Emirates Adds Second Daily Flight To London Stansted

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In June 2018, Emirates launched daily flights between Dubai and London Stansted. This represented their 10th daily flight to London (between Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted).

I guess it’s safe to assume this route has been a success, as Emirates will be adding a second daily flight between Dubai and London Stansted as of July 1, 2019. This means Emirates passengers will have access to 11 daily flights to London.

Emirates’ new flight to London Stansted will operate with the following schedule:

EK67 Dubai to London departing 2:15PM arriving 6:45PM
EK68 London to Dubai departing 9:10PM arriving 7:10AM (+1 day)

For what it’s worth, Emirates’ existing daily flight to Stansted operates with the following schedule:

EK65 Dubai to London departing 9:00AM arriving 1:30PM
EK66 London to Dubai departing 3:00PM arriving 1:05AM (+1 day)

Much like the other daily flight to Stansted, this flight will be operated by a 777-300ER featuring Emirates’ brand new cabins. These two flights are Emirates’ only flights to London airports that aren’t operated by the A380.

They’ll be using a 777-300ER featuring their brand new cabins, including six first class suites, 42 business class seats, and 306 economy seats.

Emirates’ new 777-300ER first class

Emirates’ new 777-300ER business class

This new flight is now bookable, for those who are interested.

Bottom line

The degree to which Emirates is able to scale their route network and make it work leaves me in constant amazement. With this addition, the airline will offer 11 daily flights to London, nine of which are operated by A380s, and two of which are operated by 777-300ERs.

While Stansted is an airport mostly used by ultra low cost carriers, it does have a location that some prefer, so it’s a great option to have in addition to Heathrow and Gatwick.

Furthermore, for those looking for the best product in first class, it’s absolutely worth seeking out this flight to try the new first class (in business class you’ll still have a better experience on the A380).

Has anyone taken this new Emirates flight to Stansted yet?

  1. I’m actually surprised more long-haul flights don’t use Stansted – it’s perfectly situated for financial services companies in The City (direct railway transport to Liverpool Street), and for Cambridge, the main city for “Silicon Fen” and its high-tech/ research-based companies. There are direct trains from Stansted to Cambridge and Norwich (among other things Norwich is Europe’s big agro-science centre). I’d have thought a couple of daily NY flights could be made to work from STN, too.

    Stansted was originally conceived as a prestigious alternative to Heathrow (hence the rather grand terminal architecture by Norman Foster), though most legacy airlines preferred to stay at LHR (which in those far-off days was less slot-constrained), so STN reinvented itself as a low-cost hub.

  2. Really excited to see this news. I regularly use all London airports (except Luton) and agree that Stansted’s location is fantastic and transport links are great. The only reason I would perhaps sway to LHR on a DXB flight would be to fly the A380.

  3. Ben, is there a better chance to redeem Skywards miles on upgrades on these routes (I have found it impossible on other ones)?

  4. Have flown this route 9 times now its only a few miles from my home.
    Its a shame they have only the crushed Biz on this plane but First is wonderful
    I think you got the flights a little mixed, curently it is

    DXB d0900
    STN d2100
    It sits on the ground from lunchtime to early evening.

    Unfortunately STN has the worst lounge on the planet, I try to avoid but sometimes you have issues due to the fast track being shut early.

  5. Nice Paul,

    Maxjet used to fly its all-business 757’s to various US airports from Stansted up to about a decade ago. They went bankrupt, sadly

  6. It’s not really a flight to London it’s a flight to the east of England. Stanstead is more convenient than Heathrow, Birmingham or Manchester for vast swathes of the country and millions of people.

  7. @Tom – Maxjet flew B767s from STN but they went tech a lot and then the financial crisis saw their demise. Eos flew B757’s from STN transatlantic but also failed.

    @Seat 54. Rumour has it Emirates will open their own lounge soon at STN, justified by the second daily flight.

    @Ed. It’s Stansted not Stanstead. Common mistake!

    @The Nice Paul. They had transatlantic recently with Primera but that didn’t last long and they went bust. Rumour has it Jet Blue will announce a new route to STN soon.

    @Lucky. Current schedule is:-

    EK33 0930 DXB – 1405 STN
    EK34 2015 STN – 0710 DXB

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