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As a follow-up to my $84 stay in Seattle this past weekend, my Priority Club points finally posted. How many points did I end up earning? 20,000! That’s right, 20,000 points for a simple one-night Holiday Inn stay. That’s half of a free night at any InterContinental hotel in the world!

And then some people wonder why I love Priority Club….

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  1. Ur no joke! Pls explain several things to me. 1) What is an Entertainment Card, its pros & cons(pts/no pts;etc) & how do I get one? 2) What is a “red-eye? Is this a flight I want to avoid? 3) Will u still get the 9pts for dining/is that just cancelled out altogether? True/false-u get no pts for dining w/ today’s card & its worthless w/ FF Dine Rewards.
    I personally feel that the $75 should have been waived for the 1st yr & that a bus cc should be added to this. Why doesn’t HH have a bus cc?
    I know, I know-too many ?’s but I have to know!

  2. Wow, that’s awesome! I’m really curious about how the points break down. Would you mind explaining which promos you took advantage of that rewarded you with that amount? Thanks!

  3. I’ve already answered 1 ?-dining. But what is HH motive for taking away this privilege. It seems to me that for many the combo of hotel spend & dining would put them well over $40k.

  4. Adam:

    Sure, here’s the breakdown:
    Qualifying Stay 840 pts.
    platinum bonus 420 pts.
    priority club bonus offer 3000 pts.
    welcome back bonus 3000 pts.
    welcome back bonus 3000 pts.
    double points for 30 days 840 pts.
    double points for 30 days 840 pts.
    priority club 6x bonus 1680 pts.
    priority club bonus offer 1500 pts.
    priority club bonus offer 3000 pts.
    welcome back bonus 1500 pts.

    As far as the promo goes, I signed up for EVERY promotion in the IC Master Promo thread on FlyerTalk:

    Trust me, no matter how obscure the promo sounds, that thread is invaluable.

  5. mommafrica:

    1) The Entertainment Card is a card which offers discounts at some places. It comes with the Entertainment Book, which can be bought for under $20 in basically every major US city. Some hotel chains offer discounts for those with Entertainment Cards, like Priority Club, although those rates sometimes don’t earn points. It’s hit-or-miss, though. More info can be found here:

    2) A red-eye is an overnight flight. It can be a longer flight from Los Angeles to London, or it can be a really short one like Los Angeles to Chicago. The nice thing about red-eyes are that they save on hotel costs, since you can spend a whole day in a city and fly out at night, but the bad thing is that it’s hard to be fully functional the next day, since sleeping in a domestic seat for three hours and then being dumped in a terminal at 5AM isn’t exactly relaxing.

    3) You’ll only get three points per dollar for dining with the Hilton credit card, if that’s what you’re referring to.

    While in general I agree first year fees should be waived for credit cards, the reason Hilton can justify this is because you get Hilton Gold status free for the first year, which is quite valuable. Good questions as to why they don’t have biz card, they really should.

    Feel free to keep asking away, I’m always here to help.

  6. So its just the FF miles you no longer receive. It just seems odd to me that w/ this economy u would put out a cc w/ a $75 fee but at the same time u eradicate one of its best benefits. W/ 9pts/$1 & a weak economy, people would eat this $75 away. A win-win situation.
    I know about the Entertainment Book from e-miles but I didn’t know about the card. Did u use the card for Seattle?

  7. Given the economy, I tend to agree, mommafrica, especially since Hilton Gold would likely encourage more people to stay at Hilton properties.

    I didn’t end up using the card, since I wanted to make sure I earned points, which ended up being a good decision since I earned so many.

  8. My friends and I just stayed for 2 nights in the Syracuse Holiday Inn, and thanks to this website we earned 31,187 points. I put in codes for about 13 bonus offers and 9 of them took.
    We are planning a cross country trip this summer and thought we might get 2 or 3 nights free, as of right now we are looking at 9 of 10 nights free.
    Thank you for posting the codes, this site was a great help.

    Here is the breakdown of points directly from the Priority Site:

    Qualifying Stay 3153 pts.
    priority club bonus offer 1000 pts
    platinum bonus 1576 pts.
    anniversary bonus offer 1000 pts.
    priority club bonus offer 3000 pts.
    welcome back bonus 3000 pts.
    welcome back bonus 3000 pts.
    double points for 30 days 3153 pts
    priority club 6x bonus 6305 pts.
    priority club bonus offer 1500 pts.
    next stay bonus 1500 pts.
    priority club bonus offer 3000 pts. Total 31187 pts

    I will be checking in for more codes. Thanks again


  9. Well done, Filomena! I’m really happy I was able to point you in the right direction, and enjoy all those free hotel stays. 🙂

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