From Ibiza… to Chennai?

The New Park Hyatt Chennai has put out several videos that I can’t not share. I’m not sure if they’re awesome or just odd for a hotel, but they’re something alright.

Here’s their longest video, “From Ibiza to Chennai:”

And then their “Happy Holi 2012 with Park Hyatt Chennai” video:

And then their flash mob video:


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  1. This is the type of shit I’d expect to see from a Holiday Inn express, not a Park Hyatt. Painful to watch and makes me not want to stay at the property.


  2. I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Chennai before. Their staff were very professional. I’ll be sure to check in a Hyatt in Chennai next time.

  3. Lucky, you clearly have never seen any Bollywood films. I would have been shocked if there wasn’t random dancing in their videos haha

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