Must-See Documentary About New EasyJet Pilots

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I love when major networks do documentaries about aviation, no matter what area of aviation they cover. I think I’ve seen every single episode of Air Crash Investigation. But I also love shows that give you an inside look into airline operations.

ITV in the UK has a series at the moment called “EasyJet: Inside The Cockpit.” The series gives you an awesome inside look into how pilot training works at EasyJet in a variety of ways.

The documentary covers everything from their initial ground training, to their simulator training, to their training in actual A320s before they have passengers, to their first flights with passengers. I don’t have a very long attention span for TV, but I watched both of the first episodes back-to-back.

I imagine there will be more episodes coming, but so far here are two episodes for those interested:

Most interesting to me was seeing the trainee pilots all pile into an Airbus to practice their landings. It’s especially cool that one of them was only 20. I also enjoyed seeing Cornelius on his first day flying passengers.

If you’re an aviation geek and have 1-2 hours, I’d highly recommend watching the first couple of episodes.

Anyone else love this series as much as I do?

  1. I also love these types of documentaries/TV shows, including this one. There are quite a few great documentaries (in German) on youtube about Lufthansa pilots and flight attendants operating different flights around the world which I have found very interesting. There are also several good airport documentaries, including Ultimate Airport Dubai, Inside Frankfurt Airport (in which you were featured in one of the episodes!), etc. One airport documentary I have been watching on TV recently is “Airport: Below Zero” showing the airport operations of Edmonton Airport. Sadly I don’t think it is on youtube and I think it is only on the Canadian history channel.

  2. This was long due, ever since BA started a series where they specifically mentioned EasyJet as one of their competitors for travel within Europe. A Very British Airline – British Airways, give it a try too!

  3. You’re right, fantastic! I love the earnestness and unbridled, youthful enthusia, of these kids! The narrator is the same guy who does lot of the Emirates interviews and voice overs for ICE. Billy something, I think.

  4. A very interesting show.

    The only thing I will say, is that the “sensationalisation” is a bit cringe worthy…

    “I didn’t think it would be this big in real life”… says one of the trainees as he walks towards the A320. You are training to become a pilot and did not realise how big an A320 is? Should we be concerned about your knowledge?

  5. Hi Lucky – I love your articles, but I do think you are generally quite downbeat on all things British (this TV show a possible exception). I also recall Tiffany writing a detailed article about Brexit and travel, which suggested a number of negative implications (most of which have never materialised with the exception of the exchange rate – perhaps they will). Thoughts? I agree with most of your constructive comments on British Airways. Thank you for your articles which I read most days!

  6. I don`t miss a single episode of Air Crash Investigations, some dramatizations are so fake, but the last episodes are more real and habe better visual effects. Get me a job in your blog, I really enjoy to read about inflight food&wines. Try watch “a very british airline” by BBC.

  7. Not only I enjoyed both parts of this series, especially the “baby steps” of the 20 year old Ryan, but also my friend now claims, she’s no longer afraid to fly (well, we’ll see about the later soon).

  8. I’m sure I saw on Sky Q the third episode being aired on 11th Sep?? It didn’t record and is not on demand. Anyone know what happened to it?

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