Delta to invest *puts pinky to mouth* one billion dollars on “customer experience”

While I do my best to only discuss important things on my blog, like the temperature of nuts on United, not getting my meal choice, and Channel 9, I think I’ll make a one time exception for Delta. šŸ˜‰

They’re making an investment of a billion dollars to improve the “customer experience.” Check out their press release here. They do a great job of breaking it down, so I’ll just hit on the highlights:

  • Fully flat business class seats on all their longhaul 767s, 777s, and 747s
  • Personal televisions in coach on their longhaul 767s and 747s (meaning all their longhaul aircraft will have personal televisions)
  • Reconfigurations of their CRJ700s to include first class
  • Modifying their ghetto Northwest aircraft to include Delta’s “signature” (whatever that means) blue leather seats, better cabin lighting, and some other stuff

Check out the press release for full details. Overall some very nice changes, especially in terms of reducing inconsistency between the various aircraft types. Too bad the ex-Northwest birds won’t be getting pimped out technologically like most of Delta’s domestic aircraft.

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  1. It’s about time…my 763ER flight ATL-SVO without AVOD in Y was just torture. They really need to freshen up their 763ERs to match the 764 fleet. Some new sidewalls and bins would do wonders.

  2. Delta really does stink on award availability, but I will give them credit on having one of the best products in domestic F on the 757 over their competitors. The AVOD is great, wifi works well, and the interiors are clean and fresh looking. I far prefer doing a trip on a DL 757 over any of UAs domestic fleet except in the case where UA has an INTL plane on the route. I’ve spent a whole weekend doing MRs on a DL 757 in F and would do it all the time, since it’s a nicely equipped plane.

    I can’t wait to see what they end up doing with the 747 and am glad to hear they’re making an investment on these birds in particular. I’ve never flown Y on a 767 or 777 of Delta’s, but AVOD is a great addition to any plane. The addition of F to the CRJ-700s is definitely needed and a good competitive move.

    With the NWA 757s those planes just look tired as hell. New seat covers and lighting will be a help, but I think a complete interior overhaul is needed. I can understand why they’ll take small steps for now on those planes with an uncertain future and when replacing them with 737s may be on the drawing board. Now I want to know what will be done with the A319 and A320.

  3. @wackojacko & @bschaff1 – Delta’s domestic award availability is great. Their international needs work.

    @HunterSFO – Nuts that are too hot can get messy.

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