Friday Funnies: American Finds SnAApe!

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Earlier in the week a picture surfaced on Reddit of an American gate agent who looked like Snape. I looked up this Snape character, and apparently he’s from Harry Potter (full disclosure: I watched the first Harry Potter movie eons ago and fell asleep half way through… I’m ready to take a beating!). I still found it to be hilarious, after Googling, given the uncanny resemblance.


If my Facebook feed was any indication, this went really viral. So American embraced it, and posted the following on Twitter today, with that same gate agent and a funny caption:

Well done, American!

  1. So Lucky if my memory not totally off your weekend review mentioned something about trying a new product this week?

  2. “I looked up this Snape character…” One of my favorite characters. I guess I’ll forgive you this one time… Lol!!!!

  3. Glad to know I am not the only one who has no freakin’ idea who “Snape” is…I thought I would be drag queen from the name… 🙂

  4. Doesn’t this contradict AA’s stated policy regarding photographing employees at work? In this case, hopefully the employee doesn’t mind and also finds this humorous. But if it wasn’t a positive interaction or portrayed AA in a negative light, wouldn’t they rather hypocritically be pointing to their, “no photographing the employees,” rule?

  5. Just FYI here, as of 6/1, EVA Air now serves Krug for routes from Taipei to New York, Paris, and Houston.

  6. @Eric,

    It’s a bit obvious that this was with his consent, given that he’s holding a magic wand. It’s the top picture that went viral, assuming from a passenger. After doing so, he and AA snapped the other (staged) pic, posting it on their Twitter. Stop trying to scrape for bones.

  7. Ben, nevermind the films – they’re OK-ish (generally the later ones get a bit better) – but READ THE BOOKS! Way better than the films and you’ve got plenty of spare time with all your travelling 🙂 You can get them on Amazon Kindle lending library for free.

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