Funny exit row video

Other than the inconsistency between the outside of the plane (is that British Airways?) and the interior (United), this is actually pretty funny:

Best part has to be that it’s always the opposite in my experience. I’ve seen a flight attendant humiliate a passenger that wanted to be reseated in front of the whole cabin (by explaining over the PA that we were losing our take-off slot because the captain needed to stop the plane), I’ve even been threatened to be kicked out of the exit row once or twice (had at least 20 FlyerTalk witnesses on one of the flights…. yeah, maybe I was a bit of a smarta$$), and I’ve even had a flight attendant tell me she needed a verbal “yes” as opposed to the “absolutely” I provided her with in response to whether or not I’m willing to assist in the case of an emergency, but this is a first.

Very funny, though!

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  1. That was a great episode. At teh end of the episode, on his return trip, he develops a new sense of confidence (after learning that he is, in fact, a gentile) and gets the same FA. She immediately offers to reseat him and he replies, “No, thanks. I’ve got it covered.”

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