IHG Rewards Club reveals details of fall “Big Win” promotion

IHG Rewards Club revealed the details today of their fall promotion, which is valid for stays between September 1 and December 31, 2013.

There are several different versions of the offer, so to see what you’re eligible for, you’ll want to register here.


My version of the offer looks as follows:


More specifically:

  • Try one and done — Stay at any IHG® hotel and receive 1,000 Points
  • Stay more & earn more — Stay a total of 9 nights and receive 8,000 Points
  • Explore our brands — Stay at 2 different IHG brands and receive 12,000 Points
  • Survey the win — Complete a simple survey and receive 100 Points
  • Live the city life — Stay at 2 of the following locations below and receive 7,200 Points
  • Win big — Complete all of your offers and receive 28,000 Points

So there are parts of this promotion that are super easy and generous in my case. For example, 1,000 bonus points the first night, 12,000 bonus points after stays at two IHG brands, and 100 points for a survey are all easy. Completing nine nights would be easy if I still stayed at IHG brands frequently. The ridiculous one is the “Live the city life” part of the promotion, which requires you to stay at two random hotels in any of a handful of cities. Otherwise I’d say this promotion is totally worth going for given the 28,000 bonus points offered, but short of that just doesn’t seem worthwhile.

Keep in mind, though, that Priority Club points are nowhere near as valuable as Starpoints or Hyatt points. They’re worth 0.7 cents each at most.

But still, compared to what we’ve seen from them the rest of the year on the promotion front, I’d say that’s apretty darn good promotion.

(Tip of the hat to Vito)


  1. Ben, there are many more locations to qualify for the “Live the city life” part of the promotion. Click on the “View All” tab after the list of participating hotels.

  2. Interesting! I used to have Platinum but fell all the way to Club since I hadn’t stayed with them in awhile.
    1) Try one and done: 1,000
    2) Stay more & earn more (4 nights): 9,600
    3) Explore our brands (2 diff. brands): 30,000
    4) Book with us (2 stays via mobile or website): 6,000
    5) Survey: 100
    6) Win in a weekend (2 Sat. stays): 12,000
    +) Win big: 59,000

    Lower tier members should definitely check out their offers – they may be more generous!

  3. My offer was a big more lucrative (perhaps because I rarely stay at IC?) –

    6700 for 5 nights
    12000 for 2 cities (including SF & LA)
    12000 for 2 Saturday stays
    1500 for using my Chase IC card
    8000 for 2 brands

    Seeing as I have 3 nights already booked at an IC, do you think it is worth doing a mattress for the other 2 nights at a couple of cheap HIX, which would net me 40k+ points?

    Using your valuation, [email protected]= $281.40

    Do these points count towards IHG elite status?

  4. As some people have mentioned, check the terms and conditions carefully for each individual “challenge” as it seems some of them have specific requirements with regards to stays.

    Some people have reported that the 6k points to stay at a resort actually defines a stay as 3 consecutive nights, and not just one as with the other challenges.

  5. Only a few stays a year, but CLUB member for 10+ years. My offers:

    1) Try one and done: 1,000
    2) Stay more & earn more (4 nights): 6,400
    3) Explore our brands (3 diff. brands): 22,000
    4) Book with us (2 stays via mobile or website): 4,000
    5) Survey: 100
    6) Win in a weekend (2 Sat. stays): 4,800
    +) Win big: 38,000

    Total possible 76,300

  6. I have no status and my offer came in at exactly 50k. May be worth it with heavy travel coming – a chance to top up points.

  7. Any word on whether the friends and family IHG rates are applicable to this promotion? I’ve checked the T&C’s and found no mention.


  8. You can also collect Miles with Big Win?
    What’s the conversion rate for that? For example to American? Don’t think it would be 1-to-1?

  9. I was basically offered 179, 000 points fot 24 nights, including 13 Saturday nights. If it wasn’t for the absurd requirement tht two stays be in Australia or Japam, I would do this. However, because of that requirement, this promotion will drive exactly zero business from me. Idiots.

  10. Just looked for a couple of dates in Dec in Ft Lauderdale (at Holiday Inn Express Exec.): the ‘regular’ rate is $114 a night — the ‘get 1000 points’ rate is $124 a night… Not exactly a free deal!

    Oh — but when I go through the “Big Win” site to book, I do get the lesser price with the 1000 points…. so, word to the wise: don’t go direct to the hotel site!

  11. Yeah Beachfan — I went looking for the survey/quiz: I guess I got a low-end offer:

    1) Try one and done: 1,000
    2) Stay more & earn more (4 nights): 4.000
    3) Explore our brands (3 diff. brands): 10,000
    4) Book with us (2 stays via mobile or website): 2,000
    5) Survey: none offered!
    6) Win in a weekend (2 Sat. stays): 8,000
    7) Win big: 25,000

  12. @ Ed — Only “qualifying stays” count, and a Friends & Family rate isn’t usually considered a qualifying stay.

  13. @ Boraxo — In the past all points earned would count towards status, though nowadays just base points, points from partner transactions, bonus points packages, and meeting rewards count, so the bonus points earned through this promotion wouldn’t qualify.

  14. Just adding another data point. Platinum level member here, got offered a total of ~96k points, with the win big portion being 48k.

    Does anyone know if one stay can qualify for multiple requirements? Like if I booked my first stay online with my Chase IHG card, would it count towards “Try one and done”, “Book with us”, and “Spend it to get it” all at the same time?

  15. Been Platinum for many years.
    1) Try one and done: 1,000
    2) Stay more & earn more (20 nights): 11,500
    3) Explore our brands (4 brands): 16,000
    4) Survey: 100
    5) Live city life: (3 cities): 8,000
    6) Win in a weekend (3 Sat. stays): 5,600
    7) Spend it to get it (use IHG Visa): 1,500
    8) Win big: 44,000
    About 88K if I go for it. Toughest are the 20 nights and 3 Saturdays. I will definitely go after 4 brands and 3 cities, and wait and see on the tough ones.

  16. I’m Platinum with the card. I got:
    Try one and done: 1,000
    Stay more & earn more (7 nights): 11,000
    Explore our brands (2 brands): 18,000
    Book with us (3 stays): 4,200
    Survey: 100
    Get out there (2 of 5 European cities): 10,800
    Win in a weekend: 8,400
    Spend it to get it: 2,300
    Win big: 56,000

  17. Platinum here. Newly so, and only from HIE stays within the past 3 months or so. Never stayed at another IHG brand.

    Try one and done: 1,000
    Stay more & earn more (7 nights): 11,000
    Explore our brands (3 brands): 33,000
    Survey: 100
    Win in a weekend (2 Sat. night stays): 12,000
    Win big: 57,000

    Total possible: 114,100

    Wow, I’m definitely doing this. Seems like I lucked out, although I’m sure it’s targeted due to my newness to the program in general + high volume of recent stays/nights. I’m already booked through work enough to get me the 7 nights, so I’ll pay out of pocket for 2 Saturday nights at different brands, and boom, I’ve got it all wrapped up.

  18. Been Platinum Ambassador for 4 years and only use IC hotels once or twice a year otherwise I do use the rest of the brand a bit.

    1) Try one and done: 1,000
    2) Stay more & earn more (48 nights): 28,200
    3) Explore our brands (5 brands): 18,000
    4) Survey: 100
    5) Win in a weekend (3 Sat. stays): 5,600
    6) Win big: 53,000

    Total = 105900

    I noticed I only got 6 offers and most seem to have 8.

  19. So I’m definitely thinking of mattress running this. 130,000 Points, even if they’re IHG points may be too big to pass up.

    Try One & Done: 1,000
    Stay More & Earn More: 10,100
    Mix Things Up: 18,000
    Book With Us: 3,600
    Survey The Win: 100
    Live The City Life: 18,000
    Win in a Weekend: 12,000
    Spend it to get it: 2,300
    Win Big: 65,000

    Total: 130,100

  20. I got an offer that says “Stay a total of 5 nights and receive 6,700 Points” … does this need to be five consecutive nights?

  21. @ Amy — Well the booking has to be in your name. Sometimes you can book a reservation in your name and add the second guest to the reservation, and that could work.

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