Flights No Longer Bookable On US Airways’ Website

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American and US Airways are in the final stages of their merger. The Dividend Miles program has already been merged into the AAdvantage program, and the two airlines are already on a single operating certificate (meaning they’re one airline as far as the FAA is concerned).

The last major step is that the two airlines need to merge their reservations systems. American and US Airways will be merging their reservations systems on October 17, 2015, though there’s quite a bit leading up to that.


Here’s a summary of how that will go down:

  • American and US Airways will be transitioning onto a single reservations system as of October 17, 2015
  • That means as of October 17, 2015, US Airways flights will no longer exist — all flights will have American flight numbers, even if they’re operated by (former) US Airways planes
  • As of mid-July, American has begun transferring US Airways reservations for travel on or after October 17 to American, so flight numbers for travel as of October 17, 2015, should progressively be changing
  • There’s nothing you need to do during the process other than be patient, as transferring an unimaginable number of reservations will take time

Anyway, while you’d expect that US Airways’ website might not necessarily support bookings for travel as of October 17, 2015 (given that the airline will officially cease to exist), it seems that US Airways’ website isn’t supporting bookings for travel before that date either.

US Airways’ website is now redirecting all reservation requests to


Historically there a couple of issues with making US Airways bookings on American’s website, though:

  • Fares can differ significantly when booking a codeshare flight vs. a flight with a “native” flight number
  • You can only upgrade day of departure when booked on a codeshare, while if you booked a US Airways flight with a US Airways flight number you could upgrade at the “standard” upgrade window of up to 100 hours out


The good news is that American’s website is now displaying US Airways “prime” (non-codeshare) flight numbers. If you want to book a US Airways flight on American’s website, go to the front page and click on “Refine your search.”


On the next page check the “All Carriers” box under the “Choose a Carrier” heading.


When you do this, American’s website will display US Airways prime flight numbers as well. However, these flights will be displayed last, so it might require some scrolling. That’s right, doing a search will show you the same flight twice — once as a codeshare, and once as a “prime” flight.


This is a bit tricky, and I assume many people will get screwed by this change as a result of booking codeshares rather than prime flights. That being said, if anything it should increase the upgrade odds for those of us in the know. It could very well be that American is in the process of removing US Airways codeshares from their website altogether, given that this change was literally just made.

Bottom line

Practically speaking, nothing is really changing here. You can still book US Airways flights under their “prime” flight numbers on American’s website. And you’ll want to be sure you do that, so you don’t accidentally jeopardize your upgrade by booking a codeshare flight.

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  1. Thanks for the info – I was confused on how to book US Airways flights!
    I was also wondering when the US Airways A330s will start getting repainted in the AA livery – I’m not sure if it already started, or will start around when US Airways is officially history. Thanks!

  2. @Anonymous Already started. Check out:\+a330%25&airlinesearch=%3A%28%22us+airways%22+OR+%22%28us+airways%29%22+OR+%22%28us+airways%29%29%22+OR+%22%28us+airways%22+NOT+%22bosphorus+airways%22+NOT+%22cyprus+airways%22+NOT+%22%28cyprus+airways%29%22+NOT+%22janus+airways%22+NOT+%22linus+airways%22+NOT+%22lotus+airways%22+NOT+%22shortbus+airways%22+NOT+%22turdus+airways%22+NOT+%22us+airways+shuttle%22+NOT+%22%28us+airways+shuttle%29%22+NOT+%22us+airways+express%22+NOT+%22%28us+airways+express%29%22+NOT+%22%28us+airways+express%22%29&countrysearch=&specialsearch=&keywords=&sort_order=photo_id+desc&page_limit=15&daterange=&range=&thumbnails=&engine_version=6.0

  3. @Josh – What I’ve read is that the vouchers will be valid on AA flights post 10/17 but the expiration dates will still apply. So if you have a voucher that expires before 10/17, you just need to book AA flights post 10/17.

  4. Happy to be seeing the final stages of this merger coming to an end. I do hope in the near future American remains strong with the best loyalty program within the industry. I have not flown US Airways once before and have stuck with AA all the way along with OneWold Partners and codeshares like EY. And for my domestic flights I have avoided US Airways all the ways. But glad to see the merger taking place so it all is in one place. This will definitely make things easier and a lot better for the flyers.

  5. what does this mean for companion pass holders for US air?

    Will flights taken post Oct-17 be EQM eligible on AA metal?

  6. All of the ex-US A330s have been repainted, and even though I’m not much of a fan of the new AA livery, it looks better on the A330 than any other aircraft in the fleet. Reminds me of the pre-DL NWA scheme (which aside from the terrible lettering was pretty gorgeous).

    Remember, US automatic upgrades on US metal non-codeshares are going away Oct 17. After that it’ll be AA-style 500-mile “stickers” unless it’s a short flight.

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