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I arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen Towers by train. It’s a quick train ride from Sweden’s southernmost city, Malmö. The train stops at Copenhagen Airport, and takes another ~10 minutes from there. The walk from the station to the hotel took only three minutes.

I was startled entering the building since there was literally a forest in the lobby.

On the right was the hotel’s coffee shop, “Orango.”

There were also elevators and some work stations since the high-rise above housed various businesses.

To the left, there was a restaurant and further up, the entrance to the reception.

The actual hotel was older than the lobby, so the difference between modern and traditional Scandinavian design was quite apparent.

The woman checking me in was chatty, and gave me some information about the hotel and its unique attributes. While it was hard to see, the entire exterior of the hotel was covered in solar panels. Supposedly, this makes the hotel entirely self-sufficient, as they also have a water cleaning station in the basement. Gotta love Scandinavian efficiency!

I made my way to the elevator and headed up to my King Executive Room on the 23rd floor.

These rooms were roughly 1300 DKK ($200) per night when I stayed, but I’ve seen them go up to over 2000 DKK!

Upon exiting the elevator, my eyes were immediately drawn to the windows. Sure, the view was impressive, but what caught my eye was the semi-birds eye view of Copenhagen Airport. From my room, I could see aircraft touch down and take off, though they were far enough away that were wasn’t any noise.

To the right of the hallway in my room was the bathroom. It had a shower and bathtub, plus a sink.

The toiletries from Eco-Boutique were well stocked.

The double bed was big, and typically Scandinavian as well, with individual covers and mattresses.

On each side was a bedside table. It was funny seeing their sleep products, which are the same that Virgin Atlantic gives customers in Upper Class.

Since I was visiting to show my best friend from Singapore around Copenhagen, I ordered a cot.

Next to the bed was a red chair and a table.

I loved the chocolate and fruit that came with apple cider, making for a really nice welcome. If I’m going to be picky, I wasn’t too big a fan of the red color scheme in the room, but that can easily be changed.

In the corner of the room was a desk and the TV. The window sill was big enough to sit on, which was great given the beautiful view.

The Wi-Fi was also fast as far as hotels go. Slow internet can ruin a hotel stay for me since I can’t get any work done, so I appreciated the good connection.

Moving on, most of the hotel facilities were on the first and second floor. Access to both the lounge and gym came with my room, so I had some free tapas and wine in the lounge the first night.

Breakfast in the lounge.

I also checked out the gym, which was small, but fine if no one else was there.

Breakfast was also included. The selection was decent, but what really impressed me was the number of plant-based options they had. As part of being eco-friendly, the hotel just recently added a big selection of dairy and egg-free products, which can be hard to find at a hotel breakfast.

There were, of course, some scrumptious Danish pastries and other specialties such as rye bread.

Since I had just one day to tour Copenhagen, I arranged a bike rental through the hotel for just 110DKK. The ride into town took twenty minutes and was stunning. Denmark is one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world, so getting around was a breeze. Last summer I remember renting bikes from a random hostel in town, which cost 130DKK for half a day. This was a much better value, especially since we saved money by not taking the metro.


Ultimately, the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is a business hotel, so you won’t get the level of luxury that some of the upscale downtown hotels offer. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and actually liked living slightly outside the city. After being in Sweden for a week, my Singaporean friend was shocked by the crowds in Copenhagen, so she appreciated staying outside town as well. How she will manage to go back to Singapore, I do not know… In any case, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this hotel, regardless of whether it’s for an overnight connection at Kastrup Airport or tourism. It’s especially nice in the summer when you can rent bikes and enjoy the scenery going to/from the city center.

  1. “This was a much better value, especially since we saved money by not taking the metro.”

    Which is a curious statement, given that a 24-hour Metro pass is only 100DKK per person.

  2. While it was hard to see, the entire exterior of the hotel was covered in solar panels. Supposedly, this makes the hotel entirely self-sufficient. Gotta love Scandinavian efficiency

    Unless there is also a huge battery bank or some other means of storing electricity hidden in the basement that statement is pure bullshit. Not to mention what happens when it snows outside and it covers the panels, hell even heavy clouds and rain will kill solar efficiency.

    More like Scandinavian feel good back patting.

    Solar works well in California or The Med, not places this far north in the world.

  3. I enjoy posters who trash others and then don’t reveal their real name. Anyway, my wife and I stayed there for four nights just before Christmas 2015. Convenient to airport and local transport. Also a large mall across from the tram station. Would definitely stay again.

  4. Great review. It’s useful for me since I’ll be there next month. I read that the hotel has a free shuttle to/from the airport – did you take that?

    3 quick sets of questions:

    1. Did you take the metro into the city and how much was it? Was it easy?
    2. I see that you had an extra cot in your room – did you have to pay for it? How much?
    3. Those are some great freebies they delivered to your room – are you Sphire elite level to get that special attention?

    Thanks, Daniel.

  5. Stayed there twice post cruises. We liked the hotel and hotel does provide shuttle to airport, just make sure you reserve your spot the day before as in Summer can get busy. The mall near by has cheap eat options. Since it is away from city center, it is very quiet at night. Breakfast buffet provides ample choices. Clean and efficient hotel

  6. Stayed here a few weeks ago. Hotels in the city centre were crazy expensive and we decided on the Crowne Plaza, since it offered a better standard of accommodation for just 8 minutes’ extra travel into the city on the train. Loved this hotel. Excellent sleep quality, which is the most important thing to me. We used the airport shuttle – you need to book ahead and it attracts a small charge.

  7. 100% a business hotel. There isn’t much out in Ørested besides Fields (shopping mall), some businesses and new apartment buildings. It’s not a close enough to the city center to be a good distance to bike to and from multiple times, but the metro runs every 4 minutes and is right next door (and like someone said, isn’t poorly priced for a day pass).

    I’d first recommend hotels by Kongens Nytorv (most expensive), then around Vesterport/Nørreport, and then by Central Station (Vesterbro is cool and I enjoy the meat packing district, but otherwise I don’t like the area immediately by Central Station). As a tourist, I’d 100% recommend staying in the city, not out on Ørested. But regardless, The Crowne Plaza does look nice 😉

  8. Stayed there a few days ago. For the shuttle bus, it’s 15DKK or 2 Euro per person, each way, payable at the front desk and NOT to the bus driver. You can put it on the room bill. For airport to hotel, there is no reservation and you just need to show up at the shuttle bus stop which is right outside Arrivial in Terminal 2. It departs roughly twice an hour, at 20 after and 10 before the hour. For hotel to airport it is better to reserve your space in advance since the bus can get full. From the airport, the same shuttle also stops at a nearby AC hotel first.

  9. @TOM: “1. Did you take the metro into the city and how much was it? Was it easy?”

    From my experience there about eighteen months ago, Copenhagen’s transit system is probably one of the easier ones in the world to navigate and use, especially as a tourist. You can buy 24-hour or 72-hour passes at various places (including at the airport), which are valid on Metro, buses, the S-Tog system that runs through the area, and local trains (including between those between the central train station (København K) and CPH). To that end, if you’re flying into CPH, it’s just as easy to get a pass at CPH and take the train the two stops to Ørestad to get to the Crowne Plaza, rather than take a shuttle bus, especially if you’re going to be buying a pass and using transit to get into the central city.

    As for costs, Copenhagen’s transit system is set up by a zone system, with the cost dependent on how many zones you cross. The immediate area around Copenhagen is in zones 1 through 4, with a typical two-zone ticket costing 24DKK, and potentially going up to an eight-zone ticket if you’re going far enough outside of the city. (The airport is in zone 4, Ørestad is in zone 3, and the central city area is largely in zone 1.)

    If you figure you’re making multiple transit trips, it’s probably easiest to get an unlimited pass, for no other reason that the zone system is confusing to deal with. The pass cost will depend on whether you want a 24-hour or a 72-hour option, and whether you want only a pass for Zones 1-4 or some of the other further suburbs around the area. The 24-hour pass I mentioned above is for the limited four-zone area around Copenhagen (which, again, will include Ørestad and CPH) and costs 80DKK (not 100DKK as I mentioned before) — the 72-hour version costs 200DKK. The full city pass (which includes all nine zones) is 130DKK for 24-hours – I don’t recall that there is a 72-hour version of that pass.

    (Also, note that the machines that sell them have English options, so there is no fumbling around and trying to navigate screens in Danish. Just make sure you either have some DKK or a chip+pin credit card for buying your tickets.)

    From Ørestad, as others have noted, it’s only about 10 minutes into the center of town, either by train (which will go into København K, which is convenient for things such as Tivoli Gardens) or by Metro. In either instance, the modes of transport into the center of town are frequent (running every 10-20 minutes or so, and sometimes even more frequent).

  10. I just realized I referred to the train station in my prior post by the wrong name – it’s København H, not K.

  11. We had a 22 hour layover in CPH this year. Thank goodness for points, the room rates were astronomical for my random date. I would not have stayed had I known but had already booked the next flight leg by the time I found out. I’ve never encountered a place like that. We stayed as a family at the Radisson. The Crowne Plaza was booked and up. At any rate, I can now check Copenhagen off my list, but I won’t need to go back.

  12. Stayed here a few years ago when the hotel was offered on Pointsbreaks. Great value at 5k per night. As other have said, less than a 10 minute metro ride into central Copenhagen.

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