Fairmont President’s Club Is Being Discontinued In July 2018

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In late 2015 it was announced that Accor would be acquiring Fairmont, Raffles, And Swissôtel. Accor was interested in acquiring these brands as it would help them increase their footprint in the luxury market, which is an area where Accor historically hasn’t been strong.

Up until now, Le Club Accor and Fairmont President’s Club have been run as separate programs, though we’ve known that eventually the programs will be merged. We now know when that will be happening. It will be business as usual for Fairmont President’s Club through July 1, 2018, and membership will renew as usual on March 1, 2018, based on qualifying activity in 2017. At that point members will receive their annual e-certificates, valid through February 28, 2019.

Then Fairmont President’s Club will be discontinued as of July 2, 2018. At that point, status will be matches to the Le Club Accor program, as follows:

Meanwhile if you have status with both programs, your status will be upgraded as follows:

I’m not a huge fan of the Le Club Accor program, as you basically earn rewards in the form of vouchers that you can use towards stays.

For example, members earn the following number of points for stays at luxury hotels:

  • Classic members earn 25 points per €10
  • Silver members earn 31 points per €10
  • Gold members earn 37 points per €10
  • Platinum members earn 44 points per €10

Then you can redeem 2,000 points for a €40 voucher. In other words, a Classic member would have to spend €800 for a €40 voucher, while a Platinum member would have to spend ~€450 for a €40 voucher.

Accor also doesn’t offer much in the way of guaranteed elite benefits. You get a lot of benefits (upgrades, late check-out, etc.) subject to availability, which is very different than Fairmont, which offered guaranteed upgrades (when using vouchers), etc.

Bottom line

The Fairmont President’s Club is a really great niche loyalty program, and I know a lot of people are going to be sad to see it discontinued. While Fairmont members now have the benefit of having access to more properties, they won’t receive the same generous benefits when staying at Fairmont properties.

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  1. Are there any easy ways to get Accor Silver Status? I stay at Fairmounts enough to get Premier so can get Gold in the merge if I can get Silver with Accor.

  2. So what do you earn between 1/1 and 6/30 since the certs for 2017 will be issued and that is it? You don’t earn Accors points during that time and no more certs to get. Bad times.

  3. It was inevitable. I think the best you can hope for now is getting a free drink when you arrive. Too bad, I was getting attached to staying at Fairmonts.

  4. It was inevitable, we knew it was coming, but still sad to see the FPC program going away. It was very niche, but if you knew how to work it this program provided incredible value. Glad I am able to re-qualify for elite status for the last year when it is on life support.

  5. Lucky,
    Would you know if Angsana and Banyan Tree have also been acquired by Accor?
    Seems they appear in Accor search engine, and have their logos at the list of Accor Family brands.
    The must have happened recently, since i never noticed that.
    Would you know if they are also Le-Club program members?

    2. A review of a nice new Sofitel once in a while won’t hurt you.

  6. Hmmm, I have Platinum with Le Club and for my travels in the Middle East and Asia, I find it fantastic. My room is almost always upgraded, I get free beverage coupons, I am granted access to the club floors which has normally included breakfast in the lounge and the main restaurant plus they leave treats and a nice note in my room. Also, the points awarded per stay are easy to earn and redeem. Not unhappy to say the least.

  7. I think out is a real shame for FPC which had great benefits even for entry Club level members. We’ve had some great stays and I think this merger of programs is an error. I think it will be seen as Accor’s
    pulling down of the Fairmont brand in the luxury market as opposed to Fairmont raising the Accor profile. I’m sure the merger might look good on paper to the uninitiated but those of us who have been the guests of both. I’m only club in FPC and Gold in Accor but have been limited to a half a dozen stays in Fairmonts Singapore and Abu Dhabi due to their presence in Europe. I would prefer if they kept them seperate and I continued to enjoy the Club benefits.

  8. I’m mystified by OMAT’s view of Le Club. I’m based in the US East Coast and am Gold on Le Club (mostly from a few European business trips and vacation). I much prefer the fact that Accor points have a known value ($0.02) and you use them just like cash (in 1,000 point increments) when you complete a booking . They don’t play games with you like the other programs do.
    I also think room upgrades are vastly over-rated since I’m only in my room when I’m sleeping or working on my laptop; so, as long as there is a great bed, a good desk, a coffee maker, and blackout curtains I’m happy.
    I’m waiting for Raffles to be in the program and looking forward to a long weekend there.

  9. Staying at a Fairmont Hotel is like going home, very comfortable and welcoming. As a FPC member and Accor and Intercontinental Member I have always looked to see how to stay at a Fairmont, and I don’t get the same sense of occasion at the Accor – even at the Pullman.

    Given this change to the FPC I will watch and see how the sense of style and class at Fairmont Hotels go over the next year, with the Intercontinental my next (second best) alternative at less value for mo net than the FPC. Thanks for all the great memories and times staying as a FPC member.

  10. Hi Lucky, it must have been a while since you’ve used the program as they no longer issue vouchers and you instead use your points directly at the time of booking (and this has been the main method of redemption for at least the last four years). I’ve been Platinum for three years and while I would say the program is fairly inconsistent, it still has some very positive attributes. In particular they have a fantastic network of hotels in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. I find it surprising that you pay so little attention to Accor given that they are one of the biggest hotel companies in the world. The other point to make is that most people using the program would earn the majority of their points through bonus point promotions which can be quite generous. In the other words the figures you’ve listed above are quite misleading because you will almost certainly be earning a lot more than the base rate. I have about 20,000 points in my account at the moment (worth 400 euro) and probably 80% of these points were earned through bonus point promos. In particular they regularly have a promo where if you stay 2 nights 3 times you earn 6000 points. There is no minimum spend so if you stay at their cheaper hotels you can effectively stay free.

  11. So if you have Fairmont Platinum how do you get Accor Platinum now? Where do you apply? Any advice would be appreciated.

  12. Why buy a successful chain and they start annoying customers?
    I’m fond of the expression “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”
    Too bad. I will be reevaluating my hotel options for something with guaranteed perks.

  13. Today is March 29th 2018 Easter eve in Australia and as a member of FPC since 2008 we are bitterly disappointed at the Accor *take out* of the Fairmont Presidents’ Club. Living in the region, Perth, Western Australia,the Fairmont in Singapore has been our *home from home* and we will certainly register our negative thoughts to the management in Singapore when we next visit July 2018.
    Husband and I will definitely be researching a different hotel for our vacation times in Singapore. Perhaps Fairmont Hotels should realise there is significant choice for this and bad news travels far and wide.

  14. Lady Di,
    our hotel of choice in Singapore was always the Fairmont but recently stayed elsewhere due to recently aquiring status with GHA Discovery and can highly recommend the Pan Pacific Singapore as a worthy alternative if you get the Club rooms. The level of service and accommodation I found to be similar in some areas and exceeded it in others.

  15. Entirely agree … I’ve been FPC Platinum for about a decade, Accor has totally cheapened an iconic brand, and the merger has been nothing short of painful. Thankfully, I’m platinum with Starwood too, the merger with Marriot and it’s evolution into BONVOY has been seamless and pleasant. Au revoir Le Club Accor … Have fun in Eurotrash land!

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