Free Top Pot Coffee & Donuts Daily With The Delta Amex (Terms Apply)

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Delta has been competing fiercely the past few years with Alaska in Seattle. I think they’ve finally cracked the code about the way to peoples’ hearts. With free coffee and donuts, of course.

Those with the Delta American Express Card can receive a complimentary 12-ounce coffee (drip or latte with the option of a flavor shot) plus one complimentary donut daily from any Top Pot location in Washington State from November 1 through November 30, 2017. Best of all, you can bring a guest, and yes, you can do this daily. So that’s potentially 60 coffees and 60 donuts over the course of a month. I’m not sure if having that many donuts is a great idea, but I’d certainly take the coffee!

In order to be eligible you have to present an active Delta American Express Card at check-out, and your guest also has to be present. The promotion is valid at all 19 Top Pot locations in Washington State, most of which are in Seattle or Bellevue (there was one right around the corner from where I lived in Bellevue back in the day).

This is also valid for all types of Delta American Express Cards, including:

Delta Amex Cards

If you live in Washington State and have been considering taking advantage of one of the increased sign-up bonuses on the Delta Amex Cards, if you’re approved you should have the card within a week, and can take advantage of this promotion for several weeks.

To my Washington State readers, how often do you plan on visiting Top Pot in November? 😉

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

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  1. No Donuts and coffee could make up for Deltas horrible frequently poorly trained customer service and disgusting greedy FF program
    I love Alaska and though their not perfect in many areas they are a company with a culture that cares and not in anyway greedy and unappreciative of customers the way Delta is
    Alaska rules in a world of airline programs that have gone down the drain overall
    They are a breath of fresh air for today and understands what it is to be a customer and make things right when they fail
    I salute Alaska!

  2. Last year during the deal I had a valid Gold Skymiles Amex. It needed only to be flashed to receive the deal; it was never swiped even once.

    This year I have a “friend” who opted not to pay the annual fee on the card and cancelled it. This “friend” has not yet destroyed the card and he’s wondering whether Top Pot will be scanning the cards this year…

    Top Pot, btw is not all it’s cracked up to be. As with many things in Seattle, anything “local” is synonymous with high quality and being unique – and this is blindly goes unquestioned. Yet, a free donut is (maybe!) still a free donut…

  3. I have one down the street so might as well go everyday. I’ll just freeze the 60 donuts and solve what I’m bringing to Christmas parties.

  4. Successfully used it this morning. Not sure I’ll do it more than once or twice, but it was easy enough.

    @ grant — they don’t swipe the card, but they do “key in” the number, FYI.

  5. @grant & @paul When I got my free donuts & coffee (with wife) earlier today they did in fact key in a number, but when my wife asked, she was told that they were entering my FF# and not my CC#, and that it was for tracking purposes involving Top Pot’s reimbursement from Delta.

    No idea what this means in terms of the possibility of using a recently-canceled card or of using the same card multiple times on the same day at different Top Pot locations (which some “friends” of ours did quite shamelessly last year without issue). If said “friends” (or anyone else out there) attempt similar shameless behavior this year, hopefully they will report on the consequences, if any.

    Mmmmm, donuts…

  6. I tried this out today and am happy for the freebies, but there goes the diet. The cashier didn’t swipe the card but did record a number off of it. Thank you Delta, AmEx and Top Pot! Mmmmm…donuts…

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