Delta’s awesome new TV ad

Check out Delta’s new minute-long TV ad that was released this week:

It’s easily one of the best airline ads I’ve seen in, well, forever. It also beautifully sums up the airline industry. I do love the part about “never letting the rules overrule common sense.” Not sure how often that’s actually applied in the US airline industry, but it’s a nice thought nonetheless.

Do you guys love this commercial as much as I do?

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  1. i saw that ad. it’s very good and it makes the new united’s marketing and branding look even more like the total crap that it is.

  2. The problem is, why couldn’t this commercial have been made by any other airline? What unique takeaway is there about Delta? In a world of commodity air travel, most airline ads suffer from that — “It’s Time to Fly” … “We Know Why You Fly” — the best they can do is leave a feel good impression of an airline but I’m not sure this resonates as DELTA feels good.

  3. I wasn’t overly impressed by it. I loved BA’s To Fly, To Serve commercial. I think that one has the same problem that Gary mentions though – it isn’t very specific to BA.

  4. Nice commercial, but in the end, there the same as the rest of the rotten lot of domestic carriers.

  5. I love it. First, I like Donald Sutherland’s voice – wise, reassuring. Second, while I agree with Gary that it could apply to any airline, Delta got there first, and it clearly addresses a lot of issues that most airline advertising doesn’t. They quietly acknowledge that air travel can be a bear, but at the same time it suggests that they recognize that flying is tough and do what they can to overcome it while also shouldering some of the burden, too. It’s honest and flattering, but also humble. Two thumbs up.

    (Also, longtime reader, first time commentor)

  6. My favorite part: “Never let the rules get in the way of common sense”.

    With demise of UA, that IS becoming more unique among legacy carriers, and I’m glad to see them emphasizing it.

    Meanwhile, back at COdbaUA, fortress hub pricing is in full effect on PMUA routes. (See $1400 M-Fares if you need to fly IAD-DEN for a day or two meeting mid week). COdbaUA: “We think you don’t have a choice but to fly us, so we won’t even try to compete on price, comfort, loyalty program, or service!”

  7. The BA To Fly. To Serve. is far better. Also, what’s with the CGI on the last shot, that’s super lame.

  8. It’s not common sense to me when 200 people get delayed for 20 minutes (67 total hrs.) and many will miss their next connection because one person twisted their ankle. Now I know why Delta is never on time. Sorry, but I vote for closing the door on time & booking him on the next flight.

  9. They sure are proud of their 744s. They were in the other ads too. I know they are iconic, but I doubt most domestic DL FFs have ever laid eyes on one. From the ads you’d think they were blanketing the country with them.

  10. Pretty non-standout material all around. Another commercial that looks like…well, pretty well all the others if you ask me. What airline was that again?

  11. Love it. Can’t remember the last time I saw a commercial for anything that conveyed something interesting to think about.

  12. I’ve had some not-so-great experiences with Delta in the past. I’m not sure what in this advertisement is supposed to bring me back into the Delta fold again. I’m also not so sure what from the ad is supposed to bring in brand new customers either. To be frank, it seems to be designed to remind us how much effort it takes to be just like everyone else. Or maybe I just don’t get it?

  13. Inspiring until they re-opened the cabin door, then they lost me cause it’s Not. Gonna. Happen.

    Delta: No waivers, no favors.

  14. @Eric, this video features everything at DTW. Odds are this flight was going to a spoke city, and that no one missed a subsequent connection. Just a thought.

  15. While COdbaUA is falling, Delta is climbing.
    It’s time to ride Alex’s best friends….ie. Ana …

  16. At the end of the commercial, what is Donald Sutherland saying? “It’s not just lime juicy–it’s the world.” is what it sounds like.

    Thanks for clarifying. Other than not understanding what he’s saying at the end, I think the series of commericals is very well done, reassuring on multiple levels, incorporating both technical and human aspects. I love Sutherland’s voice; just can’t make out the ending of this one.

  17. Two months before this ad aired, I was denied a bereavement fare to attend my mother’s funeral BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE A SATURDAY NIGHT STAY.

    “We don’t let the rules get in the way of common sense, my a$$.

  18. All of the above (almost)…but what gets me is that they all be tell aviation pioneers they are of no regard in the present, not to mention how DL equates itself as on the same level…seriously? Operating an airline in a mediocre fashion is legend in the making? Nice ad, but just doesn’t add up.

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