EDITION Opening 8 New Hotels By 2022

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EDITION has today provided an update on the opening schedules for new hotels, which I think are worth covering, given how many are in the pipeline, and since I’m pretty excited about some of these.

What are EDITION hotels?

Stylistically EDITION is probably my favorite Marriott hotel brand. For those of you not familiar with EDITION, think of it like a modern take on Ritz-Carlton. It’s definitely targeted at a younger crowd, and I love the understated design of the hotels.

EDITION currently has 11 properties. The brand is still new, as the first EDITION was opened in 2013, and as of now there are properties in the Americas (Miami Beach, New York, West Hollywood), Europe (Bodrum, Barcelona, and London), and Asia (Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Shanghai, and Tokyo). Personally I think the Bodrum EDITION is worth calling out, as it’s one of my favorite hotels in the world.

It’s great to be able to redeem points at these hotels, though one downside is that Marriott Bonvoy perks are limited at these hotels, much like at Ritz-Carlton — Bonvoy Platinum members and above don’t get free breakfast, and suite night awards can’t be redeemed at these properties.


The EDITION hotels opening in 2021 & 2022

While we knew that all of these hotels were in the pipeline, EDITION has provided an updated timeline on eight upcoming hotel openings. By the end of 2022, EDITION’s portfolio could nearly double with the opening of eight new properties.

Now, to help manage expectations:

  • I’d be shocked if these hotels all actually open with the stated timeline, and I’d expect some to at least slip to 2023
  • Projects sometimes run into financial hardships, and sometimes hotels are rebranded at the last minute, so I wouldn’t count on all of these definitely becoming a reality

The Rome EDITION will open in late 2021

That being said, here’s the order in which upcoming EDITION properties will allegedly open:

  • The Reykjavik EDITION will open in mid 2021
  • The Rome EDITION will open in late 2021
  • The Tokyo Ginza EDITION will open in late 2021
  • The Dubai EDITION will open in late 2021
  • The Madrid EDITION will open in early 2022
  • The Tampa EDITION will open in early 2022
  • The Riviera Maya at Kanai EDITION will open in mid 2022
  • The Doha EDITION will open in late 2022

The Dubai EDITION will open in late 2021

As you can see, four properties are scheduled to be opened in 2021, and four are scheduled to be open in 2022. Beyond 2022 there are plans for EDITION properties in Las Vegas, Nashville, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

The EDITION hotels I’m most excited about

I figured I’d briefly share the upcoming EDITION properties I’m most excited about:

  • I can’t wait for the Tampa EDITION, given that Tampa is where my family is, and this will be the only five star hotel in the city
  • The Reykjavik EDITION will be a cool option in Iceland, given that the city otherwise doesn’t have many luxury hotels (not that you go to Reykjavik for luxury hotels)
  • The Riviera Maya EDITION could be exciting, as someone who lives in Miami, given what a short flight it is to Cancun; Los Cabos is so much better of a hotel market than Riviera Maya, so it’ll be nice to have an actual luxury points hotel in this area (the Andaz Mayakoba is fairly nice, but I wouldn’t call it luxury)

The Reykjavik EDITION will open in mid 2021

The other properties I’m less excited about. Why? Because Doha, Dubai, Madrid, Rome, and Tokyo, all already have endless good luxury hotel options. While I could see myself staying at one of the properties eventually, they’re nothing to get too excited about, in my opinion, given the options.

Of course maybe these hotels will really impress when they open and one or two will stand out as exceptional, but it’s too early to know for sure.

I’d much rather stay at a brand that recognizes all elite perks in those markets.

Bottom line

Luxury Marriott brand EDITION plans to open eight hotels by the end of 2022, which is some impressive growth for this young and small group. In spite of the lack of full Bonvoy perks, I’ve had great experiences at the EDITION properties I’ve stayed at, and am particularly excited about hotels in Reykjavik, Riviera Maya, and Tampa.

Are there any upcoming EDITION properties you’re particularly excited about?

  1. This is arguably the most worthless Marriott brand besides Design Hotels and the vacation/timeshare brands. I will take a St Regis or Luxury Collection over Edition any day. It will be interesting to see whether Marriott is managing all of these Edition properties or whether the owner/franchisee is allowed to manage it or hire a third-party management company. Historically, Marriott managed almost all upscale brands but even Ritz-Carlton is being operated by some franchisees now. Think Kuala Lumpur with YTL, which will presumably own and operate the Edition. Marriott’s biggest problem is not that it doesn’t all own most of it hotels these days. Rather, Marriott‘s biggest problem is that it no longer operates most of its hotels, especially the upscale brands. There is no consistency because Marriott doesn’t manage its properties. As if it wasn’t bad enough, it doesn’t enforce brand standards or consistency any longer. At least any standards that are pro-customer.

  2. Sadly, there’s only 10 Editions by my count. The Edition Times Square has closed permanently.

  3. I find it hard to be excited about a hotel brand that doesn’t recognize status. If I wanted that, I’d go FHR to get those benefits and roll with Four Seasons.

  4. There are only 10 EDITIONs currently, since the Times Sq one is closed and now in foreclosure proceedings, leaving just the one on Madison Ave in NY.

  5. I am much less excited about Edition hotels then you are. Without my Platinum benefits and the generally high price point I have not gone out of my way to stay at these hotels.

    Sure it’s fine to use points, but points aren’t free. Even if you value a Marriott point at .5 or .6. These hotels can cost $400-$600 a night and without good benefits I am not too excited

  6. Disagree with FNT. The Edition is a younger, more modern luxury brand. It’s a like a hip version of the Ritz Carlton. W hotels used to occupy this space to some extent but is now tired and no longer hip anymore.

  7. @FNT Delta Diamond – to your comment about it being the most worthless brand; EDITION’s popularity would say otherwise (hence this expansion). I have stayed at two and the service was much better than any I’ve received at the other brands you mention. They are also relatively new so they feel fresh and clean. At both of my stays, the hotels were completely full and I’ve yet to meet someone who did not have an enjoyable stay.

    The rest of your arguments have a lot of validity, but EDITION is clearly being managed well so far.

    As other’s noted, Times Square closed (I believe it’s the most expensive hotel building ever sold – talk about a loss).

  8. @Peter and @Omar:
    I never said Edition didn’t cater toward a younger demographic than Ritz-Carlton. I don’t think Edition and W are a fair comparison. Edition is more upscale than W. W was always intended to be a boutique-inspired, postmodern/contemporary Westin. Edition’s older sibling equivalent is Ritz-Carlton or St. Regis. I would actually put it closer to St. Regis because I think the design element of Edition is more considered and upscale than Ritz-Carlton, just like St. Regis. There are lots of very old and tired Ritz-Carlton properties with design barely improved from a nice Marriott or J.W. Marriott. By contrast, there are few old and tired St. Regis properties even if the design or decor is more traditional. I think most people who stay at these brands would appreciate shabby chic over cheap and old. Think the St. Thomas and San Juan Ritz-Carltons before the 2017 hurricanes or the Sarasota Ritz-Carlton today. These were and are dumpy old and tired properties. 

    As for @Peter’s comment about popularity. If Edition were popular there would be far more than 10 or so properties. We would be at a couple dozen already. The reality is in many markets there just isn’t the demand for yet another luxury hotel, especially with rising labor costs. There’s a reason why these new properties are mostly outside North America and Western Europe. Iceland and Italy are exceptions. But Italy has cheap labor costs and Iceland has a captive market since there are no comparable full-service luxury properties. In North America and Western Europe, hotel owners and developers want limited-service properties, especially in this post-covid stage when they need to cut costs.

  9. @DTWNNYC @A

    The Times Square EDITION appears to be reopened, actually – Marriott is showing it as available for booking next month.

  10. @FNT well seeing as the brand was only founded in 2013/14, no, we shouldn’t be at a couple dozen already. There’s also been no growth for the past year for obvious reasons. I think anyone would be highly skeptical of a luxury brand that expanded that quickly… Neither you nor I are behind the scenes there (I think that’s safe to assume), and I’m sure there is more to the story/reasoning that we do not know.

    As for your line about having properties mostly outside of North America as if that’s supposed to detract from the quality, well that’s just ludicrous. Not arguing that the labor is cheaper, but that doesn’t diminish the quality. Tons of luxury brands operate primarily outside of North America; Aman, Peninsula, Rocco Forte, Belmond, on and on and on; and I don’t think you’d complain about the quality of those. The reviews of the hotels speak for themselves. Not sure why you are so negative about them, especially when it seems as though you have yet to stay at an EDITION. Go experience one… Yes they “cater to a younger crowd,” but I actually found the guests to be a good mix of 30’s – 60’s during both of my stays.

    I echo your sentiments about RC and SR, but I don’t think either are a good comparison to EDITION. They really are their own niche.

  11. Can we use Marriott Suite Night Awards
    Otherwise how can we as loyal customers to Marriott Bonvoy use suites for Edition property stays

  12. We use our week reward with Marriott at the Bodrum Edition in Turkey. Even though it was an excellent propert and we even had a steam room within our room, I am done with Marriott hotels… Used my points and Happily say goodbye to it all. The good old days like they used to be with Marriott is a flash in the past.

  13. I WAS looking forward to a few extra EDITION hotels opening up in the places I was thinking of going to next year… Now, not so much.

    At least EDITIONs are more useful addition as a brand than BVLGARI which just mooches off Marriott’s booking engine and offers Bonvoy members just an expensive (overpriced?) hotel room and no elite benefits in return (no point earnings/redemptions, no status recognition).

  14. I agree with FNT Delta Diamond – I really don’t get the appeal of the Edition hotels. The rooms are sparsely furnished and look more like a mid-market Aloft or Element than a 5 star hotel. It seems the Edition is focused on lavish F&B outlets and common areas at the expense of comfortable rooms – which could make sense in a resort style setting like Bodrum. But in a city hotel, it just means you have a small and bland room with expensive restaurants on-site that don’t compete well with myriad dining and drinking options beyond the property.

    However, I do like the Le Labo toiletries and the bathrooms are generally nicer than average.

    I also do not care for the lack of Marriott status benefits at Edition or Ritz-Carlton and would always choose St. Regis or Luxury Collection if available for this reason.

    That said, I am excited to learn of the Reykjavik Edition just given the lack of other higher end points hotels in Iceland.

  15. Agree with @Taylor. Never understood the appeal of EDITION hotels. They seem better for people to just go and grab dinner or a drink at than to actually stay in. The rooms don’t look upscale at all.

  16. Really? You like the Edition brand. I don’t agree. St Regis, Ritz, and even many JW Marriott properties are more luxurious. Edition may have luxury decor but the benefits do not define it as a luxury hotel and the staff are often rude/obnoxious and snobby with similar pricing to these other brands.

  17. @Lucky

    Oh so frustrating, these tech things.

    Have tried to reach out out for venue advice for an an event I need to plan in Miami.

    As countries slowly reopen, we’re trying to work on strategies and events, and you have insights.

  18. Ever since I read your horrid NYC EDITION hotel review I avoid it like the plague. seems cold, expensive beyond reason, and lacking personality. idk man…..

    btw for clarity ur review was great as usual, what was horrid was the hotel itself from what you described.

  19. Technically Bodrum is in Asia, much like most of Turkey.

    (not that you go to Reykjavik for luxury hotels) – who goes to Tampa for luxury hotels?

  20. I have stayed at only one Edition and liked it ((NY, Madison Square) but more for its wonderful location and generally fresh/modern public spaces than for my accommodations. My room was very small, even by NYC standards, and furnished way too minimally for my liking. And, as many others have stated, no recognition of status is a huge negative. By contrast I have stayed at the Chatwal 3 times. For each stay I was upgraded to a much larger room and offered a daily full breakfast in their wonderful dining room, The Lambs Club. I can still remember my beautifully presented poached eggs breakfast served in front of the roaring fireplace gifted by Stanford White. IMO these added benefits make the NYC choice easy for me: the Chatwal over the Edition every time. I would apply the same calculus to the other Edition hotels. If there is a great Marriott branded property in a desirable location with benefits recognition available, then that hotel will get my vote most every time. If not, then the Edition would certainly get a look over but may get a pass if I get a sense the rooms are similarly sized and furnished as the NYC hotel. And, as to Ritz Carltons, they certainly can be a hit or miss. But some properties do allow you to use points to upgrade to the Club level. I know for a fact that both the hotels in Tokyo and Vienna permit this. And when that benefit is available, this brand can also provide both a great experience and enhanced value.

  21. What is the justification for a new brand not honoring the breakfast benefit? I get it for an existing brand that may have agreements in place. But why would Marriott want to continue this confusion and dishonoring of loyalty status?

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