Delta’s New A330-900neo Takes To The Skies

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Delta is currently refreshing their long haul fleet, which is a project that’s coming in two forms — the airline is taking delivery of new A330-900neo and A350-900 aircraft, and they’re also refreshing some of their existing planes with new business class and premium economy cabins.

Delta’s A330-900neos

Yesterday Delta began service with their newest long haul jet, which is the A330-900neo. The airline has a total of 35 of these planes on order, so you can expect them to take over existing routes soon. The plane is primarily replacing the 767-300.

The plane operated its first international flight yesterday from Seattle to Shanghai, and you can expect that it will soon be used for more flights, including:

  • From Seattle to Seoul Incheon as of October 1, 2019
  • From Seattle to Tokyo Narita as of October 27, 2019

Delta says that this new plane nearly doubles the premium capacity in the markets in which it’s launching. That’s because the plane is mostly replacing the 767-300, so this plane has roughly the same number of business class seats, and also has a premium economy cabin.

Delta has shared some pictures of the new cabins, and they look gorgeous.

Delta business class A330-900neo

The A330-900neo features 29 Delta One Suites, each with direct aisle access, a fully flat bed, and a door. The seats also have personal televisions, storage, and memory foam enhanced cushions.

Delta says that the seat has been redesigned to feature a larger workspace and more stowage.

Delta premium economy A330-900neo

The A330-900neo features 28 Premium Select seats. These seats offer up to 38″ of pitch, and 18.5″ of seat width. On top of that they have up to 7″ of recline, adjustable leg and head rests, and water bottle stowage. All seats on the plane have personal televisions and wifi as well.

Delta economy A330-900neo

Delta’s A330-900neo features 56 Comfort+ seats, with 34″ of pitch, up to 5″ of recline, and dedicated overhead bin space.

Then the main cabin has 168 seats, with up to 33″ of pitch and up to 4″ of recline. What I love about the A330 is that the plane is in a 2-4-2 configuration, so it’s a much more comfortable cabin than a 777, for example.

Bottom line

While we hear a lot of talk about planes like the A350 and 787, the A330-900neo is a pretty awesome plane as well. It’s an evolution of the existing A330, but in many ways that’s a good thing.

In economy I like the 2-4-2 layout, compared to the 3-3-3 layout you’ll often find on the 787, for example.

Delta’s A330-900neos look especially nice, with business class, premium economy, extra legroom economy, and economy.

Anyone have plans to fly Delta’s new A330-900neo?

  1. Have you seen ANA are launching a new 777 first class and new business suites?? Read it on AusBT I believe…

  2. I do like the new A330-900neos but it’s a shame we hardly see Delta’s best products fly to Europe, like I mean it’s not too long ago when LHR was served with only 767s which just aren’t as nice as their A330-900neos or A350s, or even the current A330s (which LHR get now from JFK). Like AMS get the A350 but otherwise they’re only operating to Asia (obviously due to ultra long haul efficiencies) and I think that’s going to be true for most of the A330-900neos too. It would’ve been nice to see both VS and DL fly their flagship products on their LHR-JFK routes (especially the new A330-900neos as VS start ops with their A350) and given the TATL JV. Could potentially become one of the best TATL hard products… (especially with the slow rollout of ‘Club Suites’…

  3. @ Pran

    “slow rollout of Club Suites”

    What is the roll-out rate for BA? I haven’t seen any figures, other than BA telling us no airline has rolled-out a replacement of that size fleet in less than four years, but that speed of change is a priority for them to ensure fleet consistency.

    Lucky used the word “slow” a while back but did not clarify what he meant by it, or how it compared with, say, Polaris, Qsuite or any other fleet rollout. So I’m curious what your source is, and what the actual rollout rate is.

    Regarding the Delta J seats, is it a “door” if it doesn’t close all the way across? Surely it’s a vertical screen? I know that sounds less sexy, but it feels more accurate…

  4. @ The nice Paul

    I don’t have any definitive numbers yet, it’s a normative statement based on what I’ve heard on my last flight from crew and other passengers. I will agree that BA has said that the speed of the change is a priority but based on the fact that some of the Gatwick 777s have only just been retrofitted into their high density configurations and that it may be a while before 4 Class 777s/A380s are retrofitted because all we know is that an all new First is on the way (which probably won’t come to the 787-9 first) to keep it in like with Club Suites but we currently have no idea what it’s going to be, and since a majority of BA’s long haul fleet feature First, I don’t see the retrofits for 4 Class aircraft being as quick as initially stated due to the introduction of an updated seat. Also, correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t the Super Diamond seat with the customisations need to be certified for use on the 787s and A380s which I don’t think will be a quick process, but please do excuse this if I am wrong.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 3 Class 777-200ERs being retrofitted first given their outdated cabins and the Rockwell Collins system, of course, this is just a speculation but seems logical and the crews seem to agree on this. I do wonder what BA will so with their 12F 777s though, which feature the crew rest and how they’ll reduce the F cabin footprint on those frames.

    In terms of comparing rollouts, I think it’s worth remembering that QR used to use some of their larger aircraft on regional routes within the ME in addition to long hauls so I guess improved fleet flexibility due to the blockade by having no regional flights may have allowed QR to deliver a faster rollout compared to UA who probably have far less flexibility when it comes to Polaris, frankly I do believe BA will have a faster rollout of Club Suites than United with Polaris but probably not as fast as QR looking at the big picture, but of course BA could surprise us.

    One thing BA does have going in its favour of the rollout is the retirement of the 747s which won’t be receiving the Club Suites. Also BA’s WiFi rollout has been rather impressive and their service has improved a lot recently so I do see potential in BA having a much improved offering and I hope to see a fast rollout of Club Suites but I guess it’s about taking what airlines execs say with a tiny pinch of salt and hearing what other crew have to say, especially with the politics thrown into the mix, but I won’t go into that… Progress is a slower word than it used to be!

    And regarding the Delta J Suite, it is a full door albeit there is is a small gap at the closing but on the whole it’s private and enclosed. That’s what it’s like on the A350 and that’s what Delta claims for the A330-900neo in their press memo:

  5. This cabin looks great; truly a product to be proud of, from nose to tail! Can’t wait to get on one of these.

  6. @Pran

    Actually the 4-class 777s are being refitted first starting with G-RAES then G-VIIA.

    The A330neo looks superior to the 787 in terms of passenger comfort down the back. I’m glad Delta chose these over the 787.

  7. @Segun

    Thanks for clarifying! Also from what I’ve seen I think G-RAES and G-VIIA will both be becoming 3 Class 777s? Or will they be retaining the 4 classes?

    The A330neo is far superior to the 787 when it comes to passenger comfort 🙂

  8. Could have used this opportunity to introduce a leading economy class hard product, but it’s the same one they been using for more than a decade now…
    Literally chose the cheapest seat on the market

  9. I don’t get these seats when I fly to Europe next month. I get the old business class seats with the old monitor for movies.

    I am hoping Delta will have these seats when I fly to Asia in October.

  10. It would be nice to know which routes the future deliveries will serve. There are currently over seventy 767s in DL’s fleet and it would be great if some of these replaced the 767s currently in service to European locations.

  11. @Brian agree to disagree. Literally the cheapest seats on the market would definitely go to ULCCs like Spirit, Ryanair, Frontier, etc. They’re basically a cheap seat cover over some wire for support (or lack of). No recline, barely a tray table.

    At least the DL seats have adjustable headrests and PTVs at every seat. And given that DL chose the A330neo, they can only do 8 across rather than cramming 9 in like on a 787. They’re also seemingly refusing to go with 10 across on 777s, which is a nice trend change. Combined with DL’s new long haul economy soft product, they’re definitely the leader out of the US “Big 3” with respect to long haul passenger comfort.

    I’d definitely pick one of these new DL jets if given the option. The Delta One Suites are…well…sweet!

  12. The only reason why DL didn’t go with the 787 is because with Boeing’s backlog of 787 orders. Because of this, DL wouldn’t of had the aircraft in the timeframe that they wanted them in. Ed Bastian said himself that he loves the 787, but because of the backlog of 787 orders of other customers that’s why they went with Airbus. So it’s not because of comfortness, but timing.

  13. It looks great, but Comfort+ and Main Cabin only 1″ difference in pitch (and priority boarding over Main) for possibly $100-200 difference in fare?

  14. Delta cabins with the Walmart blue look disgusting. Some of us can see what DL is all about.

    I see this site is in suck up mode to DL this year. Nothing posted about the DL engine explosion in mid flight earlier this week. Really?? That is more newsworthy over some of the other junk we have to sift through on here from time to time. Smh!

  15. Don’t be surprised if you see a 3-3-3 layout on the A330neo.

    **Cough** AirAsia **Cough**

  16. @Jordon and RC, Engines malfunction and stuff happens every day across the world with planes. Perhaps you should follow AvHerald for that style reporting. It was not a big deal and mostly intrigue as someone filmed it from the cabin.

  17. Do you think we will see this on the SEA>CDG flight? I’m booked for a roundtrip in April and it recently switched from 767 to A330-300.

  18. I just flew on the A330 900 Neo in Comfort+. Many seats looked nice. Mine was awful. I sat in 30F. 30A, 36A and 36F, are identical. They have protrusions that hit the passenger in the face when they try to rest by leaning up against the inside wall of the plane. Not comfortable at all. I don’t see how Delta can claim these are more comfortable than the seats all he way in the back. Look for yourself, there they are:

  19. @Michael, sorry about your seat. How was the legroom? would you recommend row 30 on the A330 900 Neo if you’re not in a window seat?

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