Delta Is The Latest Company In Hot Water Over Taiwan & Tibet

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Yesterday Marriott was in trouble with the Chinese government for listing Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan as separate countries in a survey that they sent out to guests. China viewed this as Marriott disrespecting their sovereignty, and to punish the world’s largest hotel chain, they shut down their website and app in China for one week. That has to be really costly for the hotel brand.

It looks like Marriott isn’t the only travel brand in trouble with the Chinese government. Delta is also in trouble for displaying Taiwan as a separate country, though has apologized for this “grave mistake.” Per CNN Money:

China’s civil aviation regulator has contacted Delta and instructed the company to rectify the issue immediately, according to a notice posted on the agency’s website Friday.

“In the meantime, the Civil Aviation Administration of China demands that Delta Air Lines apologize immediately and publicly,” it said.

“It was an inadvertent error with no business or political intention, and we apologize deeply for the mistake,” the company said in a statement to CNNMoney. “As one of our most important markets, we are fully committed to China and to our Chinese customers.”

As of now it looks like Delta won’t be punished in the same way that Marriott was, and it seems like an apology will suffice. Well, at least that’s the case as far as the government is concerned, though many are outraged and calling for a boycott of Delta. Per SCMP:

“Why is there a need to correct themselves and apologise? Why don’t we just kick them out since the market is so big,” the person said in response to the aviation authority’s demands.

Another nameless internet user was equally adamant in how such offenders should be treated.

“Supporting [these regions’] independence means you are against China. Such firms should be kicked out of China,” the person said.

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  1. PRC is such a petty country. Officially Taiwan is supposedly part of China but we all know that it is not part of the PRC. I consider it as an independent country. But I think Marriott commits a bigger sin by listing Tibet as a separate country, which is a hot topic up there. Delta just lists Taiwan as a separate country, which is honestly the reality.

  2. Eff the Chinese.

    Assholes at the top. Lemmings at the bottom. Both evil.

    Wait the first two and some part of three describes Americans too.

    Eff you Nixon

  3. @Adrian – According to the CNNMoney article, Delta also listed Tibet (and Taiwan) as separate countries.

  4. The timing is kind of interesting cuz now Delta has pulled out of Taiwan. You’d think they would’ve made a big deal about this while Delta was actually flying there.

  5. There is only one true China, but it’s headquarters is currently in Taiwan. Eventually, those claiming leadership of the mainland must be driven out.

  6. If this goes on too much, Trump needs to tweet something and then retaliate. Either that or punch Xi in the face and get into a brawl.

  7. Jesus, can we just close the comment session for anything related to China from now on?
    Pathetic, both sides.

  8. Taiwan is a separate country. I lived there for 12 years. They have their own government, standing army, economy, and even currency. China is on crack.

  9. The Americans will do or say whatever the communists want them to do or say. Americans need money so they have no ethics no moral no integrity . Just a bunch of stupid sycophant

  10. @Tom that is hilarious and true. Maybe Taiwan should boycott delta for recognizing the illegitimate Maoists who stole their country.

  11. PRC refers (or used to) Tibet as the autonomous region of Tibet, over time Google has named every city by the Chinese name and every other organisation bows to China. They have hundreds of thousands of loyal and proud citizens monitoring the internet. (Yes this one too)
    Tibet is Tibet – their people look different, their language is different, not so long ago their borders were closed to the world ( including China) and the Dalai Lama “ruled” the Kingdom of Tibet
    PRC now has a super highway, hundreds of thousands of you Chinese soldiers stationed behind sandbagged machine gun posts at intersections, brothels to support them, the locals a subjugated.
    I love China

  12. Let’s get our pitch forks ready because still lists US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico as separate entities with their respective flags as well!!!


  13. Really pathetic as this is more about point of sale than politics or business reasons.

    Imagine the uproar if China punished all companies for listing Hong Kong as a separate country.

    I get it, not that simple and a long history involved, but the behavior on both sides are really petty and this is getting old.

  14. @Nick you lived in a place for 12 years without recognizing the country is officially called Republic of CHINA? It is printed on their passport and currency. They also have China Airlines…

  15. Taiwan does have its own international aviation code which is used to navigate and direct baggage as well as goods imported into Taiwan – it wasn’t a mistake, it just irritates Beijing that Taiwan is recognised as being distinct from China.

  16. @AST yes one is called the republic of China the other the People’s Republic of China. It’s okay you must make the same mistake with the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Or tell people from North and South Dakota they are the same state. Better yet was West Germany and East Germany the same place?

  17. @Charles I did not say they are the same place. But just stating the fact that there is NO country called Taiwan. The country’s name is Repubic of China, period. Taiwan is a province of the Republic of China. I do not see any problem with “Taiwan, China” just like one sees no problem with “Seoul, Korea”.

  18. @AST wumao alert. I will never stop calling out communist party commentors. This is getting kinda fun! Don’t be jealous of democracy just because you can’t have it.

  19. Seoul is a city Taiwan is not. You arguing semantics. Taiwan is the informal name for the ROC. Just like there is no country called America…your original post served no purpose and neither did your follow up.

  20. @AST Yeah Nanking, Japan has more truth to Taiwan, PR China.
    Japan once actually possessed sovereignty over Nanking. PR China never did over Taiwan.

  21. @lucky – what’s the point of posting this? Nothing directly miles or points-related. Pretty pathetic plea for clicks on your part.

  22. @Jay
    Real respectful of you to make this example when the Japs massacred 300,000 innocent civilians in Nanking.

  23. Man these commenters are hypocrites on the one hand saying how petty the Chinese are and then immediately go on to say things like “go fuck yourself China”… Make some more educated insults jeeez

  24. Every conserversation about China and Taiwan in this forun contains some sorts of political debate. They’re separate country. STOP ARGUING!

  25. @Jay
    Oh, I don’t know…
    Considering you now can’t book a hotel with Marriott online now in China, and how it might affect passengers on Delta…
    Plus, this blog is not just miles points-it has travel news and events as well.

  26. The companies’ response should be “Please show us where in Chinese law it says that such a reference is prohibited, what the standard is for deciding that, who decides it, how it can be contested, and that shutting down a website is one of the remedies available to the Chinese government for such violations.”

  27. Speaking of airlines, I am sure Lucky will soon talk about Hainan airlines especially since he likes flying in their business and first cabins. According to SCMP, there is speculation that their parent group, HNA will have to come to terms that they may not be able to pay off their outstanding debts. Banks have started to freeze their unused line of credits due to missed payments. They have been on a hot spending spree, but they only build up debts and not enough liquid assets. With huge investments in Hilton or having ownership with Swissport and Gateport, it is not unusual to see their financial crisis coming to light. BOA and Citigroup are steering clear of them for any future dealings. Let us see what will happen and if Hainan will still be around or even expanding at the moment.

  28. LOL at all the China bashers. You are stuck in the Cold War and please never visit the country their people can’t care less about you. But if you actually do you will see how Western propaganda against China is so untrue at so many levels. Not expect you to understand though again you are just nobody.

  29. @LKos Sooo…are you claiming that Taiwan *is* part of China? What’s next…you’re gonna claim that the United States is still part of the Great Britain?? LOLOLOL

  30. @Daniel
    I think China Eastern is listing Taiwan separately as a region, rather than as a separate country.

  31. When you go online shopping with Taobao or any other similar Chinese websites, they alway say “Free shipping nationwide… except Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet and Xinjiang” Well! 😉

  32. @ddd But look at the heading – ‘country’. China being all antsy you’d think they’d put an asterisk and a disclaimer.

  33. @Chris M
    Still less than 5 per cent of people massacred by Mao and his successors!

    Xi Jinping’s words and thoughts are the governing law of PR China, and there is no contesting his thoughts and words -probably other than bribing him.

  34. Until the PRC’s government treats Taiwan and its people how they want to be treated, the world will never truly respect PRC’s sovereignty of Taiwan.

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