Promo: Earn Up To 10x Delta SkyMiles With Lyft

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In 2017 Delta and Lyft formed a partnership, giving SkyMiles members the opportunity to earn bonus miles for Lyft rides.

Delta & Lyft Partnership Basics

With this partnership you can earn:

  • 2x SkyMiles per dollar spent on US airport rides
  • 1x SkyMiles per dollar spent on all other rides in the US
  • Up to $20 in credits as a new Lyft user

Delta & Lyft Holiday Promo

If you haven’t yet signed up for this partnership, at the moment there’s an opportunity to earn even more SkyMiles than usual for Lyft rides.

Those who link their SkyMiles and Lyft accounts between December 9, 2019, and January 2, 2020, can earn the following through January 2:

  • 10x SkyMiles per dollar spent on US airport rides
  • 2x SkyMiles per dollar spent on all other rides in the US

While this is a limited earnings window, 10x SkyMiles per dollar spent on airport rides is pretty significant.

Earn Hilton Points For The Same Ride

One of the interesting things about Lyft’s partnerships is that you can take advantage of multiple partnerships with the same rides. Lyft & Hilton also have a partnership, so you can also earn:

  • 3x Hilton Honors points per dollar spent on Lyft rides
  • 2x Hilton Honors points per dollar spent on Lyft shared rides
  • Earn points for up to $10,000 of Lyft spend per year

Best Credit Cards For Lyft Rides

When you’re paying for your Lyft rides, make sure you use a card offering bonus points on ride sharing or travel.

The best personal cards for this include:

The best business cards for this include:

Bottom Line

For a limited time those who link their Lyft & SkyMiles accounts can earn 10x SkyMiles per dollar spent on airport rides, and 2x SkyMiles per dollar spent on other rides. That’s potentially a great return, especially in conjunction with the ability to earn Hilton points for those same rides.

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  1. First time links only from what I can tell. I tried to unlink my account and link it again but that didn’t seem to get me the promotion either.

  2. Common folks, think for just a moment on what you are selling in exchange for these points. CC companies make money on your spend and interest. How do you think Lyft and Delta make money on this deal? Delta gets to know the details of every ride you take on Lyft, and Lyft gets to know about all your Delta activity. Read the T&Cs. How much do you think that is worth to each company? And what is the impact to your privacy. Wake TFU.

  3. “CC companies make money on your spend and interest.”

    @Eric – You do realize you’re using a credit card to make the Lyft ride, right?

  4. @Eric if you don’t think your info is already out there, you are in for a very rude awakening.

    CC companies track you through every purchase, not just apps like Lyft.

    You don’t use a CC (weird you’d be on this blog)? Well there are plenty of other ways your info got “out there”. You had to enter your email address just to post that comment…

  5. @Daniel @Peter — Wow! I had no idea. Holy $h!T — the sky is blue!!!
    The point is that different organizations know pieces of us. Some of us make actual efforts to segregate who knows what, particularly with companies that price discriminate: like airlines and ride share companies. The more information you give to these companies, the more they will jack up rates for you for both flights and rides. The point of this game is to exchange $ for points at a favorable rate. This is Delta and Lyft turning that around on you, so you can pay higher fares in exchange for a few token points. Congrats!

  6. @Eric, If you’re concerned about paying a higher airfare b/c of information sharing, visit the airline website in incognito mode.

    If you’re just hear to troll about how much smarter you imagine yourself to be, carry on.

  7. @Brian @Ben/Lucky

    Thank you for the information regarding first time links only. In his rush to report this Lyft promo, Ben/Lucky didn’t feel it worthy to investigate whether the promo applied only to first time links, but spent time to copy/paste promos for credit card promos and HIlton points promos. Disappointing, but not surprising.

  8. I’ve been very impressed with the speed in which the Delta/Hilton points post. Literally happens the moment the ride ends.

  9. @Eric

    I haven’t read the t&c but I doubt that your concern is valid. I see this more of synergies between the two companies. Enough to make you call Lyft instead of Uber. Each company on its own already have enough information to price discriminate you, and that is what competition is for to prevent this.
    I doubt Delta will charge you more from your Lyft patterns, vice versa for Lyft.

    You should be more concerned about Equifax TU Experian monopoly.

  10. @Eric while I could see them doing that, I don’t think there is any validity to it. My accounts have been linked since they first partnered because I use Lyft quite a bit in NYC. Nothing has changed, and if anything, airline tickets have gotten cheaper and Lyft rides are cheaper as well due to the deals/promotions they do. It’s only been beneficial.

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