Dare I say it? I’m actually impressed by DL/NW!

Wow, never thought I’d say this. I’m not really a fan of Delta and I’m not really a fan of Northwest, but based on what I’ve seen I’m a big fan of the new DL/NW! Now of course that’s totally premature, but whoever worked on their new merger website, newglobalairline.com, deserves a lot of credit. Seriously, take a look at this site, it’s pretty damn impressive! While the domain seemed to have been registered in January, I’m guessing most of the actual work done on it was very recent, and the facts, diagrams, and most importantly way in which they present it couldn’t be done much better! Let’s take a few examples here:

  • They created a routemap of cities that currently don’t have any overlap between the two carriers, and it’s nothing short of amazing. It’s as if someone finally decided to connect the dots or put this jigsaw puzzle together. Best of all I’m betting most of the international expansion that has happened recently with DL will stick.
  • Take a look at these three diagrams. They’re so simple that a once a year Southwest flyer can understand them (heck, I’m writing about them so they must be simple!), yet very effective. They almost make us feel sorry for the airlines! Can you market any better than that?
  • This deal is good for communities! That’s enough to warm the heart of any Wal-Mart hater! Of course I think there’s a reason they say “The combined airline will continue operations and enhance international connections at all current Delta and Northwest hubs in….” instead of saying “maintain hubs in their current state,” but that’s a different story. CVG, MEM, and probably to a large extent MSP, you can say goodbye to living in a DL/NW fortress!

I should probably stop now before I come back to my senses. Man, the Delta Kool-Aid is getting the best of me today.

By the way, if the NW program is still separate in July I will be getting a status match. Since it will be good until February of 2010 there’s really no reason not to, since one could probably match again with DL. While I’m not sure that I’d switch, it’s good to have options.

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