*Falls out of chair*

I’m speechless on so many levels right now. Check out this 26+ minute video the AFA created as they prepare for contract negotiations. It’s pure entertainment, for the most part.

Let me start by saying this: United’s labor groups deserve favorable contracts this year, and I’m sure they’ll get them. While United isn’t profitable, they got screwed during bankruptcy and deserve some of their benefits/pay back. I have a feeling management will give in to a certain extent in order to avoid a strike, since employee groups wouldn’t hesitate to strike, it seems.

Anyway, just a few observations from the video:

  • The guy that I had the run-in with last year is in this video at 0:21, 3:18, 16:23, and 19:30. I nearly fell out of my chair!!! If you happen to fly with this guy, beware! Isn’t it nice to be able to legally expose one of United’s worst employees just by pointing to a union video? If any flight attendants are reading this that may know that guy, please send him my best regards. šŸ˜‰
  • I realize this is the first stage of negotiations, but could the AFA be any less realistic when it comes to their demands? Based on the demands they’re rattling off in the video, it seems they want all employees to be compensated like Glenn Tilton. Pick and choose, AFA, pick and choose. You’re not getting everything!
  • I nearly died of laughter starting at around 15 minutes. I’m not sure if they’re trying to point out how some flying experiences are on United or what, but it’s pretty damn funny.
  • The lady that starts talking at around 16:35 freaks me the hell out!
  • I’ve flown with several of the flight attendants in this video. There are some really good flight attendants among them, believe it or not.

Anyway, I was just so shocked to see that guy in the video. Or actually I’m not surprised he’d choose to participate in the video. Oh, and to clarify, when he says he’s willing to do “whatever it takes,” he means do anything except for treat passengers with basicĀ respect.

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  1. Ahhh, should we be surprised by the behavior of these union diehards. After seeing this video and the attitudes demonstrated by these “fantastic/brilliant” unionized employees, I have a suggestion for united. GO BACK INTO CHAPTER 11 AND WEED OUT THIS SCUM.. Too many of these characters remind me of bad FAs/Matrons, and it is not right for the good to be rounded up with the bad. So in the end, UA should reject this scum and hire replacements. There is no excuse for this behavior of UA employees.

    PLUS, UA now has another reason to fire these scum employees.

    Either get on board or abandon ship!!!

  2. This video is a perfect example why Unions time has passed. It’s not a let work together to get the best for both us and the airline, but lets go battle and take as much as we can, damn everyone else.

  3. Well, Ben, I will join you on the floor with the upturned chair. When I read your post last year about your FA experience, it was not altogether unlike an experience I had on UA. I could picture the scenario in your post quite easily, but I “substituted” your guy in my mind with the FA I had experienced as one of the rudest persons I have ever met on or off an airplane. Well, turns out it’s the very same guy!! Beware indeed.

  4. I’ve flown with this guy before too. He was the only FA I recognized in the video. Maybe he’ll be on my flight through DEN this weekend. I will beware.

  5. First off, now that I see the dude from your story, Lucky, I went back and reread it … and I now I can really picture the whole scene! What a jerk.

    I disagree wholeheartedly that unions time have passed. If anything, I predict a resurgence as the need for unions gets stronger. The management of major companies (like UA) continue to treat things as business as usual, running their respective industries into the ground while collecting bonuses and stock options. I don’t blame the unions for having a video like this … though this particular one is a bit weird.

  6. The FA looks familiar, but who knows. Maybe he turned sour when he had to serve Mr. Pillows?

  7. Too funny! I decided to watch the video before reading the time indicies where your favorite FA made his cameo. I knew instantly who it was without looking at the time index at all! He’s just comes off as such an angry human being. He must suffer from some serious stress related health problems.

  8. I watched this video and when they went through the “wording” in the “management’s” letter I couldn’t stop laughing. Frankly it was hilarious how the union is trying to portray the concise and sensible words used in the letter as evil and deceptive. It is a bad sign when I watch the union propaganda video and I still feel like “management” has a far more rational, level, and articulate mindset.

    By the way, are the scenes with the out of control flight attendant woman from a movie, or just made for this video?

  9. You can tell that the FA has a very confrontational personality, eg “Do whatever it takes,” “hold a sign in front of Wacker Drive,” etc… While some of the other FAs have some flair in their comments, he just comes across and cold and unhappy. The occasional bad apple, indeed.

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