Did You Know There’s A St. Regis With A Club Lounge All Guests Can Access?

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I’m presently finishing up my third (and last) trip of the month to Beijing. On my previous two visits I stayed at the W Chang’an and Park Hyatt, both of which were nice hotels.

This time around I figured I’d stay at the St. Regis. That’s generally my favorite SPG/Marriott brand, and hotels in Asia rarely disappoint. What’s especially interesting is that the St. Regis is right across the street from the W, so presumably the W having just opened is giving the St. Regis a lot of competition.

Well, let me just say that while I’d choose a St. Regis over a W 99 out of 100 times, this isn’t one of those times. This has to be one of the most underwhelming St. Regis properties I’ve stayed at. The service was okay (I find service in China is consistently pretty “meh” at chain hotels), but physically the hotel just feels dated.

St. Regis Statesman Suite

And after the great views I was spoiled with at the W and in particular at the Park Hyatt, these views from my suite did leave a bit to be desired.

St. Regis suite with a view (or lack thereof)

Given that the St. Regis and W have similar rates, I can’t imagine returning to the St. Regis.

That being said, the St. Regis does have one feature which I’ve never before seen at another St. Regis — a club lounge, which they call a business center.


It opens daily at 10AM, and has all day refreshments available. Then in the evenings from 5PM until 7PM they have snacks and alcoholic drinks. As far as I know, this is the only St. Regis in the world which has a club lounge.





The snack selection is… interesting. You’d think if a St. Regis bothered to have a club lounge they wouldn’t serve mini hot dogs, but…


Even more puzzling is that all guests have access to the club lounge. Not just Platinum members or suite guests, but rather all guests.

Now, there are some other brands which have club lounges where you wouldn’t expect. For example, Park Hyatts typically don’t have club lounges, though the Park Hyatt Melbourne does have a Park Club, which is available to Globalist members and guests who pay for it.

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge

Similarly, while W properties don’t usually have club lounges, the W Doha and W Guangzhou do have club lounges, available to Platinum guests.

W Guangzhou club lounge

But I’ve never seen another St. Regis with a club lounge, let alone one which is available to all guests.

It’s one of the few things which sets this St. Regis apart, but isn’t enough to make me return, given how excellent the W across the street is.

Stay tuned for the full review.

What do you make of a St. Regis which has a club lounge available to all guests?

  1. Ben, did I notice a recent change to your bio? “…He travels about 400,000 miles a year….” Didn’t it used to say 300,000? I guess that’s what 3 trips in a month to PEK will do for you!

  2. The good thing about the St. Regis Beijing is that it’s a guaranteed upgrade – Platinums never get less than a Statesman suite. And corporate rates are dirt cheap. The lounge benefit is largely irrelevant imho, and quality/offerings have gone downhill overtime. The location isn’t great, the subway is reasonably close but still a bit far in the heart of the summer, and getting a taxi from the St. Regis is mission impossible after hours.

    Starwood has better offerings in Beijing starting with the Westins (although the Westin Financial District is also inconveniently located.)

  3. This is really for all guests? I was there in Nivember and no one ever told us (all SPG Golds) about it. Really frustrating since we ended up spending a lot of money at the hotel bars and restaurant. Guess that worked out well for the hotel. :/

  4. I would definitely fix that furniture arrangement in the St Regis room. Artwork is too high, too. If I were there for more than a few days I’d fix that too. 🙂

  5. StR SIN provides Platinums with free alcoholic drinks and canapés at La Brezza. StR BKK provides a Platinum Happy Hour for drinks and canapés, so it’s not universal that StR do not have club lounges as such.

    The PH CBR and PH HAM also have club lounges, even if they are called Park or Ambassador lounges to avoid the branding issues.

  6. Why does that bottle of Jack Daniels have clear liquid? Do they offer access to everyone because they serve knock off liquors?

  7. @ Arthur H – I think if you look a little closer, that bottle is actually empty 😉

  8. @ MD — Right, there are indeed several St. Regis properties which have some sort of Platinum happy hour benefits, though this is the only one I know of which specifically has an actual club lounge.

  9. @ Tracy T. — Yep, it is indeed. When they mentioned it to me at check-in I double checked with them to clarify, and it is indeed available to all guests.

  10. @ Zow — Hah, don’t believe that’s recent. I’ve been doing 400K+ per year for a while now.

  11. St Regis Shanghai used to have an awesome club lounge on their top floor open to platinum members. However, that property got sold/rebranded by SPG a few years ago.

  12. I’ve found the service at the Westin Bund Center Shanghai in particular to be fantastic– warm, proactive, and I believe Platinum members get automatic upgrades to a junior suite.

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