I Earned 82,285 Avios For Joining A Dating Website!

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As I wrote about earlier (and as discovered by Frequent Miler), British Airways’ online shopping portal is offering double Avios on purchases this weekend. This includes dating sites. The best of those is match.com, which is offering 150 Avios per dollar spent. That’s an insane deal, and an opportunity to buy Avios for 0.67 cents each.


So, even though I’m happily in a relationship, I have my priorities in order — I refuse to turn down points at that rate!

I figured I’d outline the process, so you can do this too. For me the entire process took just 15 minutes, and that included taking screenshots, filling out my profile, etc.

To take advantage of this offer you’ll first want to go to this page, where you’ll be prompted to log in with your Executive Club number. Make sure the page says that you earn 150 Avios per dollar (since this promotion could be updated at any time), and I also highly recommend taking screenshots of the offer page and your confirmation page, just in case there are issues later.

Then you’ll be transferred over to match.com.


Then you’ll be asked to fill out basic information and choose a username. I figured I might as well stay true to the theme with my username.


Then you’re asked to fill out all kinds of information about yourself.


The good news is that you can skip most of these questions, and leave them open. The exception is the page that asks you to write about what you’re looking for.


So the entire process should take about 10 minutes up until this point, and then you’ll be brought to your account homepage. This is also where you can register for a paid plan.

If you go with a 12 month bundled plan, you’ll pay $274.25. However, given the rate of 150 Avios per dollar spent, my goal was to make my membership as expensive as possible. Rather than choosing a bundled plan, click on the “Basic plans” heading (thanks to reader Trevor for pointing this out).


There you’ll see the 12 month option for $16.99 per month. However, on the next page you’ll be given the option of add-ons. In my case, I added all of them, since I wanted to drive up the cost as much as possible.


The total came out to $548.57.


I entered my credit card information, though it didn’t go through, as it triggered a fraud alert. American Express sure knows me well. 😉 However, after verifying it wasn’t a fraudulent purchase, I entered the credit card information again, and everything was approved.


I received a confirmation page confirming the cost of my membership, etc.

Avios-Dating-Site-10 2

Memberships with match.com auto-renew, so just set a calendar reminder for yourself to cancel before the first year is up. Personally I’d wait until after the Avios post to your Executive Club account, which could take a few weeks.

So all-in-all my membership cost $548.57. At a rate of 150 Avios per dollar, that should earn me 82,285 Avios, which is incredible. Best of all, the entire process took just about 15 minutes.

It’s not often we see opportunities to pick up points for 0.67 cents each, so I’d highly recommend taking advantage of this. Hopefully this promotion is fully honored as published, given how generous it is.

Now I’m going to have Ford, my parents, etc., sign-up for memberships.

Do you plan on joining match.com to earn 150 Avios per dollar?

  1. The definitive nature of your headline is misleading. You haven’t earned them yet. You hopefully will, but you haven’t yet

  2. If past experience with similar promo fiascos is any indication, you will not get anywhere close to 82,285 avios. Most likely you will get 150 avios total, and then will find yourself in a prolonged battle to get the remaining promised avios or a refund.

  3. @ Ben — It’s only available through the U.S. BA shopping portal, but in practice I’m not sure they have a way of stopping you if you’re paying with Paypal, etc.

  4. @ echino — Well they’ve legitimately been offering 76 Avios per dollar for a long time, which didn’t seem to be a mistake. So I do think this is different than some other situations, where it was a clear typo, etc.

  5. So yesterday you spent $3k+ on aviancas miles, today $500+ avios.

    At what point does it simply become an expensive way to buy travel. With all the restrictions on redemptions, if you have the money to burn, just buy the flight outright with less headache. You can clearly afford it.

  6. So if I shell out $550 for 82,000 Avios, what can I get for 82,000 Avios? (i.e., what’s a good example of travel I would be buying for that $550)

  7. hm.. why is my 12 months showing at 19.99 a month instead of 16.99 ….?

    this is weird… do they do A/B testing… or do they price it differently for people of different … race ? sexual preference? etc.. ?

  8. A couple of questions:
    Can BA Avios be pooled between members (same household)?
    Can I reserve IB J with BA Avios (or at least transfer them at a fair rate to IB Avios?


    P.s. looking at possibly taking adv in order to get a rt flight from CCS-MAD on IB J.

  9. I am getting my boyfriend and family to do it. My boyfriend somehow managed to pay $662.63 for it. Hope it posts this will be great!

  10. this is a good hack.

    @B – what restrictions on redemptions? As far as Avios go, I’ve always found them to be fairly easy to spend. Avianca LMs were pretty easy to redeem for me as well. But I planned way ahead when I did it. For closer in dates they might be a bit tougher. Some one with Ben’s flexibility should have no trouble getting plenty of value out of these miles. Redeeming LMs for a few F class or even C class flights would more than make up for the cost paid. As far as I am concerned buying miles when they are cheap is a good way to fly premium classes for much less than a paid ticket.

  11. Well I bit the bullet and signup for the match offer, but only manage to spent 217.88 for the 12 months. Hopefully I will get 217×150 avios, would be good for short haul redemption. Might sign up for the eharmony offers also.

  12. Finding it harder and hard to care about points with the way airfare rates have seemed to crash in the last couple of years.
    I’m taking my family to Paris from the West Coast in June for $500 r/t each on BA. Then my wife and I are going to BKK on an American 77W in business for $1400 r/t. Both of these trips were booked on the dates I wanted to go without having to deal with crazy or long stopovers.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I find points mostly lead to trips on odd days of the week with itineraries that don’t exactly match what you want.

  13. KCM,

    You could transfer to Iberia and do RT to Europe in Business with limited fuel surcharges off-peak if I recall correctly (it’s a distance based AC so it will depend on the airports).

  14. How confident are you that you’ll get Avios for both the add-ons and the membership? I only ask because I’ve dealt with other portals that seem to know how to separate different items in the order and not payout on every item. Thanks.

  15. @ Nun — I’m not confident I’ll get Avios for anything. 😉 I certainly should, but shopping portals are notorious for not coming through on offers (though if that’s the case, I trust I’ll get a refund at a minimum). For what it’s worth, on my statement the entire charge is showing up as one amount.

  16. I have 225,000 Avios and I’m eagerly looking for a way to dump them. Any suggestions? I have found that every time I try to plan an itinerary using Avios on their portal, there’s never any availability. When I call them, same thing. Every time I try to transfer Avios to Iberia, the portal gives me an error message. Their IT help desk was of no help in fixing that. I’m tired of trying to use Avios and would like to dump these as fast as possible.

  17. @lucky – Since this is for first time users only, I assume that If I use another email to register I should be ok to get the bonus…. What are your thought?

  18. @ Steve M — It might work, but I wouldn’t do that if you’re trying to credit both to the same BA account, as they may catch on.

  19. I hate the BA portal, I have to email them each time to get my Avios paid. I don’t trust the site.

  20. @mikeg asks for login in middel of ‘profile settings’ and then says ; unable to login ctc customer support

  21. AT in ATL – Your Avios won’t transfer if there is one tiny piece of unmatched information between your BA and IB accounts. If you haven’t already, review your zip, phone, name, address, passport and everything in your profile on both accounts. Then try again.

  22. What’s the best use of 80k+ Avios? Domestic short hops in AA? Intra Europe on OneWorld? Off peak J on IB?

    How is availability for Avios redemptions?

  23. @ lucky: After you get your Avios and want to sell your Match subscription, let me know. I’m interested in working out a deal with you because I’m single and could use the account.

  24. In the UK, there are no add-ons and the only option I got was 6.99 pounds per month for 6 months. No 12-month membership possible. There was an upgrade possible for an additional 14.99 pounds per month. In the end, I’m paying 131.34 pounds, and will receive 19,650 Avios… Is there anything else that can be done? Doesn’t seem to work that good in Europe?

  25. @ Johnny Tran — Try a different browser or open up a browser in incognito. Had same message and then it worked for me.

  26. @Dan, I’ll be happy to sell you my subscription. I already have one but went with the full deal that @lucky did.

  27. 1) sign up for dating site
    2) book air tickets to random cities for mileage runs
    3) book one-night stays in hotels for mattress runs

  28. BA avios shopping portal is very slow at posting the earned points. I use it frequently and it takes ~ 2wks for a pending recognition to show up on your transaction history and AT LEAST 40 days for the earned avios to post. Another thing with BA avios portal is, at least in my past experience, if I made partial returns, I got denied from getting the entire pending Avios, rather than just the prorated amount for the goods I returned.

    From MIA (that’s where I live) to a lot of Caribbean destinations, Avios only charges 15K RT. So, 82,285 will buy you trip for a family of 5. You can’t do that with $548.57 no matter how discounted the cash deal is, so it’s an amazing offer if those avios actually post.

    Lucky, If there are a lot of people signing up due to this advertisement, would it give the portal enough grounds to assume there have been some fraudulent activity and deny posting the points?

    Once I signed up (using AA portal) for “spend any amount of money at T-Mobile and get 2000 points” offer. So, I just bought the cheapest cell phone cover (like <$4). Obviously the points never posted.

  29. “404 Page not Found”. Have tried Safari & Chrome. Incognito. VPN from both UK and USA. Anyone got any suggestions? Is it worth getting in contact with BA in order to try and solve this?

  30. If I make a household account, can I book a flight for someone who is not from my household?

  31. Just went tough with this process and if all goes well, I will be walking away with 85,000 points. YEAH!!!
    And since i am SOLO….. i might get two rewards out of this if i actually use the site

  32. I did not pull the trigger on the LifeMiles deal because I have 160k which is more than enough for my short term needs (especially since you can buy 40% of points needed for cheap), but this offer is tempting!

  33. @James K try logging in to BA first, then go to the shopping portal after you’ve logged in. That worked for me instead of the other way around.

  34. No matter what browser, even asking my frd in the states to help me sign up, it just returned the follows:-
    “This page is currently unavailable
    Our site may be experiencing technical difficulties, or we may be working to enhance this feature. Please click the link below to try another feature.”

  35. @ James K — No, if you create a household account then you can only redeem for people in your household. But you can always add someone else to the household account and then redeem for them.

  36. No issues with me….just signed up exactly how Lucky stated. US resident using Chrome.

  37. the difficult part would be using the miles for international travel without the bogus fuel charges ( and thats if you can find flights to use the miles on)

  38. @mike: re: “BKK on an American 77W in business for $1400 r/t.” Did you buy it during the Thanksgiving sale?

  39. @ Lucky – thank you for the incognito trick, that worked.
    @ James K – Chrome in incognito.

    In for 99K Avios!

  40. @Dan if that falls through, let me know. I’ll sell my account ($500) subscription, for pennies.

  41. For those wondering about Avios redemption options, one of the best uses is a round-trip from the west coast to Hawaii for 25k Avios.

  42. Considering the hefty fees that come with a BA reward flight, you still think this is a good deal?

  43. @Mike: If you’re able to provide a way to contact you, we can work out a deal. I haven’t heard from @AD.

  44. @ Nathan — There are plenty of ways to redeem without the crazy surcharges, like on Aer Lingus, airberlin, American (in select markets), etc.

  45. What if the Avios doesn’t credit? Should I fight with BA? It seems like Match.com is notorious for the horrible customer service. It seems like we will never get refund.

  46. Just pushed the subscription to $731.42 –> 109,713 Avios!!

    There is an option on the right of the subscription page that allows you to choose non-promotional rates. The add-on’s will become more expensive.

    Don’t forget AT&T Access More 3X and BA family account!!

  47. One of the best uses of Avios is short haul on the beautiful A350s of Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to destinations like Taipei, Manila, Bangkok, Shanghai. One way business ranges from 9,000 to 15,000 avios. The availability is wide open with 4+ seats on EVERY flights when you book 3-4 months in advance.
    And first class is only 18,000 one way, but seats are somewhat limited.
    So If you could score 80,000+ avios for below $600, you can travel like a king around southeast Asia.

  48. I ended up with a final cost of $610 since the basic plan was $19.99/month. Now I’m a bit nervous about what happens if the miles never post…?

  49. So you’re saying that you are dishonest, Ben?
    Or are you simply desperate for points that you would knowingly deceive people/a forum on a dating website (even though you are in a relationship)?

    Whatever happened to good, honest travel and sharing experiences and valued knowledge? Why must people/situations be used and exploited to accomplish this?

    Simply keep up the welcomed, wanted and appreciated reporting…in an honest manner x

  50. If I signed up for this offer back during the 75x promo in October, will that preclude me from participating in the 150x offer? Will a different email address with Match.com work?

  51. I never changed my country of origin to US (from default UK) but had all the 150 point images. Is this going to matter?

  52. @ LMcK what are you on about lad? How is recommending your readers to take an advantage of a promotion (which by chance happens to be linked to a dating website) make you ‘dishonest’?

  53. what can we do if the miles don’t post? do we have any recourse? i just did this in firefox and paid/got the confirmation, but never saw the URL change (to show some sort of tracking information) when I clicked through from the BA shopping portal to Match.com.

    What recourse would we have if the points don’t post? I’m wondering if I should call Match.com and see if I can cancel and re-subscribe with a different email alltogether.


  54. I screenshotted my browser’s history from going through the portal to the step by step process URLs. I also screenshot the confirmation of transaction and the BA page (w/ terms outlined).

  55. @James K – The way of obtaining the points is not honest/genuine in my opinion.
    I think it’s dishonest for an individual to gain an advantage, in something, by exploiting another person’s needs/wants. Hence, don’t sign up to a dating website (simply for points) when you are in a relationship.

    I hope you are in a great relationship, too, and…I’m not a lad

    Happy travels everyone

  56. @LMck — How is anyone being exploited here? This isn’t catfishing. You have the option of having a hidden profile so no one can find it.

  57. LMcK, Are you just trolling us here?

    The BA portal and Match make the rules, not us. They’re perfectly happy to take your cash for the monopoly money (avios) they mint out of thin air. You’re not taking advantage of them by handing them cash.

  58. @Lucky and Nun – if you both have to ask those questions and/or not fully comprehend what I was trying to ask, and indicate, then we are all of very different opinions and should leave it at that.

    Bringing in words such as catfishing and trolling are very strong and unnessary in my opinion. I was simply asking questions and stating a point view. To each their own.

    Happy travels

  59. @ LMck — Right, and I’m trying to understand your point of view. You’re saying people on the dating site are being exploited by those signing up in order to earn points. I’d like to understand why you feel that way, given that you can sign up with a hidden profile.

  60. It seems Match.com website is down.

    I registered and at the end I got this message!!! 🙁

    Even dating has its difficulties

    This page is currently unavailable
    Our site may be experiencing technical difficulties, or we may be working to enhance this feature. Please click the link below to try another feature.
    Return to previous page Search for your latest matches

  61. Signed up for an account, paid for everything, only to be blocked several hours later.

    Message I get when trying to login: “Access to your account has been blocked by Match.com. Please check your email inbox for a notification from us for more information. If you did not receive a notice, please contact [email protected]‘”

    Anyone got the same issues after registering?

  62. @Lucky – Thanks for your thoughts…
    I’m saying that if an individual is on a dating website, I would assume they want to date. And have chosen this option to enhance their chances. Therefore, hidden profiles are really not very helpful. And are maybe disheartening?
    (Sorry, I’m a dating website virgin and have no idea about people’s true feelings about their availability and usage. Maybe I’m speaking completely out of turn…)

    I understand that value, and joy, of obtaining points and additional points. Really, I do.
    I simply have a different opinion about this particular means to an end. Not right or wrong – just different

    P.S. And before you all label me as a “die-hard romantic”…no, I’m not!

  63. Lucky, I just signed up. Total spend $536. I will be super annoyed if the Avios don’t post. Please keep us updated on your experience.

  64. @ LMck — I can appreciate where you’re coming from, but the point is that if I sign up for an account and keep a hidden profile, it in no way impacts anyone else’s experience on the site. They wouldn’t know I registered, since the profile is hidden.

  65. Can I buy one for a single friend in his name, my card?

    Avios have lost much of their value since AA domestic availability all but disappeared. Still terrific for intra-Europe flights, especially at the 4500 level.

  66. @Tsai — I don’t see an option to select a non-promo rates to get more. Any more pointers?

  67. @Lucky – a very valid point…
    I had no idea that a person’s profile is completely hidden from others. Logically, they would therefore not have a frigging clue you were on there…or who/what they are missing out on!

    Ok…so my disappointment (for those using these sites for “love”) should be directed at the websites. Not the individuals who are benefiting from the points they are offering….

    My apologies…

  68. Mine was $572. Denver is so incredibly greedy when it comes to taxes it will make your head spin. 9.25% is INSANE.

    Interesting that my Match.com signup didn’t look the same as yours. I don’t remember having the mileage radius for mine.

  69. Why is everyone so convinced they will be able to get their money back if the miles don’t post. Isn’t this one a huge risk???

  70. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they award avios only for the “first month” of the subscription.

  71. @Tom: any wording on the BA shopping portal or match.com website that would lead you to believe points would only be award for the “first month”?

  72. Tried to get on a couple of time but won’t be able to join…. 🙁
    May be too many trying to join thanks to yr alert so it’s not possible anymore???
    Will keep trying….

  73. David,

    To be honest I’m not sure if I would still expect it to work anymore .. proceed with caution

  74. I’ve signed up and have already cancelled. Do you think I’ll still get the bonus points? I didn’t get a refund – still spent the money and the subscription is good for one year (albeit deactivated). Didn’t see anything in the terms and conditions that would prevent me from getting the points.


  75. I wonder if they pulled it already? I balked at doing it, now getting this …

    Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher – Advertiser Partnership Status

  76. I’ve been getting a blank page with this message when clicking the shop now button:

    Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher – Advertiser Partnership Status

  77. Same thing, “Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher – Advertiser Partnership Status”. However public offer page is still alive.
    Should they honour it?

  78. That means the offer is likely dead. I have seen similar issues when deals have been pulled before. That means you likely won’t get if you click through now. We clearly moved the needle and somebody noticed. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for those who got in earlier.

  79. Same here. Everyone who took advantage of this will now be fretting over points. It’s not looking good.

  80. Does anyone know when can we expect the Avios points post? I really don’t want to wait until the 11th month to cancel the subscription if I could cancel early. Thanks!

  81. If you mean post to BAEC it will likely be around six weeks in my experience (I have had stuff post sooner but that is the exception). When it will register in the BA shopping site I have no idea haven’t paid that much attention.

  82. My 86 yo father, my 80 yo mother, my GF and I all signed up for Match today. Spent $548 each. Hopefully, it all works out and we get to take a family swinging holiday this summer. Thanks Lucky for the heads up !

  83. @Lucky I signed up but accidentally didn’t add the addons on the payment page. I then stupidly added the addons after the initial payment. There are now three separate payments; would the avios apply for all three or only the first? If not, is there any way for refund for the addons?

  84. Tried US VPN and ” Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher – Advertiser Partnership Status “

  85. Use your avios for trips within Europe. You won’t get hit with the ridiculous fuel surcharge. LHR to TXL in economy cost me 4000 avios +$25 one way this past nov. Ditto between London and Amsterdam.

  86. Am i too late for this?? I am also getting this message “Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher – Advertiser Partnership Status”

  87. I signed up yesterday morning for $572.57 while it still showed 150 point/$. I just received an email from [email protected] below. What should I do now?

    Our merchant Match.com US has informed us that you made a transaction with them on 02-Mar-17, and as a result the allocated Avios are pending.

    Retailer: Match.com US Pending Avios: 34184

  88. Any updates from BA website for pending Avios?
    My friend said he paid ~$540 but only ~30000 Avios pending

  89. I enrolled in match.com US earlier today and spent appx $584. Just got an auto generated email from “BA Support” indicating that match.com has registered my transaction and that I have 30,584 Avios points pending. Eh?? It should be 80,000 or so. I kept my screen shots of course so will dispute the amount if, in fact, they post only the 30k points. Anyone else get this email?

  90. I followed every steps you did, and I received an email from British Airways:

    “Our merchant Match.com US has informed us that you made a transaction with them on 02-Mar-17, and as a result the allocated Avios are pending.
    Retailer: Match.com US Pending Avios: 28784”

    What should I do Lucky?

  91. @James K I have the same issue, unable to load the page from the UK despite all the usual tricks with VPNs and Incog mode. Any suggestions?

  92. My pending Avios are 30,582. I spent $243 total with 1 additional add-on. From Eric WU and my data points, maybe they aren’t counting the add-ons toward the 150 miles per dollar. Not terrible for me who will lose about $40, but terrible for someone who paid upwards of $500.

  93. @Eric same thing here they are paying out only on the subscription not any of the add-ons.

  94. My pending avios is 37,784. However, I only made the 12 month subscription for $274 and then two addons separately (by mistake) at $43 and $130 so I have no idea how that amount is calculated

  95. @John I’d guess you paid sales tax or some other charge on your 12 month subscription that didn’t earn cashback hence the slight disconnect between the amount charged for that and the amount of points you expected. Like the rest of us you didn’t earn anything on the add-ons.

  96. I have 37,784 pending avios and I paid $274.25. I’m sure part of the tax wasn’t included.

  97. @Ken it certainly could be worse. I’ll get 1.8 cents+ of value out of them. By no means a great deal but it is better than 0 points and fighting with Match.com for a refund. I still wonder if they’ll try to clawback even the points we got.

  98. Where is this pending Avios? I paid for subscroption yesterday and still haven’t got any Avios…

  99. @secstate Yeah, it could definitely be worse. I didn’t get any email but the points are pending in my account. Kicking myself for not getting the $250 instead. Gotta risk it…

  100. @Jeffenburg log into BA shopping portal and look at your account there.

    @Ken yeah I am kicking myself too I nearly went with just a subscription but then got greedy. Hindsight is 20/20.

  101. @B – thanks for the hack. This doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Error message when I go to link. Any ideas?

  102. So I told my wife, “..and don’t worry about the $548 dating site charge on the AMEX Blue for Business card. I’m just doing it to get the Avios for our next honeymoon to Hawaii.”

  103. I spent $548 and have 30,584 pending. I don’t notice anything in the purchase conditions that states the add-ons would not count towards the 150 Avios per dollar payout, did anyone else?

  104. @yyc

    thanks for pointing that out, I just checked and found we can use our avios miles for 2 rooms our favorite hotel in HKT for out trip late sept, will end up costing some miles and about $40 cash

  105. If you read the Match.com contract (#24) states that one can cancel the membership with a full refund within three business days. I just canceled mine over the phone with no hassles and instantly received an email from Match.com of my pending refund. I followed Lucky’s post and was charged the $587 and change and only got 32,000 pending Avios. Luckily there’s an out for those that want it.

  106. I can find the site to sign up with match.com and get the 150 avios per $1. Can anyone give me an http address?

  107. I can find the page where you can sign up with match.com and get 150 avios per $1 spent. Can anyone give me the http address?

  108. I can’t find the site to sign up with Match.com and get 150 avios per $1. Can anyone give me the http address?

  109. Not sure why everyone is so focused on these dating sites. I signed up for a handful of the other deals and got better returns. For example Intuit Quickbooks 10,000 avios for 2 month subscription at $10/mon with the first month free. That comes to 1,000 per dollar.

  110. @Hunter – I did both Quickbooks and Quikbooks Self Employed offers and it’s tracking for Self-employed only today and it’s also at the wrong amount. What are you seeing in pending points today?

  111. Pretty bummed I went through the process of the promotion, and now dealing with Match.com to try and get a partial refund. I know this is for advice, but there really should be something at the top of this on how to recover from overpaying.


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