Earn 20% Bonus On Transfers From SPG To US Airways

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Yesterday I posted about how through July 31, 2014, Starwood is offering a 20% bonus on points transfers to American AAdvantage.

I suppose it’s not really surprising, but through July 31, 2014, Starwood is offering the same 20% bonus for points transfers to US Airways as well.

As a reminder, which Starwood you receive a 20% bonus when transferring points to their airline partners, provided you’re transferring in 20,000 point increments. You can only make one transfer every 24 hours, up to 79,999 SPG points at a time. The latter is a particularly irritating restriction, given the 20% transfer bonus when converting blocks of 20,000 Starpoints, so it rarely makes sense to transfer more than 60,000 SPG points at a time.

Keep in mind you can also transfer SPG points between household members, though the names on the Starwood accounts generally need to match the names on the airline accounts.


While the merger between American and US Airways is well underway, their mileage programs are still being run separately, and it seems like that may continue to be the case for a while. While there’s quite a bit of overlap between their partners, they both have unique aspects to their programs that potentially make a mile in one currency more valuable than a mile in the other currency.

Here’s a chart with the major policy differences between the two programs:

American AAdvantageUS Airways Dividend Miles
One Way AwardsYes! All awards are one-way.No. All awards price at the roundtrip rate.
StopoversNo.One stopover at a OneWorld hub or US Airways transatlantic gateway city.
Open JawsYes, because all awards are one-way.Yes, if you don't already have a stopover.
Routing RulesCan exceed MPM by 25%, but can't transit a third region outside of certain exceptions. Over the water carrier must publish a fare for the route.No more than five segments per direction, otherwise nearly anything goes.
Change/Cancellation PolicyRouting can be changed for no cost provided origin and destination stay the same.Awards cannot be changed or modified once travel has commenced. Otherwise can be changed for a fee.
Fees For Non-Elites$150 to change origin/destination city
$75 Close-In Ticketing Fee
$150 Cancellation Fee
$50 Dividend Miles Processing Fee
$75 Close-In Ticketing Fee
$150 Change/Cancellation Fee

And here are a couple of posts I’ve written which can help you decide which program works better for you:

Registration is not required, and the full terms are as follows:

Dividend Miles bonus mile terms and conditions: To qualify for this Dividend Miles bonus mile offer, you must initiate the mileage conversion with Starwood Preferred Guest between 12 AM (CST) July 1 and 11:59 PM (CST) July 31, 2014 (the ‘promotion period’), and be in good standing in the Dividend Miles program. You can convert multiple times during the promotion period.

To earn the 20% conversion bonus, you must convert points from Starwood Preferred Guest. This offer is non-transferable and non-reversible.

Bonus miles will be posted within 7 business days after the initial conversion activity has been posted by Starwood Preferred Guest. Bonus miles earned in this promotion do not count toward elite status qualification.

Starwood Guest Preferred transfer to miles terms and conditions: Starwood Preferred Guests can transfer up to 79,999 of your Starpoints into Dividend Miles at a 1-to-1 ratio. And for every 20,000 Starpoints transferred within the same transaction, you will earn 5,000 bonus Starpoints which will be automatically added to your transfer up to a maximum of 94,999 miles per eligible transfer.

There is no minimum Starpoint transfer requirement for Platinum Preferred Guest members. Gold Preferred Guest members have a minimum transfer requirement of 1,500 Starpoints, and Preferred Guest members have a minimum transfer requirement of 2,500 Starpoints.

Transfer maximums are based on a combination of member Starpoints and the Starwood Preferred Guest airline transfer transaction bonus. Only one airline transfer transaction per member per 24 hour period is allowed; multiple transfer transactions within the same 24 hour period will reject. Both the Starwood Preferred Guest and Dividend Miles account must have identical member names in order to complete this request; different names will cause the transfer to reject. Airline transfers are one-way, non-reversible, and non-refundable.

  1. will starwood pts transferred to usair that are not used
    later be combined with American air after final combination of airlines

  2. @ steve — Yes, eventually the balances will be combined, though we don’t have a timeline yet.

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