EgyptAir 737 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Update: Read my full EgyptAir Business Class 737 Vienna To Cairo review.

Hello from Cairo! Yesterday I flew EgyptAir from Vienna to Cairo, to position for my Oman Air first class ticket from Cairo to London. While EgyptAir’s 737 business class might not be the most aspirational product, it sure was practical for where I needed to go, and I also figured it was generally a useful product to try, given how many places EgyptAir flies.

EgyptAir’s 737 business class cabin is huge. This configuration had 24 seats, spread across six rows in a 2-2 configuration (sorry for not getting a full cabin picture, but EgyptAir has “security officers” on flights, so I tried to fly under the radar as much as possible).

The cabin sure felt dated to me, which is sad, given that this 737 was only about five years old. On the plus side, legroom was excellent, significantly better than what you’d find on a US carrier’s 737. Each seat had a footrest, though they had to be raised manually, and mine didn’t stay up. There were also personal televisions at every business class seat.

Before takeoff bottled water, juice, and headsets were distributed.

The meal service on this three hour flight was pretty good. First I was served a tray with a salad, appetizer, cheese course, and bread.

Then later a cart was rolled down the aisle with two main course choices. I selected the chicken. While I liked the sauce and veggies it came with, the chicken itself was quite tough.

EgyptAir didn’t have sparkling water, so I instead had club soda to drink.

Then for dessert there was an apple streusel and the choice of coffee or tea.

As far as the inflight service goes, the two ladies working business class were alright — they never smiled and didn’t do anything to go above and beyond, but they went through the motions, and weren’t rude, so…

There are two other interesting things I wanted to mention about the flight. First of all, we took off halfway through the safety video. I’ve had situations where we took off maybe a few seconds before the safety video finished, but in this case it was about two minutes after takeoff before the safety demo was done.

Second of all, the flight had two security officers, which I think is standard on EgyptAir. They checked boarding passes at the door, though it didn’t seem like they did anything else. What impressed me most is that they were both seated in economy the whole flight. I was expecting they’d take open business class seats (the cabin was only half full) and have the crew serve them, but they didn’t. Is the airline cracking down, or how did that happen?

The flight was quick and we landed in Cairo on-time, so it was an all-around pleasant enough experience.

What I do have complaints about, however, is my Cairo transit experience. I have never had such an infuriating six hour layover. I almost missed my connection, and that’s despite spending the entire six hours trying to do nothing but get onto my connecting flight. I’ll save that for another installment, but I think I may avoid Cairo for a while now…

I’m usually a very calm person, but I had to do some deep breathing exercises to not lose it.

Bottom line

EgyptAir’s 737 business class was a perfectly comfortable and no frills way to fly from Vienna to Cairo. The seats are spacious for a regional aircraft, the food was quite good, and the service was acceptable. If EgyptAir has the most convenient routing for your flight, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them (and I’ve also had a decent experience on their 777).

If you’ve flown EgyptAir’s 737 business class, what was your experience like?

  1. F.Y.I, you said in the last paragraph that you flew from Cairo to Vienna. Isn’t it the other way around?

  2. Cairo airport is brutal, yeah. Trying to find an Uber there was awful – no one wanted to help, and the only people who spoke English were the cabbies who were happy to follow you around as you looked for the Uber while reminding you that “Uber isn’t allowed here.”

    I remember that after having to cancel 2-3 Ubers, we dropped a pin in the parking lot and dragged our bags down there so that we could ultimately get our Uber.

  3. Careem is your friend in Cairo. They are a similar riding sharing service and they allow you to schedule your ride, and my driver met me in the departures hall exit with a sign.
    Before I found my driver, I had taxi drivers all over me as I was getting money out of the ATM and trying to get out of the airport.

  4. “EgyptAir’s 737 business class was a perfectly comfortable and no frills way to fly from Vienna to Cairo.”

    No frills would be a way to describe flying in economy…

  5. Transiting ‘airside’ from de Star Alliance Terminal to the new terminal Oman Air uses, is time consuming and extremely frustrating. We also almost missed our Etihad flight (despite having 4 hours in between). Bags never made it.

  6. @FNT Delta Diamond I flew EgyptAir MUC-CAI last September and I purchased some minis in duty free in MUC to bring on board. I showed them to the FA and she had no problem with my mixing my own cocktails.

  7. @Lucky, interesting on the safety briefing. A few years ago on a late night, short hop, WN flight the attendants literally forgot to do the briefing and did a quick one about 5 minutes after we were airborne. I always wondered what the consequence of that was as I assume it’s an FAA infraction of some kind that must be reported.

  8. We flew VIE-CAI a day before you did and had a choice of chicken, lamb, or fish. The lamb was vey good, and tender. The worst part of the experience was the terrible Austrian business lounge in Vienna: no food after 2pm, other than mediocre soup! And of course insufficient outlets. Cairo airport was easy, they had a bus for the business class only, there is an express line at immigration for business class, our bags were already there, as was the driver from outer hotel ($14). And Cairo is a delight.

  9. 1) The security guys have been sitting in the back for about a year now.
    2) 4 of my last 5 flights have taken off before the safety video is done.
    3) Because a particular blogger wrote extensively about their non-standard transit experience at Cairo, the airport authority clamped down on that. Now it’s just quicker to enter the country, walk across to your new flight, then leave. If you know you’re going to be transiting there, purchase a few arrival visas at the same time and keep them in your pocket for the future.

  10. CAI arrivals is one of the very few airports to offer *Gold express lane ( it’s quite handy when staying at LeM; you can be through and on the walkway to the hotel in a couple of minutes; the other terminal a different matter entirely, sadly).
    I take these EgyptAir flights fairly often ( FCO, VIE,CDG, AMS,MUC…all have nice timings for early/mid evening arrivals). J is a waste of money; Y is fine IMO.

  11. Why did it impress you that they sat in economy? What difference would it have made to your experience if you knew staff were seated in your cabin?

  12. I wouldn’t fly them for free. CAI is a hellish experience. All in all flying MS and CAI is usually a chaotic experience. I really do worry about my safety when flying Egyptair.

  13. I wouldn’t fly them while the Egyptian Government is persecuting gay people (and everyone really)…

  14. @Erik
    As far as I’m aware, club soda is a specific type of sparkling water. Sparkling water is the catch-all term which includes mineral water (which is naturally carbonated), seltzer (which is plain water artificially carbonated) and club soda (which is mineralized water artificially carbonated).

  15. I know most of you are flying for business. The price of the business tickets are company expense. But I am on my own. I fly about 3 times a year. I had been flying business class for the last 20 plus years. The price of a business class ticket has gone up so much I practically can’t afford it anymore. I go from Dallas to Hong Kong 2 times a year and Dallas to Europe once a year. Any ways to get a decent price for a ticket instead of 7K plus?

  16. @Zymm @Erik Very close but one minor correction – club soda is seltzer that typically has added potassium bicarbonate or potassium sulfate for flavor purposes.

    Sparking mineral water has natural minerals because it is sourced from a spring. Most are naturally bubbly, although Pelligrino artificially adds bubbles.

    Tonic water is seltzer with quinine added which gives it a bitter taste. It was originally developed to prevent malaria, but now has less overall quinine and isn’t used for Malaria (that I’m aware). It has calories, unlike most other kinds of sparking waters.

  17. Thanks for the answer , but can you name a mineral water that Comes out of the well carbonated and/or with bubbles ?

  18. Lucky, you didn’t have an “Apple Streusel”, rather you had an “Apple Strudel” – Streusel means “crumble”… 😉

  19. I flew FRA-CAI-FRA ( “Transit” CAI-JNB-CAI ) in BUSSINES last APRIL 2018.
    MS use the new 737-800 NG on this route. Only 4 rows in BUSINESS ( 2 – 2 configuration ).
    Good and comprehensive IFE ( “retractable” screen ). Good food and service on my flight. “Dry Airline” ! On both flights was a SKY MARSHAL sitting in BUSINESS CLASS ( “and one more in ECO” ). If you compare the PRODUCT with LH ( FRA-CAI / A321 ), MS is much better due to the
    “real” BUSINESS SEAT on this medium haul flight .

    Transit in CAI ( Lounge etc. ) not so nice….

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