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In my hotel reviews, I know I often refer to certain hotel toiletries as being among my favorites. I know I say that a lot, so I decided to actually sit down and compile a list of what my favorite hotel toiletries are.

First thing’s first, I’m not the fanciest, or the most organic, or the realest (realest). So there’s no science behind my selection of favorite toiletries. I didn’t carefully study the ingredients. And I’m fine with that.

But I know when I walk into a hotel room and see certain toiletries I go “oh, yay,” for whatever reason. The primary motivator for me is probably the scent and overall “feel” of the product. But I won’t deny that perhaps packaging, branding, and associations have something to do with it, at least subconsciously.

With that in mind, I figured I’d share my top five favorite hotel toiletries:

1. Le Labo

While Le Labo has many lines (and I have slight preferences among them), I don’t think anything can beat them. Many of their scents are actually specific to hotels — for example, the Park Hyatt New York has their own Le Labo line, and the bottles reflect that. Also, if you want a good laugh, read the back of a Le Labo bottle.


2. Salvatore Ferragamo

This might be the brand that I feel most favorably towards because of associations I have with it. Back in the day Singapore Airlines would give first class passengers incredible Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kits, which even included a full size bottle of cologne.

I remember flying Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore to Colombo and back, partly to pick up six bottles of cologne — that more or less paid for the award ticket, given how expensive their cologne is. 😉

In all honesty, it’s good stuff. My recent stay at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago was the first time I’ve seen these toiletries in a hotel in a long time.


3. L’Occitane

L’Occitane is a great, straightforward toiletry line, in my opinion. They don’t have the snazziest packaging, or anything, though the quality is there. I recently had these at the Shangri-La Vancouver.


4. Molton Brown

Here’s a brand I haven’t seen much of lately, until my recent stay at Hotel Des Indes in The Hague. I love Molton Brown!


5. Remede

I have a love/hate relationship with Remede, which are available at St. Regis properties worldwide. Unlike the above four, Remede isn’t really an “agreeable” scent. It’s like washing your hair and body with toothpaste in terms of how strong the scents are and how it feels. The shampoo actually tingles when you apply it. That being said, I always do feel as squeaky clean as a Jonas Brother when I’m done using them…


What are your favorite hotel toiletry brands?

  1. I love Acqua di Parma products. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the scent/feel/look (they smell, feel, and look amazing imo) or that they were just the icing on the cake at two of my favorite hotels (The Legian, Bali and Principe di Savoia, Milan).

  2. I stay at Park Hyatt Moscow a lot and they have Molton Brown; I have amassed a ton of it and love their bath salts and gels. I would buy those products. I also love Bliss Lemon Sage products at W and have bought the face cleanser at the store. Ferragamo seems to be just regular shampoo with their name on it and I don’t like it. I also laughed at the Duty Free in London, which was SELLING Peter Thomas Roth (the generic looking crap they have at Hilton), which is the cheapest shi**iest product, I wouldn’t even take it if you gave it to me (the lotion is like low end Jergens that sat in a hot car for three summers).

  3. My favorites are: (i) Agraria (found at InterContinental hotels); and (ii) Bulgari (haven’t seen Bulgari at hotels for a while!).

    They have Molton Brown at the Hotel Beaux Arts in Miami. (Off topic: a nice hotel, but you would probably find it “style over substance”, as you like to say).

  4. The Miller Harris products at the Firmdale hotels in London were amazing, though I think they’ve swapped them out for their own brand now. I hoarded those soaps for years.

  5. Can’t believe Aesop didn’t make the list! Far and away my favorite products, as hotel toiletries or otherwise.

  6. I stayed at the most amazing resort in Puerto Morelos, Mexico a couple of years back and they had Bulgari toiletries (Zoetry). I LOVED them. You’d think Bulgari would be too scent-heavy for a beachside resort, but the fragrance was perfect and light. Smelling it just transports me back to that 5 star resort while eating sushi on a beach bed and watching the ocean waves….

  7. Favorites in order:
    1. Savannah Andaz Toiletries – Some local company but great!
    2. Shanghai Tang – See them a lot in US Mandarin Oriental Properties
    3. Aesop – PH Tokyo

    I find Salvatore Feragamo and Bulgari toiletries overrated. But that’s my personal preference.

  8. Miller Harris from the Firmdales are my favorites, sad to go to the store to be told that the soaps and others were exclusive to the hotel and weren’t sold retail (I left with a very, very expensive bottle of shampoo). Molton Brown was the BA toiletry for years, love their products and use in home. Just discovered Hermes toiletries at the Sofitel St.James – closest I will get to owning a Hermes product 🙂
    Good scents instantly transport me back to the hotel/city/experience

  9. Used to love Molton Brown before they reformulated it and the scent is pretty much gone right after the shower. Le Labo and L’Occitane rank high on my list, along with Blaise Martin.

  10. The Churchill Hyatt in London also has Molton Brown, the wife liked it so much I am now having to pay for it, at least she is willing to purchase thru a shopping portal.

  11. Does anyone know a place in the Internet where I can buy Remede toiletries (shipping to europe)? Really loved them at my St. Regis stays.

  12. I use Kiehl’s at home; unsure if they are available in any hotels. Otherwise, Penhaligon’s. I also think the Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas have nice toiletries. And the Four Seasons Maui has really nice products, not L’Occitane that Four Seasons usually has; the name escapes me at the moment.

    I would just like to say that it should be quite obvious to anyone that a blog dedicated to premium travel would be dealing with “first world problems”. I get so tired of seeing that reference here.

  13. Le Labo is the only shampoo / conditioner / bar soap that we have ever been introduced to at a hotel, and then subsequently purchased. Body lotion not so much – we prefer non perfumed for lotion.

    Ben – next time you are in SF, check out their storefront. Wide variety of choices.

    2238 Fillmore Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    You can buy the Tubereuse, by the way…


    Another we have enjoyed, but not purchased outside of a hotel, is Asprey.

  14. The Parker Palm Springs (a Le Meridien property…for now) beats them all. They diversify and give you large-sized bottles to take home: Hermes bar soap, Penhaligon’s shampoo and conditioner, Molton Brown body wash, L’Occitane face soap, Bulgari body lotion. A+++++++.

    Hermes L’Orange Verte is pretty spectacular… I think available at the suite level at some Sofitels, at the Hotel d’Aubusson in Paris, and I think at the Mandarin Oriental in HK?

  15. Salvatore Ferragamo has been in W=A Rome Cavalieri for years now, as were L’Occitane in Sofitels around the world.
    Pullman’s Roger & Gallet are also amazing. 🙂

  16. I flew SQ F last month and they did give us each a ferragamo amenity kit with a bottle of Cologne/perfume. Is this different than the one you are referring to from “back in the day”?

  17. Clarins at the Gran Melia in Rome (probably in other cities too). It took me a few visits to bother even trying it because of the basic packaging, but wow so glad I did!

  18. @Lucky — Nearly all Waldorf Astoria properties supply Ferragamo toiletries, not just the Chicago location you recently visited. For what it’s worth, I think they smell nice, but are otherwise nothing special.

  19. @ David — I didn’t realize they switched back to Salvatore Ferragamo — awesome! In looking at pictures of it, though, it doesn’t seem like it’s the same they used to have. The old kit was much bigger.

  20. Hermes toiletries are my favourite. At sofitel properties
    Molton brown are available at NY palace hotel
    Bulgaria available at
    all luxury collection hotels

  21. I recently flew SQ Suites from SIN to LAX and had the same experience as David. Ferragamo kit with full size cologne. And the new pajamas are much better than the old ones (last flew 777-300ER F in May of 2013).

  22. Aesop all the way… First used them at a Park Hyatt, and now they are the only thing I use at home (shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, face cream, lip chap etc…). GREAT stuff!

  23. Aveda also, but my favorite has to be Korres, which you can mostly find in the Mediterranean at high-end hotels (chains as well).

  24. Aesop without a doubt. I first used their set of toiletries at the Park Hyatt Seoul. They’re terrific and now the only brand I use at home.

  25. I can’t believe Aveda didn’t make the list. I find their fragrance to be very spa like and calm. I am not sure why we see it less in hotels now. Hyatt used to use Aveda in their top end hotels. I remember getting it and always packing leftovers home in Scottsdale USA, Berlin Germany and a few other European Hyatts. My vote is for Aveda.

    Slightly off topic, but for creams amenities on Airlines, I used to appreciate American Airlines Burt Bees products compared to their new brand in the amenity kits.

  26. I tried the Ferragamo “Tuscan Soul” products when I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Park City and didn’t care for them. The smell was too manly and also, the name is so cheesy! I like the Bulgari Au The Blanc products which they had at the Plaza Athenee in Paris and also at the Hotel Raphael in Rome. The St Regis Deer Valley had Remede products which I really enjoyed.

    I remain surprised that Fairmont went with LeLabo’s Rose 31 for all their properties. It is a dirty rose smell which I like in small quantities but I can’t imagine that it appeals to a majority of their customers.

  27. Several years ago I stayed at the Savoy in London, and their selection of toiletries was Cefrio by Floris of London. It is my favorite.I am now able to buy it via post. I am addicted to it as well as some of their other scents.
    Bulgari is my second favorite. I found it on the Silver Sea ships.
    Ferragamo needs to repackage. The scent is nice, but the package looks like something from Howard Johnsons. It also kept slipping through the trays at Casa Marina in Key West.

  28. I have used pretty much all the brands ppl mentioned above.I like the Aesop from Cathay first class product. also, my favotire shampoo was used at JL NRT first class lounge shower room. My hair was sooo smooth felt after washed. Too bad I didn’t know the brand cuz it was labeled on the bottle. I also like Shanghai Tan from Conrad, and Hermes product from MO HK.

  29. Definitely the Bliss at the W. I stay there for that reason. I am sick of Westin White Tea or Sheraton crud. I do like the Peter Thomas Roth at Hilton. I also like Aveda at local Silver Cloud chain. I hope the guy talking about Intercontinental Agraria line is right or I’m going to be in hell at the Intercontinental.

  30. Pleasure to share that Intercontinental Shanghai JiangAn and Intercontinental NECC Shanghai are using Salvatore Ferragamo guests amenities for all their Suites. 🙂

  31. Aromatherapy at Conrad Miami/Singapore

    Refinery /Shanghai Tang were given as an option (through the Conrad app) at Conrad Singapore.

    Salvatore at Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah.

    L’Occitanne at Regent Singapore, Shangri-La Kota Kinabalu.

    Hermes at La Cigale, Doha.

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