Finnair Operated Their Last Friday The 13th Flight 666 To HEL Today

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It’s always interesting to see how much airlines acknowledge lucky and unlucky numbers. For example, many airlines don’t have row 13 on planes, Chinese airlines commonly have a lot of 8s in their flight numbers, and some airlines don’t use the flight number 666.

Since 2002 Finnair has operated flight number 666 from Copenhagen to Helsinki. It’s one thing to operate flight #666, it’s another to have flight #666 be to HEL. Today is Friday the 13th, making it all the more unique of a flight.

Well, today was the last time that Finnair will operate flight 666 to HEL on a Friday the 13th.

@airlineroute was on this unique flight, and notes that it was like any other, with no acknowledgement from the crew of the unique distinction this flight has.

As of October 29, 2017, Finnair is changing the flight number to AY954. While Finnair apparently isn’t ruling out the possibility of using the flight number again at some point in the future, for the time being it’s being retired.

I’m sort of sad I never had the chance to fly this. It would have been a fun boarding pass to take a picture of!

Anyone believe in good or bad luck when it comes to flying and numbers?

  1. Numbers don’t effect me much. I just have a rule that I don’t care to fly with any sports teams. Flying with sports teams in winter weather is even worse for me. Stupid I know.

  2. While HEL is in Finland, HELL is in coach on the 17 hour United flight from SFO/LAX to SIN, 9 across on the 787

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