Delivery of American’s 777-300ERs may be delayed?

I’m quite excited about American’s new 777-300ERs, as they’ll feature the new first and business class products, which look spectacular. I even have plans to be on the inaugural flight from Dallas to Sao Paulo on December 13, as they’re once again selling business class seats on the flight as of a few weeks ago, after originally blocking out all the space.

Well, based on a Dallas News interview with American’s chief commercial officer, it looks like American’s 777-300ER deliveries may be delayed (at least if you read between the lines):

“Well, stay tuned. We’re probably pretty close to making an announcement on the exact entry into service of that aircraft very soon.”

We pointed out that American had already announced that 777-300ER would begin flying the DFW-Sao Paulo route on Dec. 13.

His reply: “That is our current stance or current position and that’s what’s in the GDS’s or the CRS’s and that’s what the plan is as of right now. That’s correct.” (GDS=Global distribution systems, CRS=computerized reservations systems.)

We asked whether that start date is in jeopardy.

His reply: “That is the stake in the ground and plan of record as of right now. If that changes, we’ll let everyone know, including our customers.”

At that point, a public relations person interrupted to say that Virasb had other interviews he needed to do, and that ended the questioning.

So it sounds like I shouldn’t make any non-refundable hotel reservations in Sao Paulo yet. If I find a further update I’ll be sure to post about it here.

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  1. There is a rumor floating around that the delay is due to issues with the manufacturer of the new first class seats

  2. Hi Lucky,
    Two questions to seek you advice.

    1. United just posts a hotel points conversion into miles program with 30% mile bonus. Maximum benefits is 50,000 miles for 15,00 miles bonus. I am considering converting 125,000 marriott points into 65,000 (50K+15K) miles. Do you think it worthwhile? Or, other hotel points are better to convert, such as Wyndham, Choice Hotel or Hilton?
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  3. @ Stephan — I’m still analyzing the deal but Marriott seems the best value from a quick look. Will have a post on this shortly, though.

    I’d say Ritz is probably still better than most category 6 Club Carlson properties, though both groups have great and not-so-great hotels, so you can’t go wrong either way in this case, in my opinion.

  4. I’m have issued an award in F for that inaugural flight, but I doubt it will go on Dec 13, as they went from zero inventory to fully bookeable including upgrades… let’s see. you can book hyatt non-refundable. great hotel.

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