Finally had celebrities on my flight!

I suck at spotting celebrities, probably because I don’t care about 99.999% of them. Well, tonight I had Ice-T and Coco on my JFK-IAD flight. It was an E170 and they were seated across from me. About half way through the flight the flight attendant comes up to Ice-T and tells him how big of a fan she is. I heard her mention Law & Order SVU, which is how I knew who they were.

Other than Coco’s frighteningly large chest (google is your friend…. how those weapons made it passed the security checkpoint is beyond me) and Ice-T’s bling, they were pretty low key. They got aboard with a Big Mac and fries, which annoyed the hell out of me.

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  1. I will never forget the one time I was flying SNA-ORD in F first thing in the morening and the seat next to me was empty untill a POS (SWA TERM Passanger of Size) with sss on his boarding pass and a mcdonalds bag came and sat next to me. That stuff smelled so bad the enitre flight!

  2. Despina, I think he meant “SSSS,” which, without saying too much, is a code to security that is presented on, er, um, “select” boarding passes.

  3. I must be super clueless because I’ve never heard of either of them. And I thought I was the pop culture king!

  4. Yeah, I had no clue who they were either, but a combination of the FA mentioning Law & Order SVU and google helped me out. Heck, I ran into Anne Hathaway a few weeks ago at LAX, but I had no clue who she was until one of the agents told me.

  5. This is all very funny. As a middle aged guy, I usually wonder what all the fuss is about when I see the FA’s fussing over someone in their 20’s – 30’s that I don’t know. Makes me feel old.

    I guess from my age looking down, or Coins age looking up… LOL

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