EL AL’s New Safety Video, Featuring A Mentalist

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I recently flew EL AL for the first time, and thought they had a really cute safety video, with over-the-top animations of the crew. What I hadn’t realized is that EL AL just introduced a new safety video a few weeks ago, and it’s pretty awesome.

The video features mentalist Lior Suchard, who does some cool stuff that kept me interested throughout the video (and yes, he guessed “my” card right). What’s especially interesting is that no special effects or edits were used in the video, which is to say that everything happened exactly as you see it. To me that makes it even more impressive.

Here’s the new safety video:

And here’s a behind the scenes look at how they filmed it:

The past several years airlines have put an increased emphasis on their safety videos, which serves two purposes. First of all, the more they can capture peoples’ attention, the more likely people are to watch the videos, which is good for safety. Second of all, a good safety video can be used as a marketing tool.

So we’ve seen all kinds of creative safety videos. Some airlines, like Air New Zealand, focus on humor.

Other airlines, like Oman Air, Philippine Airlines, and Qantas, focus on promoting their country.

The challenge for airlines is that they want to make the safety videos captivating without making them too long, and without making them too unbearable for frequent flyers. There are some videos that are awesome to see the first time, while they likely drive frequent flyers nuts.

In that regard, I think EL AL did an exceptional job. The video is quick, at under 3min30sec, and I don’t think it would get too annoying for frequent flyers. On the other end of the spectrum, I think British Airways’ video is hilarious, but I imagine it would get boring pretty quickly for frequent flyers.

What do you make of EL AL’s new safety video?

  1. It’s nice, not anything that special though so I thought. Funny that this mentalist (Lior Sushard) was in the news here in Israel a week ago since he tried to get our PM Netanyahu to play along with a ‘mind trick’ during a public conference, but Netanyahu didn’t want to play along…He’s not what you would call ‘a fun guy’.

  2. Following the ANA incident from LAX when the flight turned back , how is this even possible ?! Security was clearly lacking in any way or form.
    What if the flight had been full ?
    She probably did the authorities a big favour by showing how careless they were

    Not only should she show a boarding card which has to be scanned by the TSA prior to going airside , she would also have to show a boarding card which needed to be scanned at the gate

    A total failure by not only the TSA but Swissport ( who handle BA)

  3. He didn’t guess my card. But I can see how he guessed most people’s card because he flipped it so fast to almost see except one card was flipped slower.

    The Virgin America video (not shown here) is stylish but bad because it is difficult to hear to singing so one must depend on subtitles. Videos should clearly have 3 methods of communication (voice, reading, pictures), all of whom are understandable by themselves.

  4. Love the ANZ Betty White video. And yep, very deliberately showed 7hearts the longest so no real skill there…

  5. Lucky how have you not posted about

    1) the turkish airplane almost made it into the sea

    2) the american lady that SNEAKED INTO a flight to London

  6. The video reminded me of a mid September 2015 jetBlue flight from JFK to SFO. I was standing in the aisle just behind the Mint cabin when out pops David Blaine — yes that David Blaine — who performed an illusion that starts off in the same way as Lior does, but then gets much more intricate and amazing. Short version, he asks you to remember a card and after several sleights of hand pulls that card (now folded) out from underneath your watch.
    I was online (thanks jetBlue for all that great free wifi) and told my hubby about the illusion. He responded just make sure he doesn’t make the plane disappear:-)

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