Delta Axes @DeltaAssist Handle

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One of the perks of living in our hyper-social-media-connected era is that we often can avoid wasting hours on the phone with customer service, thanks to Twitter. For whatever reason airlines have staffed up their social media response team to provide prompt responses and solutions via Twitter, even though their phone support teams remain relatively understaffed.

Delta, one of the pioneers of leveraging Twitter for customer service uses in the airline industry, has long had its @DeltaAssist Twitter handle, which I find works tremendously well. This account is separate from the airline’s more “corporate” account, @Delta.

Or, it was.

As of Monday, Delta has merged @DeltaAssist and @Delta into one account. In theory, nothing will change from a customer service perspective although Delta claims the merging of accounts will offer a more “seamless” experience (how?). Presumably, it’s just more intuitive for people to tweet @Delta — and presumably, people have been tweeting customer service complaints to @Delta for years, anyway.

Anyway, just a heads-up that if you do tend to tweet at your airlines for customer service issues, your tweets to @DeltaAssist may soon end up in a void somewhere.

Have you used @Delta yet for customer service issues? Have you found the response or experience any different than @DeltaAssist?

  1. I’m guessing that they realized that since you have to follow them to DM with them for help, this way people follow the main account and get bombarded with advertising they didn’t see only following Assist.

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