14. Wow. No wonder the economy is in such bad shape. Usually, you encourage shoppers to shop not discourage them. I would say shop at home and support your own economy. It is worth it.

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