This Hotel Credit Card Is Being Discontinued As Of August 15, 2017

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For a few years Chase issued a co-branded Fairmont Visa Card. It was a bit more niche than some of their other hotel card offerings, like The World of Hyatt Credit Card, IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit CardMarriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card, etc. However, it’s a card that many liked, and it had a great welcome bonus and generous ongoing perks.

Unfortunately they stopped accepting new applications for the card earlier this year. I’m not sure why exactly the card was discontinued. Perhaps it wasn’t popular enough for it to make sense, or perhaps it had to do with Accor’s acquisition of Fairmont.

While Chase stopped accepting new applications for the card, at the time there wasn’t yet any news about what would happen to existing cardmembers.

Well, Chase has now sent out a letter to those with the Fairmont Card, informing them that the card is being discontinued as of August 15, 2017, and will automatically be converted into the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. Members should receive their new card within 6-8 weeks of August 15, and when they do, the card number will remain the same.

Furthermore, unredeemed points earned through the card will be converted into Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which I’d actually consider to be a net positive.

The card has offered an annual free night certificate when you spend $12,000 on the card, so that will be honored through August, but obviously that benefit will be discontinued when the card is converted. For those who haven’t had the card for an entire year, you can earn a free night certificate by spending at least $6,000 by August 14.

Fairmont Maui

The potentially good news here is that if you already have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you should eventually be able to convert this card into another Chase card, like the Chase Freedom FlexSM or Chase Freedom Unlimited®. These are great no annual fee cards that can help you maximize the number of Ultimate Rewards points you earn. Given that they’re subjected to Chase’s 5/24 rule, these are cards that some might not otherwise be eligible for.

To those with the Fairmont Visa Card, how do you feel about this change?

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  1. Lucky – will the conversion be a towards against 5/24? I wouldnt expect it to generate a hard pull, but would the account number/open date transfer on your credit report? Same potential issue for other to be discontinued cards, like Citi Hilton

  2. Yeah, but the $6,000/$12,000 free night expires Feb 28, 2018 instead of 12 months from earning. That is a big thumbs down

  3. “For those who haven’t had the card for an entire year, you can earn a free night certificate by spending at least $6,000 by August 14.”

    Wait so if we’ve had it for more than a year but it won’t be a year for your anniversary can’t you still get the free night at 6k? Was debating trying to get 6k on this to get the free night. I think the worst part of this is losing the status with Fairmont. I loved the 3rd night free cert, suite upgrade, and $50 dining credit each year. Book 4 nights with the Prestige, extend it to a 5th night by adding the 3rd night free cert, and then upgrade the entire thing to a suite using the suite cert. It was a fantastic deal.

  4. Why couldn’t you title it “Fairmont credit card is being discontinued…” I think you usually do a great job with titles but I think it’s fair to put this in the click bait category when you could have easily said “Fairmont” instead of “This”

  5. It is sad , we are allowing business to band together and monopolize the industry.

    We see it in fares, rates , even credit card points value.

    Maybe it is time for the government to break the giants once again, and allow smaller companies to enter the field and compete.

  6. Hmmm … already have a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. I hope they provide a simple way for me to add the credit line of the Fairmont Card to my existing Sapphire card and the Fairmont points to my existing Ultimate Rewards account.

    Will the conversion of Fairmont points to Ultimate Rewards points will be better than 1:1? I have no reason to expect it would be, but can always hope.

  7. There are a few assumptions here. So far it seems that this letter has only been sent to cardholders who have had the card for over a year. I received the card in January and have not received the letter. With government regulation it may not be legal for Chase to product change within the first 12 months. We will see!

    If you read the actual letter that was posted on myFICO, it says that if you have spent $12k by August 14 then you get a free night valid for 1-year. It then says that if you didn’t get the full 12-months in your current cardmember year then you only have to spend $6k before August 14. It does not say first year.

    Unless those of us who got the card in January right before the links were completely pulled get this same letter, then our terms might be different as to when the product change will occur and how we qualify for the free anniversary night.

  8. I have the Fairmont Card but not the Sapphire Preferred. I am assuming that if they convert me, I won’t get the sign up bonus that I would get with a future Sapphire Preferred application. So does that mean I should cancel the Fairmont card now so I don’t get involuntarily converted?

  9. RIP Fairmont card. With the free nights and the benefits of status, we were paid to stay in Maui for 4 nights. Doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

    We now need a good replacement card for free nights at the Fairmont properties.

  10. I have a Sapphire Reserve. I also have a Chase Freedom card. What’s the deal with the Freedom unlimited? I don’t want the Sapphire Preferred without getting the bonus.

    I really like the Fairmont Card. Just went to Barbados and stayed 9 nights at the Fairmont Pavilion. What a fantastic place. Unbelievable beach. I’m going to Singapore in the fall. I had plans for this card. Really disappointed. The Sapphire Preferred is nowhere as good as the the Reserve. I’ll have at least 22,000 Fairmont rewards by August; probably will have to do something so I can keep those points, but don’t really want the Sapphire Reserve without the bonus points.

    Where’s that Accor credit card? Fairmont got bought out by them; perhaps they have something planned for 2018? Meh. I really like the Fairmont hotels.

    Oh, and that Fairmont in Maui, the Kai Lani; stayed there last year and that was also awesome. Not as intimate as the Barbados hotel, but loved the Maui property.

  11. I got my fairmont card in Jan 2017 and I received the same letter with the same language from Chase.

  12. Accor does not like credit cards with tha accor name on it.

    Accor has closed all the credit card in all markets.

  13. It would be great to redeem the certificate at their best properties like the Savoy London.

  14. What would happen if you complete the $6000 in spending by August 15, but your annual fee is charged around Sept 1 and cancel the card to avoid the fee, will the free night still be credited to my account?

  15. In my view the Fairmont card was a great value. A night at the Plaza or the Savoy could easily be worth a thousand or more dollars. It just enhanced the perks of my platinum status which I have had for years. When the President’s Club was initiated the benefits included a suite on every stay, $25 dining credit, free drink, health club, a welcome amenity , AAdvantage miles and shoe shine service. Periodically they would do promotions for miles, a bathrobe or dining credit for referrals and there was no limit on the referrals. Those perks were incredible.

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