Download AAdvantage eShopping toolbar and earn 500 American miles

Through June 30, American is offering 500 AAdvantage miles to anyone that downloads the AAdvantage eShopping toolbar and does at least one search on it. This should take all of a minute, and as far as I can tell you can uninstall the toolbar after you do that search.

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  1. Lucky, you can also get 1 mile per 3 searches you do with the toolbar, to a max of 100 miles per month. It took me 10 minutes or so to search while surfing and i’ve got my 100 miles =). I just put it on one of my other browsers so it’s not in the way of my normal browser!

  2. Terms state:
    You must download the toolbar on this page, and perform at least 1 toolbar search and or make 1 toolbar purchase with a participating toolbar retailer before June 30, 2010 to earn the 500 mile bonus. Bonus miles will post to your AAdvantage account within 8 to 10 weeks after the promotion end date. You will only earn the 500 mile toolbar download bonus the first time you download the toolbar.
    What’s and or make one purchase?
    Do you have to make a purchase or not?

  3. definitely do it! you only have to make one purchase and you get 500 free miles instantly! The Toolbar has been great for me so far, its easy to use and a really innovative way to earn more miles besides flying all over the country. The best part in my opinion is how they keep a running balance of your miles right there on the toolbar, so you always know where you stand. It’s great, check it out:

  4. Warning: this toolbar will pick up retail searches from ANY page without you typing it directly. For example, I went directly to and entered the store “Tire Rack” in the Google search box.. When I clicked on their main company listing, the AA bar instantly told me this company does not participate with Aadvantage Eshopping. That kind of spying is uncool and I recommend folks not install the toolbar.

  5. This toolbar is a nightmare! Like Fan on comment #4 said, it highjacks your entire search process. And then, it’s impossible to get it OFF your computer. Even after you delete it, it still highjacks your search.

    I have called on several occasions and they refuse to help me get it off my computer.

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