Cruelty in a picture….

Probably my fate tomorrow. You know United, you’ve treated me so well that I don’t even pay attention when selecting seats in coach, because my upgrades always clear. Well, I guess I’ll learn the hard way tomorrow.


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  1. It could have been 26B. šŸ˜‰

    I’m surprised SeatGuru hasn’t marked that seat green for having easy lavatory access.

  2. Could be worse, as a GS I flew in the second last row in the middle seat before as somehow my pre-assigned seat disappeared at check-in and that was all they had left.

  3. awww.. it’s the last aisle seat in p.s. coach. At least you got power plug underneath you, assuming they are working.

  4. I’ve seen my seatmaps for my TATL in two weeks.

    “Seats assigned at checkin”

    So I’ve ponied up for E+ as I want a minor choice in seats, and pray it’s a bumpfest at LHR.

    Sometimes if you take a risk on a upgrade and you don’t clear, this is what happens.

    I belive if was a Scout still, i would had said “be prepared” šŸ˜‰

    Still – like some have said, it could be worse. The middle seats are probably the biggest tourture on a narrowbody. And if you have working power too… well… umm.. Any chance you can put it in a 767? šŸ˜‰

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