Awesome DFW Airport Timelapse Video

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Scott Mayerowitz passed along an awesome timelapse video that the Associated Press put together about DFW Airport:

It covers many aspects of their operations, including the ramp, baggage systems, rooftops, and other behind-the-scenes locations at one of the world’s busiest airports. This is one of the airports I transit most often, so I found it to be especially interesting:

I certainly believe that the SkyLink covers 3.2 million miles per year. I feel like I’m on it for an average of 10 miles every time I connect there. The length and inefficiency of the track never ceases to amaze me!

Unfortunately the video left out one of the best aspects of the airport — The Centurion Lounge! They could have done a timelapse of the speed at which the food there is eaten.

  1. Yep, you think the SkyLink is bad? At least it works! The TrAAin was at best unreliable, and broke down often. That said, as a small child I definitely rode the TrAAin around the airport with my parents just plane-watching many, many times.

  2. hm, I don’t quite see the inefficiency as well. The layout of the terminals and the fact that each terminal has two stations hardly allows for a more straight (and thus shorter) track. And still, to travel 10 miles on the train, it takes more than two complete turns around all terminals (total track length is 4.8 miles in each direction)

  3. No help if connecting to / from A but about half the time I can skip Skylink and walk across the skybridge from the high D gates to the low C gates.

  4. The trAAin was well before Lucky’s days of flying AA. Pretty sure he came over to AA in mid-late 2011, trAAin was replaced in April 2005.

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