Heartwarming: Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendant Carries Passenger Off Plane

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I recently had the chance to fly Garuda Indonesia from London to Jakarta and back, and had an incredible experience. While the seats, food, etc., were great, what really stood out to me the most were the people. I’ve never before flown an airline with people who consistently seem so genuine about treating passengers like their guests. Some airlines put on acts, while on Garuda Indonesia I feel like they provide service from the heart.

While it doesn’t involve first class or caviar, a heartwarming picture has emerged of a Garuda Indonesia flight attendant carrying an elderly lady off the plane, apparently because there was no wheelchair waiting for her. Here’s the picture, courtesy of Twitter user @efenerr:


Here’s the backstory, according to tempo.co:

At that time, the plane has just landed at Soekarno-Hatta airport at 11:45 am.

When all passengers have disembarked the plane, Vera saw one passenger, an elderly woman, was still seated on seat 41C. The passenger was accompanied by one of her relatives.

“Without thinking twice, Vera approached the woman,” Benny said.

It turned out that the elderly woman needed a wheelchair to get off the plane. Vera then talked to her while waiting for the wheelchair. From the conversation, it was found that the woman was a member of the umrah (minor hajj) group who had to take a connecting flight.

After a while, the wheelchair did not come yet.

“What Vera did is a proof and reflection of our professionalism,” Benny said.

Well done, Vera! What an inspiring story!

(Tip of the hat to Raul)

  1. This action reflects the true teaching of Islam and how young people should treat elderly people, especially if they are our parents.

    Thanks mate for sharing this story.

  2. @hamza please it is not right i think to point one religion here. It is not the place for that as people can be so sensitive about it.

  3. If this were a Delta or Southwest flight, she would very been carried out by cops before the flight had departed

  4. @hamza

    You are wrong. This reflects how young people truly are very nice before reLigion turns them into suicide bombers.

  5. It will never happen in the US because if the FA dropped her by accident, it would be a pending lawsuit.

  6. >This action reflects the true teaching of Islam and how young people should treat elderly people, especially if they are our parents.

    The Religion of Peace Trucks – coming to a city near you.

  7. Impressive Human initiative. It is all over the Indonesian media.

    @Hamzah, that statement does not sound very smart. Please do not discount other religions or even those without religion. Think for yourself instead. Like in ‘real’ thinking this through.

  8. Great job by the flight attendant. Reflects the true motive of service. Do not understand why people are talking about religion here.

  9. There are kind people all over the world, irrespective of their religion – and some of those people such as this FA here, bring that kindness into their working lives.

  10. So it show poor management or passenger forgot to request a wheelchair and the burden fall into FA hand.

  11. FAs from Asian carriers are the best. If it were on a US carrier, the FAs would have called the police to drag the old woman out of the plane for refusing to disembark.

  12. Garuda’s flight attendants are always on top of their game. I remember one time when I was on a connecting flight to Yogyakarta with my wife and elderly mother-in-law on economy. It was an evening flight, though the flight was only one hour. My in-law had cold, so she rubbed her hand and she was shaking a bit and coughed. this FA noticed it, and seconds later she came over to our seats with two sets of blankets and two blankets for my in-law. Throughout the flight, every 10 minutes or so she would always check on us to make sure my in-law is fine. Upon deplaning, she took my in-law’s hand and took her all the way down the stairs and instructed a ground staff to look after her all the way to the arrival hall. Outstanding service, even in domestic Y. Truly deserves all 5 Skytrax stars.

  13. Hamza – No religion involved, it’s true Indonesian kindness which rare to find nowadays even in Indonesia

    Tiamsanit – Don’t think it’s a burden if you do it with your own initiative and sincere heart 😉

  14. If she was flying any US airline the FA would call the FBI because she was a threat. She would be charged a fee for delaying the departing flight and placed on the no-fly list. That is what happens when you give so much power to FA’s and they take the opportunity to make people’s lives miserable.

  15. Surely, I dont think they pay her to do that. Just seeing the cabin crew ready to do this for elderly people proves they do not put on a plastic attitude like most do. Very heartwarming indeed.

  16. Great to read this story. I find the culture of going above and beyond alive and well with cabin flight crew from SE Asia. 🙂

  17. @caveman

    She was not wearing shoes because the FAs shoes for garuda have a lil heels type on them unlike singapore girls shoes which are flat type. Do you think it is safe carrying someone with heels on?
    I think she knew wearing shoes would be dangerous for her carrying that lady

  18. @Debit

    Just knock it off. The overwhelming majority of US flight attendants would have shown similar kindness and consideration towards an elderly passenger in need. Would an American FA physically carry a passenger off a plane in a non-emergency situation? No. But Americans, overall, are a resilient, caring bunch; and, will make great efforts to assist someone in a difficult situation.

  19. Funny enough some are mentioning this is not the place for talking about religion,ok how many stories been posted here about Muslim passengers been dragged out of US cartiers because they are muslim??
    This would have nevet happened with American arrogant stupid FA.

  20. Yes, the people paid to serve the rich and entitled (not meant to be an insult at all!) are doing so out of the goodness of their hearts because they love you so much – absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with them being told to do so in exchange for money…

    It reminds me when people come back from poor countries where they splash around the cash and remark about how friendly everyone is. While i don’t doubt they’re generally nice people otherwise (and they are found in every single country, including the US, despite people’s stereotypes), they aren’t flocking to you for your personality!

  21. @Callum

    >Yes, the people paid to serve the rich and entitled

    The rich and entitled are flying in 3-3 narrowbody cattle class in the back now? Huh.

    I’ve stopped expecting people to read the post or even title, but you couldn’t even be arsed to look at the pretty picture, could you?

  22. Americans ! The rest of the world doesn’t mind you being f***ed up, but please stop imposing it on the rest of us, and get out more while you’re at it !!!

  23. @Lucky Didn’t realize how many ignorant people you have reading your blog. I’m not Muslim but as you have travelled to many Muslim majority countries and have seen people bend over backwards to help and assist the elderly (including my parents) It is in fact taught in the Koran. Why mention suicide bombers? It would be like me mentioning Zionism and illegal occupation on every post about Israel. Maybe you have Hasbara here looking to just put down anything Muslim? Or maybe some are too brain dead to realize Faux News is not reality. Apparently Ari seems to have taken major offence. I can say while in TLV we did not find people in general all that friendly at all.

  24. Yeah, I really don´t think religion matters when it comes to airline service… See, Iberia, El Al, Saudia and China Eastern, all provide lousy service, coming from completely different religious backgrounds… LOL

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