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I just came across this, and it’s pretty darn cool. A graduate student at UC Berkeley produced a 20 minute documentary about the pursuit of frequent flyer miles as part of his master’s thesis. While I don’t know him, I recognize lots of the people being interviewed and in the video.

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  1. Thanks to you all for the comments, and thanks Lucky for the post about the film. I am indeed, as Gary confirmed, a member of FT (it’s where I first learned about all of this stuff!) And it’s blogs like this that have helped keep me up to date on everything. So I have a lot of gratitude for Flyertalk and its members. Sam, I believe the announcement you mention is indeed the one that led to me shooting at the FT gathering in Orlando. Cheers!

  2. Very cool film. Loved the color and the cadence. I could show this to my Mom and if nothing else, it would start a conversation.

    May I ask how it was received by your peers and profs?

  3. Sam, that’s funny, I hadn’t seen that. Will be interested to see what this new documentarist comes up with.

    Jeff, thanks for the comment–it was perceived well in my class, everyone seemed to really enjoy it, and these were people that knew pretty much nothing about miles.

  4. You made an excellent film that provides good insights into the benefits of elite status in frequent flyer programs. BTW, I had to laugh about the DEA agents then wanting to earn miles the same way that you do. What is you FT handle Gabriel?

  5. Enjoyed the film quite a bit Gabriel – you’ve given me a simple way to explain my vice to the doubters.

    Maybe you’ll post that earlier film you did at some point? I’ve always believed airports are meditative.

  6. Fantastic show to explain the whole mileage phenomenon to friends. Great soundtrack and editing also.

  7. Gabriel,

    This is kind of off topic, but I still can’t figure out how the FT member arranged the Thai deal. He was paying people to fly for him, yet he was some how getting the miles for that?

    Other wise I enjoyed the video immensely. I feel like I can show it to people now who don’t understand my passion and maybe get a little insight into why we do what we do. Thanks!

  8. @onemileatatime
    do you recall the name of another documentary about a couple estonian/finnish frequent flier who live in hotels please?

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