Finally someone’s outdoing the TSA!

On March 13, China’s aviation authority announced that passengers were no longer allowed to take liquids onto domestic flights. The move was part of efforts to tighten security with the summer Olympics only five months away. The new measures came after a woman carrying a suspicious liquid attempting to crash a plane was caught en route from Urumqi to Beijing on a China Southern Airlines flight. (source)

Oh, isn’t that just dandy? Everytime I see a story about liquid restrictions I immediately think of the hilarious TSA parody from SNL last year (that’s the only website I could find it on, might not be totally suitable for work). I’m not sure if I totally understand this though, why doesn’t this apply to all flights to/from China? Are liquids somehow less of a threat on international flights? Oh, or maybe because I’m connecting through PVG in summer coming from SIN and continuing to YYZ and I sure as heck would change my travel plans if I couldn’t take liquids, making them lose quite a bit in airport taxes, and I’m sure I’m not the only one?

While I have no plans to fly within China for quite a while, I do hope they lift this stupid rule after the Olympics. I totally understand the emphasis on safety, but I really think the efforts should be focused in places other than liquids…

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