Even royalty gets compensated for bad flights…

William and Kate (I’m not good with formal titles, sorry!) were flying back from Los Angeles to London on British Airways a couple of nights ago in first class, when their in-flight entertainment system wasn’t working.

Customers were offered the choice between frequent flyer miles or a duty free voucher. William and Kate each received a $300 duty free voucher.

Interesting, I would have thought they were trying to build miles towards their next free (heavily fuel surcharged) ticket…

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  1. Well at least BA can tell people even when they aren’t at their best, at least one can sleep like a princess in first class.

  2. My first thought was “didn’t they learn ANYTHING at university? They should have taken the miles!”

  3. For BA F, they should have been given a minimum of Ā£500; otherwise, maybe VS is the way to go next time.

  4. Why would they want miles? It was the British taxpayers that paid for their tickets anyway! If taxpayers don’t pay for a trip then the palace pays for it.

  5. I was on the same BA flight LAX – LHR a week before and our entertainment system wasn’t working either. It only worked half way thru the 10 hour journey but we weren’t offered anything. i would have gladly accepted some free miles! boohoo šŸ™

  6. 1) What are you doing reading People? [I say having blogged TMZ last week on the Octomom’s transcon]

    2) They don’t say HOW MANY miles. Perhaps they’re savvier than you think, I mean BA might not have been offering that many…

  7. @ John — It was a joke!

    @ LA Backpacker Chick — I would write BA, you should be given some compensation for no IFE.

    @ Gary — LOL!

  8. me too! I can’t believe they don’t have their own plane. They’re not keeping up with the royal Joneses.

  9. @LA Backpacker Chick – Their flight was actually 10th July. I was on it too. BA posted me Ā£30 of duty free vouchers because I gave an AAdvantage number, but I asked for that to be revoked in favour of BAEC miles.

    You should be able to do the same

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