Former Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Loses It At Airport

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I’m a big fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Phaedra is kind of my spirit animal.

If there’s one thing I don’t miss about Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s the days where Kim Zolciak was on the show. I actually hadn’t heard or thought about her in years, which I was perfectly happy about. But in the past week a video surfaced of her being irate at LAX while checking in for a Delta flight.

Here’s the video:

I’ve definitely seen worse meltdowns, though the whole finger pointing (in particular from her entourage) is just cringeworthy.

So what was the mix-up over? It would appear as if she was arriving at the airport too late to check her bag, so it would have to go on the next flight. And she “has lots of money in the bag,” so it can’t be on a different flight!

Via TMZ, Kim’s camp claims that the mix-up was over boarding passes:

Kim’s people tell us the mix-up was all over boarding passes … that Delta couldn’t find them for her daughter and hairstylist on the 10:10 PM flight. She says they all got re-booked on the 11:45 PM flight, but then her daughter got bumped to the wait list. Kim’s rant was effective — everyone eventually ended up getting on the 11:45 PM.

Regardless of what the cause was, I think Kim could learn a thing or two from Phaedra about being a Southern Belle.

  1. Nobody on that show is close to a Southern Belle- a true Southern Belle wouldn’t step foot on that show. All trash

  2. Another self-important person with no respect for the time of others. I recall she’s just about late to everything on RHOA.

  3. Spare us please. “Real” HOA = stupidity TV but that gets ratings I guess. Many people are impressed by the hopelessly self absorbed.

  4. I would hardly call ANYTHING (I won’t dignify them with the term “anyone”) that appears on any of the RH series a “star”. A personality, perhaps. Trainwrecks? Certainly. But a star? Never in anyone’s wildest dreams.

  5. Sounds like you were lacking any new things to post so you went with this non-event. Kim really didn’t do anything inappropriate. It seems that the TMZ video made this interesting to you, but yeah, it really isn’t ……

  6. SNORE!!!

    Lucky, I love your blog, it is truly the best travel blog out there IMO. But I gotta say, these posts about crap like “One Direction” and the Real Housewives “franchise” really diminish the value of your blog.

    I like a fun non sequitur now and again like the next guy, but this is just inane, low class, mindless, lowest common denominator junk that has no place in a blog with the quality such as OMAAT. Lose it Lucky, like you lost drinking Diet Coke…this shit is bad for your brain and your readers. I for one am over hearing about them.

  7. What is your blog about ? Hopefully you will help me find deals, grab miles and travel on the cheap.

    Your blog hasn’t helped me quite as much in that regard. And now we see tmz? Is this Hollywood gossip column.

    The only blog that has actually been positiviEly beneficial to my bottomline is doc.

  8. @FlyKatFly

    I don’t think she meant she had a lot of actual dollar currency, but that her clothing and shoes were very expensive.

  9. A checked bag ‘full of cash and valuables’ ?? I doubt it very much! Who goes around telling anyone that, sounding like a total idiot for packing loot in check-in! She could audition for Flying Airheads I guess.

  10. Agree with Garrett! Lighten up a little; it’s not as if the article was not airline related. You are allowed to have a laugh at someone else’s expense occasionally! 🙂

  11. What is to laugh at?
    The fact that people in reality TV think they actually deserve any more respect than anyone else?
    The fact that there is an actual audience including people who describe themselves as “fans”?
    I laugh a lot, but it’s at things that are known as “funny” and “amusing”.
    If this passes as humor, I can only cry.

  12. Kim was late for the original flight. Was rebooked and her daughter was in different seats. Her bags made it to the original flight. Kim think she a star.

  13. @Rob @credit You boys can stop reading at any time. The rest of us are hear to enjoy his blog and personally I don’t need it to be about how to save miles etc every time he posts. You two need a life and find someone else to beat up

  14. @Rand,

    I don’t think telling Lucky he has “the best travel blog out there” and that posts about the “Real Housewives” diminishing the value of his blog is tantamount to beating Lucky up. I have no intention of going elsewhere, this is a quality blog and since being an active participant in it for a few years now with many positive comments, I think voicing my disappointment on such postings is anything like giving someone a beating.

    You sound like a very sensitive boy, did getting picked last for dodgeball in grade school leave a lasting mark other than the obvious physical ones you certainly endured?

  15. I enjoy occasional ‘Real Housewives’ articles on this blogs. Adds some entertainment, personality and flare

  16. The show is garbage. Anyone still watching this show needs to wake up, and concentrate their energy elsewhere… preferably within themselves.

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