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For the most part I don’t bother with airport hotel reviews within the US, given that I stay at them on an almost weekly basis. I reviewed my first Four Points by Sheraton stay a few months ago, and found it to be unmemorable. That’s why I want to review the Four Points by Sheraton I stayed at on this trip, since the hotel was exceptional for a limited service property.

Due to my schedule it made sense to spend a night in Seattle before my Xiamen Air flight to Shenzhen, so I decided to book the Four Points by Sheraton Seattle Airport South. I’m a Hyatt and Starwood loyalist, and this was the closest hotel to the airport with either of those chains. The rate for my one-night stay was ~$100.

Upon arrival at SeaTac Airport I headed to the shuttle area. The Four Points shuttle runs every 30 minutes, leaving on the hour from the hotel. That means it tends to pick up from the airport at around 15 and 45 minutes past the hour. However, the shuttle driver explained to me that it still makes sense to call the hotel when you arrive, so they can be on the look out for you.

Four Points Seattle Airport shuttle

I arrived at the hotel late in the evening, and was impressed by how gorgeous the lobby was. The associate checking me in was extremely friendly, recognized my Platinum status, asked if I needed late check-out, and offered me a choice of welcome amenities.

Four Points Seattle Airport lobby

Four Points Seattle Airport lobby

Four Points Seattle Airport lobby

The lobby smelled great, so I asked what the scent was. He said “oh, it’s the Four Points signature scent.” Who knew that Four Points had a signature scent?

He also explained that I had been upgraded to a loft suite thanks to my Platinum status.

“An airport hotel with loft suites?!”

“Yeah, a lot of people are surprised.”

Once the check-in process was complete, I turned right and headed towards the elevators.

Four Points Seattle Airport elevators

I was assigned room 703. Upon arriving on the seventh floor I turned right, and then my room was on the left.

Four Points Seattle Airport hallway

Four Points Seattle Airport room entrance

Four Points Seattle Airport floorplan

I generally don’t have very high expectations of Four Points properties, and have even lower expectations of airport Four Points properties. So suffice to say that I was blown away by my room as I entered.

There was a foyer with the bathroom on the left and a closet to the right.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite foyer

As it turned out, the full bathroom on the left was just a guest bathroom, and not even the main bathroom.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite second bathroom

As is the norm at Four Points properties, there were wall-mounted toiletry dispensers.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite second bathroom

To the right of the entrance was the coffee machine and complimentary bottled water. The coffee setup consisted of a single serve Mr. Coffee machine.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite coffee & water

After that I found myself in the large living room which opened up to the full two stories. There was a couch that could seat three people, as well as two lounging chairs that were close together.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite living area

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite living area

On the wall closest to the entrance was a TV, as well as a cool-looking artificial fireplace.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite living area

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite artificial fireplace

To the side of the living room was a dining room table with four chairs, as well as a wet bar.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite dining area

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite dining area & wet bar

Up two sets of stairs was the bedroom, office area, and master bathroom.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite from above

There was a king size bed with a plush mattress and pillows.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite king bed

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite king bed

Across from that was a dresser with a flat screen TV on top of it.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite bedroom area

Then further into the room was a desk with a rolling leather chair.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite desk

The desk was well designed, with four well placed outlets. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the bed, which didn’t have any easy to access outlets. In order to charge my phone bedside I had to remove the cord from the clock.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite desk

The bathroom featured double sinks, a toilet, and a shower/tub combo.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite bathroom

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite shower

Once again the toiletries were in dispensers, which I don’t mind aside from actually having to push the buttons to dispense the liquids, since I always wonder how often (or well) they’re cleaned.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite toiletries

The room’s view was just of the nearby road and a parking lot, though perhaps there would have been better views in the distance if it weren’t so foggy.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Loft Suite view

I got caught up on work in the evening, though unfortunately the hotel’s Wi-Fi was on the slow side (not unusably so, but it certainly wasn’t high speed).

After getting a good night of sleep I headed down to the lobby in the morning, where I saw that they had a setup with complimentary coffee & tea. As a coffee addict, I love when hotels do this.

Four Points Seattle Airport South complimentary coffee & tea

Eventually I headed to Olympus Grill for breakfast, which is the hotel’s restaurant. The Four Points by Sheraton brand still sort of confuses me, since it’s not truly a limited service hotel, given that it has a restaurant. However, I can’t imagine anyone not staying at a Four Points ever visiting their restaurant.

The restaurant was in an “L” shape, with a bar and small buffet near the entrance.

Four Points Seattle Airport South Olympus Grill

Four Points Seattle Airport South Olympus Grill

The breakfast menu read as follows:


The Platinum breakfast benefit at this hotel is for the $8 “Classic Continental,” which includes pastries, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. However, the hotel also lets you apply an $8 credit towards anything else on the menu if you prefer.

While the Classic Continental was the best value breakfast, I figured eating pastries for breakfast probably wasn’t a good idea, so instead “upgraded” to the breakfast buffet, which costs $15 ($7 after the credit was applied).

It was a rather simple buffet, though it worked great for me. The buffet had cereal, yogurt, fruit salad, whole fruit, croissants pastries, and a few hot dishes (scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, and pancakes).

Four Points Seattle Airport South Olympus Grill breakfast buffet

Four Points Seattle Airport South Olympus Grill breakfast buffet

Four Points Seattle Airport South Olympus Grill breakfast buffet

I decided to take the 9:30AM shuttle back to the airport the following morning, to arrive plenty early for my Xiamen Air flight to Shenzhen.

Four Points by Sheraton Seattle Airport bottom line

While my last Four Points by Sheraton stay was unmemorable, this one really impressed me. I got a gorgeous loft suite, which I didn’t realize was a thing at Four Points properties. The hotel was new, nicely furnished, and had great service across the board. This property is much nicer than its Four Points branding suggests. I’d definitely return if faced with a similar layover.

Have you ever stayed at a Four Points property that’s this nice?

  1. Immediately seeing the picture of the Lobby brought back a vivid association to the strong scent in the fragrance. Not a fan at all. Funny to see that you found it pleasant. I am a huge fan of the W Scent, which I believe is produced by the same manufacturer (ScentAir).

  2. I stayed there in September to go to a concert down in the Auburn areas. I loved the hotel, so much nicer than other Four Points properties I’ve been to. Amazing service, and I stayed for only $75/night all in. I’ll definitely go there again.

  3. Why all the annoying “free gift card” redirects on your twitter links lately? Incredibly annoying ad strategy and totally at odds with the extremely high quality info you provide!

  4. Hi Lucky,
    I booked an accessible room for an overnight stay and was upgraded to an loft suite (for my Platinium status) at check in as well. The 2 floor suite looked very much like the one you have except it has a private elevator! WOW! Very convenient for wheelchair and luggage!

  5. @ Tim — That shouldn’t be happening!! If you have some examples, can you please send screenshots over? (either email or twitter would be great).

  6. The rooms are dated, but you really can’t beat the location of the Four Points in the French Quarter of New Orleans. If you’re there to have fun (I was there for a buddy’s bachelor party), it’s a perfect spot. We paid extra to have a second floor balcony literally on Bourbon Street, which was absolutely what we were looking for. Admittedly much different than the traditional Four Points branded hotel.

  7. 4P is the bane of my existence. After 3 times, each worse than the previous, I will avoid it like the plague. Glad you had a good experience, but don’t get your hopes up.

  8. As with all brands, there are very nice Four Points (which are much nicer than many Sheratons). My vicinity, Bolzano and Dornbirn come to mind…

  9. I stayed there two weeks ago. Seventh floor as well but did not get a loft suite upgrade lol You are right, this Four Points is better than many other Four Points. Their lobby was well done. I hope they keep it up and maintain it well. The price for the night is a steal, I paid 89.

  10. I took a screen shot, happy to email it or paste it here…just not sure how to do so.
    Its odd, for the last few weeks probably 30-40% of the time I click on a link in Lucky’s twitter, it hard-redirects me to a GiftCard scam website. I have to shut down twitter and re-open the link again. Usually on the 4th re-open the link works properly. Let me know and I will send you the screen shot.

    Thanks for the great blog! -Tim

  11. Like a recent 4 points stay I had, I only see one picture. All a bit sterile with vast walls of white

  12. There’s a Four Points near my office in the Toronto area and that’s where all of our out of town staff usually stay when they visit. We also do our off site meetings there but the meeting rooms are in the basement with no natural light – functional but not especially pleasant. The catered food is good. I’ve stayed there once myself and found it to be excellent, with big modern rooms. They also have a full restaurant and separate bar.

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