Follow up article regarding Starnet blocking

In his weekly column, On the Fly, Nicholas Kralev wrote a follow up to his article a few weeks ago about Starnet blocking. I highly recommend checking out the article, as it’s interesting to say the least.

The most pathetic part is without a doubt the wisdom of United spokesman Jeff Kovick:

“What you’re seeing is a standard adjustment in our award inventory,” said spokesman Jeff Kovick. Asked to elaborate, he replied, “I’m not in the habit of providing long-winded responses when it’s a pretty basic answer.”

Mr. Kovick…. you leave me without words.

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  1. People need to realise Mr. Kovick is just a spokesperson who is told what to say by someone in TIlton and Company. I appalud Lucky and the Washington Times for working on this, it will make award travel much eaiser.

    Now all I need the Washington Times to do is stop favoring the GOP!!!

  2. Benny, I have to disagree there. Regardless of what Mr. Kovick is told to say, he chooses how to phrase it. That’s his job. The way he phrased it was rude, condescending, and all around insulting, IMO.

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